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2018 Eastern Hemisphere Championship

April 30 - May 5, 2018



Yacht Club Adriaco    
Molo Sartorio 1
34123 Trieste Italy


Chairman : Davide Battistin


Author: Rachele Vitello / Yacht Club Adriaco - May 03, 2018

Racing was cancelled again on Day 2 of the ISCYRA Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018, organized in Trieste by Yacht Club Adriaco, with a fleet of 67 teams, from 17 nations.

Just like yesterday, the day started with a strong Bora (local wind from North East) blowing between 25 and 30 knots. The Race Committee was forced to postpone the start of the races. Later on, with a very surprisingly light wind two starts were given, but both races were abandoned on the first windward leg due to a big shift. In the afternoon the Bora started blowing very strong again, over 20 knots, and the PRO decided for the safety of the fleet that it would be better to call it a day.

The first warning signal is scheduled for tomorrow at 11.00.

Let's hope to get started with the 2018 ISCYRA Eastern Hemisphere Championship!

Author: Rachele Vitello / Yacht Club Adriaco - May 02, 2018

Trieste 2 May 2018 – The debut of the Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018, organized in Trieste by Yacht Club Adriaco, is postponed until tomorrow. A truly capricious wind didn't allow the Race Committee to begin the starting sequence of the first two races scheduled for today. 67 crews from 17 nations will have to wait until tomorrow.

Day 1 started with 26-knots Bora wind with gusting up to 30 knots that forced the crews ashore. At 13:00 hours, when the first race was supposed to take place, the Bora wind dropped, leaving the way to a westerly wind that unluckily never blew over 4 knots. After waiting at sea for over three hours for a breeze that never came. PRO Giancarlo Crevatin canceled the races.

The first warning signal for tomorrow is scheduled at 11:00. According to the weather forecast a light bora breeze is expected in the morning and it will increase in the afternoon, reaching up to 18-20 knots. The Race Committee plans to finish three races, in order to catch up one of the two missed today. The Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018 is valid after 4 races, with the discard coming in after 5 races.

Author: Rachele Vitello - April 07, 2018


Don't miss the opportunity to join your Race and register before the final entry date of April 11.
The event will start on April 30 with registration and measurement and will end on May 5 after 4 days of races.
Official NOTICE OF RACE available here
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Entry fee: USD 500

STAR EHC 2018 Organizing Committee:



The international 33rd Tito Nordio Cup, a traditional Triestine fixture that dates back to 1960, will be the warm up event to be held on the weekend before the championship, on 28-29 April. Why not take part?

Author: Rachele Vitello - May 01, 2018

68 international teams from 16 Nations are gathering in Trieste to attend the2018 ISCYRA Eastern Hemisphere Championship, hosted by Yacht Club Adriaco from tomorrow, May 2nd, to Saturday May 5th, with a total number of 7 races.

After the prelude, Coppa Tito Nordio, held during the weekend in the Gulf of Trieste and won by ISCYRA President Hubert Merkelbach and Markus Koy (GER), everything is ready to kick off the Championship with the official opening ceremony tonight.

The regatta will feature high-level competitors, starting with the number one skipperin the Star Sailors League Ranking, Diego Negri (ITA), sailing with Sergio Lambertenghi, a couple of months after winning the prestigious Bacardi Cup together, they will surely battle it out for the title. Among the favorites the 2016 World Champions Augie Diaz (USA) with Brazilian bowman Bruno Prada - four times world champion with a silver and a bronze Olympic medals around his neck. Another favorite for the title is USA’s Jack Jennings with Germany’s Frithjof Kleen - 2014 World Champion in Malcesine and winner of Star Sailors League finals last December in Nassau, Bahamas.

The German fleet is headed by Hubert Merkelbach, who finished third at the 2016 Eastern Hemisphere Championship in Split.

Another Gold star on the mainsail among the fleet will belong to Roberto Benamati (ITA), a Star class veteran, competing in Trieste with just one goal.

Although he is not a Star class specialist, Slovenia’s Vasilij Zbogar stands among the possible candidates to victory. He has an excellent sailing career boasting three Olympic medals, two silver medals and a bronze conquered at the last three Olympic Games in Laser and Finn, and has already proved himself at ease on a Star boat when in Nassau, in December 2016, for the SSL Finals.

Many local sailors have signed up for the event: the list includes the host skipper, President of Yacht Club Adriaco, Guglielmo Danelon, Michele Paoletti - professional sailors onboard Mascalzone Latino for the XXXII America’s Cup - who took some time off his schedule just to be at the helm of a Star in this occasion - to fight, among the others, against his father Diego.


Follow the regatta:

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Author: Rachele Vitello - April 27, 2018

Trieste, 26 April 2018 – Nine days of great sailing with the Star Class. The Gulf of Trieste and the Yacht Club Adriaco are ready to host the best of Star Class racing, with two competitive events featuring 68 international skippers and crews from 16 Nations (United States, Russia, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Ukraine, Hungary, Holland, France, Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Denmark, Czech Republic, Italy) for one of the most eagerly awaited international Star events of the 2018 season.


The races will kick off with the traditional 33rd Coppa Tito Nordio to be held from Saturday 28 to Sunday 29 April, paving the way to the eagerly awaited Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018, the much coveted title for any Star sailor, and the start is set on Wednesday 2 May (after two days dedicated to measurements). The Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship races will continue until Saturday 5 May, for a total of seven races.


The regatta will feature high-level competitors, as for instance the presence of number one world ranking skipper, Italy’s Diego Negri (together with Sergio Lambertenghi) who will battle it out for the title.

Among the favourites are the team of USA’s veteran of Cuban origins Augie Diaz (Star World Champion in 2016 in Miami) with Brazilian bowman Bruno Prada (four times world champion with a silver and a bronze Olympic medal around his neck). Another favourite for the title is USA’s Jack Jennings with Germany’s Frithjog Kleen (2014 World Champion and winner of Star Sailors League finals last year in Nassau, Bahamas).

The German fleet is headed by Hubert Merkelbach (fourth in 2016 World Championship in Beunos Aires) and on the podium (third) in the 2016 Eastern Hemisphere Championship.


Another golden star of sailing (symbol distinguishing the winner of a world title) taking part in the regatta of Trieste will be Italy’s Roberto Benamati, pure class and Star veteran, competing in Trieste for a single purpose.


Although he is not a Star class specialist, Slovenia’s Vasilij Zbogar stands among the possible candidates to victory. He has an excellent sailing career boasting three Olympic medals (with two silver medals and a bronze conquered at the last three Olympic Games in Laser).


Many local sailors have signed up for both Star events: the list includes the host skipper (racing with the Yacht Club Adriaco colours) Guglielmo Danelon, Michele Paoletti (professional skipper who has found time be at the helm of a Star in this occasion) and among his rivals there is also his father Diego. The local sailors, who know all the secrets of the race area, are Maurizio Planine, Marco Augelli, Roberto Distefano and Davide Battistin just to name a few.

Author: Rachele Vitello / Yacht Club Adriaco - May 04, 2018

A cloudy, sunny and rainy day, with an east-north-east wind blowing first (Bora) and a north-west wind coming in later on, in the most changeable weather ever, the first three races of the Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018, held in Trieste by Yacht Club Adriaco, were sailed today.

The Race Committee put a great effort into keeping the teams at sea for eight long hours until the sunset, in order to catch up the races that were not held in the two previous days. With just one more race tomorrow the championship will be valid, and in order to do so, the start has been antcipated at 10am. A fifth race could enable the discard, so the PRO will do his best to get it done.

At the top of today’s ranking after three races stands the Italian team Diego Negri-Sergio Lambertenghi, who clinched a first, a second and a fourth place, followed by two USA teams: Augie Diaz-Bruno Prada (2-5-3) and Jack Jennings-Frithjof Kleen (4-1-11).
Great satisfaction for Trieste’s team Michele Paoletti-Matteo Nicolich, who won the third and last race today. In the overall ranking they are 25th, penalized because they were disqualified due to an early start in the first race. Paoletti-Nicolich really hope that tomorrow two races will be held in order to discard their worst score.

Author: Rachele Vitello / Yacht Club Adriaco - May 05, 2018

Two races were held today, the last very tough day of the Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018.  The winds were very shifty and the PRO had a very difficutl time, but luckily a fifth race was finished and teams could discard their worst score and ensured a regular championship.

The winners of today’s two races are Marin Misura-Tonko Barac (CRO) and Christian Nehammer-Florian Urban (AUT), seventh and eighth respectively in the overall ranking.

The victory of the Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018 goes to the italian team Diego Negri-Sergio Lambertenghi, (7-3 today’s standings) confirming a period of great form of the twoin this first half of the season, following the success in the Bacardi Cup in Miami two months ago.

Negri-Lambertenghi (1-2-4-7-3 with a final score of 10 pts) managed to stay 5 points ahead of the very strong team Augie Diaz-Bruno Prada (USA/BRA) winners of 2016 Star World Championship in Miami, with Prada who boasts two Olympic medals in this class, a silver and a bronze in 2008 and 2012 Games. The Dutch team Thomas Allart-Killian Weise (NED/GER) is third after only one year racing together on a Star, they had a very great week with a total of 18 points (6-7-6-2-4).

"I am very happy for the result; luckily we managed to sail the right number of races to make this championship valid. The organization and the Yacht Club Adriaco deserved it - said Diego Negri - the weather conditions this week were extremely changeable and made the championship very tactical. We followed a rather conservative strategy and in the end, with great patience, we managed to clinch the top spot!"

Negri-Lambertenghi received the congratulations from Augie Diaz-Bruno Prada, second (2-5-3-5-9 places for a score of 15pts). "They deserved the victory with a consistent series of results - said Diaz, who added - personally, I am very happy with this second place. Every time you compete in an international championship, such as the Star Eastern Hemisphere, and you manage to step on the podium, it’s a success. The weather conditions have been really difficult, but the work and effort of the Race Committee and the Yacht Club Adriaco to make the championship valid has been appreciated by all competitors".


The ISCYRA IGC has approved the following request:

Grant the 2018 Star Class Eastern Hemisphere Championship authority, as a “test event”, to modify ISCYRA Rule 34.3.1. as follows   “… no course may be shortened using RRS 32.2 (the Flag S rule) but a course leg or legs may shortened or lengthened utilizing RRS 33(b) (Charlie “+” or “-“) within the parameters established by ISCYRA Rule 34.3.7.”