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Boat Loan Program

Boats Currently on Loan Star Class Boat Inventory Boat Loan Application

To all the Star Class Family, 

The Star Class is proud to have established a grant (loaner) program to allow our members, former Star sailors and supporters to give equipment, boats and sails to the Class. The ISCYRA is an IRS 501.C.3 entity and will issue the donor a letter stating the value of the gift.

Boats considered for donation must: 

  1. be free of liens and encumbrances 
  2. be complete boats (owner must fill out inventory form)
  3. have a Measurement Certificate and weight Certificate 
  4. have road ready trailers with titles 
  5. be ready to race. 

Equipment considered for donation must: 

  1. be inspected by a designated Star Class representative 
  2. be in race able condition 

The Class reserves the right, after inspection to decline a boat or equipment for donation. Boats will only be accepted if there is an acceptable Awardee. 

The Star Class will be receiving applications from individuals wanting to sail a Star and advance to the highest level of sailing. Every applicant will be considered by committees throughout the World where gifts have been received. Awardees will be required to report to a local Fleet and sail Fleet, District and National events when appropriate. 

Applicants must: 

  1. Fill out and submit the boat loan application 
  2. Submit a sailing resume 
  3. Submit three (3) letters of recommendation 

This grant program is extremely exciting as it supports our mission and improves marketing of our Fleets and the Class. 

If you have a boat that is competitive and in racing condition we hope you will consider this program.

7042  Folli  1985  Geneva, NY  Chris Rogers Estate  trailer/sails   
7100  Exact  1985  Rhode Island  John Tilson  trailer/sails  Escalar 
7174  Mader  1986  Sunapee, NH  Robert Cook  trailer/sails  Scott Pakenham 
7476  Mader  1990  Sunapee, NH  Kris Wilson  trailer/sails  Baade 
7677  Mader  1993  Port Charlotte, FL  Chris Rogers Estate  trailer/sails  David Flechsig 
7836  Folli  1995  Springfield, IL    trailer/sails  Jack Londrigan 
7952  Mader  1999  Connecticut  Craig Morgan  trailer/sails  Travis Odenbach 
8045  Folli  2001  Oxford, MD    trailer/sails  Alan Campbell 
8059  Folli  2001  Annapolis, MD    trailer/sails  Robert Lippincott 
8408  Mader  2009  Annapolis, MD  Kevin McNeil  trailer/sails