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2017 European Championship

October 24 - 29, 2017



Yacht Club Sanremo    
Corso Nazario Sauro, 32
18038 Sanremo Italy


Regatta Contact : Umberto Zocca
Fleet Officer : Diego Negri
July 19, 2017
October 24, 2017

are expected on the starting line to contest the 2017 Star European Championship.

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Tuesday Oct. 24 0900 - 1700 Yacht Club Sanremo : Registration, Measurement, Crew Weigh-In, and Opening Ceremony:
Wednesday Oct. 25 0900 - 1700 Yacht Club Sanremo Wednesday Oct. 25 1900 Opening Ceremony  

Schedule of Races:
Wednesday Oct. 25 1400 Practice Race
Thursday Oct. 26 1100 First Warning Signal - 2 races scheduled
Friday Oct. 27 1100 First Warning Signal - 2 races scheduled
Saturday Oct. 28 1100 First Warning Signal - 2 races scheduled
Sunday Oct. 29 1100 First Warning Signal - 1 race scheduled
Sunday Oct. 29 1500 No Initial Warning Signal after this time

October 26, 2017

Final Report

Today, Sanremo finishes the Star European Championship, the European Star Championship organized by the Sanremo Yacht Club, with the support of the City of Sanremo and Regione Liguria, together with the Sponsors Toio, Royal Hotel, Abate Gioielli and Gruppo Cozzi Parodi.
Wins The Brazilian team made up of Torben Grael and Arthur Lopes.

Excellent weather conditions for the final day of the event that saw its sixth and last race take place under a sunny sky and with a wind stretched from south to west between 8 and 14 knots. The participants faced a 6-mile journey: the first to cut off the line was the Italian crew consisting of Diego Negri and Sergio Lambertenghi, followed by Brazilians Lars Grael and Samuel Goncalves and Greeks Emilios Papathanasiou and Antonis Tsotras.

This is the general ranking of the Star European Championship.
The top five were awarded at the Yacht Club Sanremo at 17.00 today:
1. Torben Grael and Arthur Lopes (Rio Yacht Club - Brazil)
2. Diego Negri and Sergio Lambertenghi (Yacht Club Sanremo)
3. Augie Diaz and Bruno Prada (Biscayne Bay Yacht Club - USA)
4. Lars Grael and Samuel Goncalves (Rio Yacht Club - Brazil)
5. Emilios Papathanasiou and Antonis Tsotras (Olympiakos - Greece)

the first edition of the Challenge Perpetual Trophy dates back to 1962 and for 2017 it is awarded to Torben Grael.

Today, the top three are classified in the Master category (with skipper aged 50-59) and Grand Master (with skipper over 60).
For Masters:
First the crew with the skipper Torben Grae, along with his fiancé Arthur Lopes, followed by his brother Lars Grael along with his roommate Samuel Goncalves, third place for Roberto Benamati, along with his roommate Steffen Rutz (Fraglia Vela Malcesine).
For Grand Master:
First the American crew headed by Augie Diaz, along with Bruno Prada, the second Americans Andy Macdonald and Brad Nichol, third Ukrainian Vasyl Gureyev and Andriy Shafranyuk.

Day 3

Wonderful summer day with a wind on the 5/6 knots from the southwest, then dropped slightly, which allowed a good try in the waters of Sanremo.
Even today a day of great confirmations: Brazilian champion Torben Grael wins the absolute first place in the provisional general ranking
(also first in the day trial), pursued by the American Augie Diaz
(second in the day's trial), and Diego Negri (fifth in the day's trial).
Tomorrow is the last racing day after which the awards will take place.

Day 2

A wonderful racing day with a wind from 16 to 22 knots from the east that allowed two fine races in the waters of Sanremo.
The most titled champions once again came to mind in both tests: Italian Diego Negri and Greek Emilios Papathanasiou have won a head-to-head test, Brazilian Torben Grael scored a second and a quarter, while the American Augie Diaz, with a seventh and sixth place, is the absolute first in the provisional classification, followed by Diego Negri and Lars Grael.
This evening a great party for the crew at the Royal Hotel during which the awards ceremony of the day will take place.

Day 1

The clear sky and a beautiful south wind rising from six knots up to twelve have allowed two fine trials to be held on the first race day of the Star European Championship, organized by the Sanremo Yacht Club with the collaboration of the City of Sanremo and Regione Liguria and with the partnership of Royal Hotel, Gruppo Cozzi Parodi, Abate Gioielli and the new entrance of Toio, manufacturer of nautical clothing.

There are 56 crews from 16 nations who left this morning the docks at the Yacht Club Sanremo to face the two races that kicked off at 12.40 and the second at 14.50.
The great American dominant of the day, Augie Diaz, with a second and first place, followed by German Hubert Merkelbach and American Andy Macdonald.

The complete ranking is online at

The program
The Star European Championship continues until Sunday 29th October. There are seven tests in total, no more than two per day.

The countries represented
The countries represented are 16: Austria, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Italy, Monaco, The Netherlands, Poland, Russia, United States, Sweden, Switzerland and Ukraine.