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Sun Jul 1st, 2012 through Sat Jul 7th, 2012

2012 Eastern Hemisphere Championship


Photos of races one and two
More photos of races one and two

Day One: Maciej Grabowski and Arkadiusz Ornowski became the first leaders of the Eastern Hemisphere Championships in the Olympic Star class, which gathered at the start representatives of five countries.

Eastern Hemisphere Championships are often referred to as the Spring Championships of Europe. This year they are organized later due to the Olympic Games. "It's a very prestigious regatta, which is organized annually. 11 boats arrived in Gdynia. We did not have such a large fleet for any Star class regattas in our country, since 2005 when this class has been revived in Poland." said Tomasz Chamera, sports director of Polish Yachting Association.<,p> Representatives of Poland, Ukraine, Russia, Switzerland and the USA in the opening two races have struggled in tough conditions. "Not only troubled by the wind, which had a speed of 20 knots, but most of all a big, nasty waves. Not everyone managed to finish the race. Again, Mariusz Modrzynski wasn’t lucky in Gdynia breaking the mast in one of the races," reports Marek Galkiewicz, jury member of the regattas organized by Yacht Club Stal Gdynia.

Maciej Grabowski and Arkadiusz Ornowski, last week managed to win the title in international championships of Poland. Then they competed with each other for the first time. "I've never sailed in this class before." reveals Ornowski. "Regattas are very interesting, because you can see that four or even five teams have aspirations of fighting for victory. Sometimes you will see that larger rivals surpass us in training this season on Star boats, but for now we are able to repel their attacks." says Grabowski.,p> Sharpest struggle on the water were seen during the second race. Four teams did not reach the finish line. American Barbara Beigel-Vosbury, executive director of the International Star Class Association, who in Star EHC is involved as a competitor, was one of them.

"The first buoy was reached almost equally by three yachts. However Gdyniasailors managed to carry on the lead," adds Galkiewicz.

Tomorrow two more races are scheduled, starting at 12:00. 8 races are planned in the regattas ending on Saturday.

The best in the Eastern Hemisphere Championship in the Star class after the first two races are Maciej Grabowski / Arkadiusz Ornowski, two points of second Denis Khashina / Dmitry Mechetin (Ukraine) with 4 points.

Day two: Maciej Grabowski and Arkadiusz Ornowski strengthened in the lead in the Eastern Hemisphere Championships in the Olympic Star class.

There were nearly two hours spent waiting for the right wind to sail. The judges decided to descend to the water, when the gusts were stronger than 4-9 knots. However, as it soon turned out that the wind was not the biggest obstacle to this day. As soon as we left the port it started to rain. The rain was over, when the last crew finished the second race. In addition, cold sailors make difficult competition as said judge Marek Galkiewicz.

At the yacht harbor sailors gathered from various generations. Tadeusz Bartlewskiego is, for example, making his first visit to Gdynia for 17 years. He lives in Toronto. "In terms of infrastructure, the modern conditions here for sailing are comparable to those in Canada. It's no longer the days when I sailed, and in all classes, which were then practically available. Then, starting from the port was under the watchful gaze ... the guards, who at his post," says Bartlewski.

On Wednesday the Eastern Hemisphere Championship was dominated by another alumnus, Arkadiusz, currently competing in the colors of YK Steel, who partnered with participant America's Cup and Admiral's Cup, Arkadiusz Ornowski. The Gdyńska crew Led in the third race from start to finish. However, after the fourth victory they had an ocs

. Sailors divided into two groups perfectly, some sailed to the right, the others to the left. The former made ​​a mistake and no longer counted in the fight for top positions. Over three quarters distance ahead was Tom Holc. Grabowski was able to overtake him only the on second lap, reported Galkiewicz.

Grabowski and Ornowskim enlarged their advantage over the most dangerous rivals, Denis Khashiną and Dmitry Mechetinem to seven points. The Ukrainians did not repeat the achievements of the first day, when they cross the finish line second in both races. On Wednesday they settled for a third and fourth. Close behind are the Swiss, Lorenz Matthias Zimmermann and Miller.

Tomorrow, if weather conditions permits, the sailors leave the dock at 12:00.

Third day: It was not a Polish day in the Eastern Hemisphere Championships in the Olympic Star class. Maciej Grabowski and Arkadiusz Ornowski were OCS, and Wierzbicki and Arkadiusz Sukow George broke their mast on Friday.

The weather was very different from the day before. Behind the clouds of black the sun emerged at last, but tihis only slightly relieved the sailing conditions. At least the water was not cold, but there was the lack of wind.

Gusts were very weak and variable. Problems at the start. were two general false starts, before the next and a deferral in order to set up the course. In the first race Lorenz Zimmermann and Matthias Miller. Swiss went off to one side, wanting to make up the ninth place in the last race of the previous day.. They found the strongest wind to stay ahead of rivals.

Grabowshi reported, "After crossing the finish line, it turned out that we made a false start and were disqualified.. In the second race .the judges penalized us for rocking, although in our opinion there was no violation of therules. However we did our tw circleswhich caused us to drop to eighth. But we fought back and managed to gain four places".

In general, at this event,, Wierzbicki has sailed outside the top "6". The brave sailors of Swiebodzin had a chance to win a previous race but broke their mast almost level with the deck!. They do not have the resources to immediately buy a new mast but are tryng to somehow to find the hardware to manage to survive two remaining races. These misfortunes have benefited most the Russians, Aleksey Zhivotovskiy and Lev Shnyr. Grabowski's and Ornowskiego's advantage over their most dangerous rivals after the third day of the regatta was reduced from seven to five points.

Fourth day: Maciej Grabowski and Arkadiusz Ornowski won the Star Eastern Championship which took place at the Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days in Poland. Thir record included four wins in seven races,. This Eastern Hemisphere Championship was the most prestigious event in the thirteenth edition of the Volvo Gdynia Sailing Days. Sailors from five countries took part. The first two days had windy weather but weather conditions changed to light winds.

"We started it in excellent conditions, with strong wind. We sailed well and in control of our most dangerous competitors. But just before the end of the first day the halswki wind began to "sit down" and turn," reported Grabowski. Then they had to resort to all their experience to keep ahead of the competition. Maciek is, after all, a three-time Olympian, and Arek has been a participant in the most important race, the America's Cup.

"On the second lap, the weak "człapaliśmy". wind was almost nonexistent, and the boat slowed down, hitting a high wave. We waited for a decision to discontinue the race, but it was still in progress. We got back up towards the lead, but we were vulnerable, because the leader could determine the micro gusts," adds Grabowski. On Friday there was no race race and so no chance of finishing the eight races planned on Tuesday . the race committee decided to try to finish the race as it would be the last start of the championships.

The Poles defended their overall standings with three points clear of Lorenz Zimmermann and Matthias Miller. They were definitely the two best crews of the regatta. Steel Gdynia won the first four races, and Switzerland triumphed in the last three races. Also in 4th fourth place was Barbara Beigel Vosbury, an American and the the only woman in this competition who serves as the Executive Director of the International Star Class.

Awards were held Saturday evening at Dar Pomerania during the banquet given by Volvo. Cups were given to the three best crews, with additional awards to the best crews in the masters category.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Total
1 POL 8450   Grabowski Maciej   Ornowski Arkadiusz   POL 8450   ISOL   1.0 1.0 1 1 ocs 3 3 10
2 SUI 8482   Zimmermann Lorenz   Miller Matthias   SUI 8482   LUV   3.0 3.0 4 9 1 1 1 13
3 UKR 8205   Khashina Denis   Mechetin Dmitryj   UKR 8205   EUkr   2.0 2.0 3 3 2 4 2 15
4 USA 7986   Beigel Vosbury Barbara   Avellon Guy   USA 7986   AN   8.0 12.0 [DNS] 7 2 3 2 4 26
5 POL 8417   Holc Tomasz   Urbanowicz Dariusz   POL 8417   ISOL   4.0 4.0 9 3 4 6 dns 30
6 RUS 8047   Zhivotovskiy Aleksey   Shnyr Lev   RUS 8047   VO   5.0 5.0 5 6 8 dsq 5 34
7 UKR 8096   Shevchenko Sergii   Oleksandr Maslo   UKR 8096   EUkr   7.0 6.0 6 10 5 5 7 36
8 UKR 8119   Bondar Pavlo   Maltsev Konstantin   UKR 8119   EUkr   6.0 12.0 [DNS] 2 7 6 8 dnf 41
9 RUS 8359   Berezhnoy Andrey   Masalov Sergey   RUS 8359   VO   12.0 [DNF] 12.0 [DNS] 8 5 9 7 dnf 53
10 POL 7858   Wierzbicki Arkadiusz   Sukow Jerzy   POL 7858   POL   9.0 7.0 10 8 7 dnf ocs 53
11 POL 8209   Modrzynski Mariusz   Wilandt Norbert   POL 8209   ISOL   12.0 [DNF] 12.0 [DNS] dns dns 10 9 6 61

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