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2017 Tomahawk Regatta

June 3 - 4, 2017



Lake Hopatcong    
New Jersey USA

This past weekend the Lake Hopatcong Yacht Club hosted the 61 Tomahawk regatta. 

The event did not start off well for Mike Hecky.  On Friday he put his mast on his mast on the dock and then went to lunch. Well when we returned to the club the mast stands were laying on the dock and the mast was nowhere in sight. Mike decided to jump into the rather cold lake and retrieve it. To our amazement he could not locate it so a diver was called. After another hour still no mast. At this time it still has not been recovered but the LH people are continuing to expand the search.

So now sailing stuff.

Saturday brought a very shifty westerly wind in the 2 to 15mph range. We sailed two races which J Mac/Dave Caesar won both. This year to change it up we came in for a great buffet lunch and then went out for a special 3rd race. There is a large island at the North end of the lake so we raced around it. J Mac/Dave Caesar won that as well, but it was very well received by all the sailors and I think they will do it again as long as it's not a championship event.

Sorry to say but Sunday morning came but zero wind.