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2018 Vintage Gold Cup

September 12 - 15, 2018



Gull Lake Yacht Club    


Regatta Contact : Jon VanderMolen
Author: Don Parfet, Regatta Chair - August 16, 2018

The Gull Lake Star Fleet is again hosting the vintage Gold Cup to be held September 12-15, 2018.  It is an 8 race series sailed in both performance wooden boats and classic wooden boats.  Last year’s inaugural event included 12 boats and was won by Paul Cayard and Brian Fatih.  This year the organizers are expecting 21 boats on the starting line.  Follow the action on Facebook and through the website  

September 17, 2018

Twenty wooden Star boats took part in the Vintage Gold Cup hosted by the Gull Lake Yacht Club - Richland, MI

Three races were sailed, father and son team of Paul Cayard and Danny Cayard won ahead of Greg Smith / TC Belco and Joe Londrigan / John Wysockey.

Don Parfet says “ The 2nd Annual Vintage Gold Cup was filled with great camaraderie, excellent social events, lots of golf but very little wind.  The first two days of racing were cancelled and the three races sailed on the final day were in light breezes.  Congratulations to Paul and Danny Cayard for their superb sailing and successful defense of last year’s victory.  Plans have already started for next year’s event.  We will announce the date the 3rd Vintage gold Cup soon.  We welcome all sailors with restored wooden star boats.  Let us know if we can assist in your planning for this fun-filled event.”

From Paul Cayard’s report on the regatta.

No wind for two days then 3 races yesterday made up the second annual Vintage Gold Cup. GEM IX belonged to a mentor of mine, Sir Durward Knowles, when he won gold in the ‘64 Olympics. GEM IX is now part of the Cayard family and It was extra special to share this year with my third generation Star sailor son.  Winning made it that much more special.

Gull Lake Country club has both sailing and golf. Golf was heavily subscribed on Thursday and Friday.

Don Parfet and Jon Vandermolen continue to grow this classic Star event with the addition of 9 boats making a fleet of 21 for this years Vintage Gold Cup. The Star class is over 100 years old and Vintage Gold Cup is for wooden Stars that are 50+ years old. A big thanks to those two men for their passion and efforts!

The Vintage Gold Cup-Honoring the past!

November 20, 2017

The Vintage Gold Cup is an annual regatta to celebrate the history of the Class and the more than 5000 wooden hull Star Boats once registered with the Class. It is open to Star Class members sailing restored wooden star boats deemed sea-worthy and rules compliant by the regatta host.  The winning sailors are awarded class honors consisting of a gold colored laurel wreath for display on sails.  Boats may be recognized for achievement in restoration using judging rules determined by the regatta host.


The Gull Lake Fleet is crafting a resolution to be filed with the Class at the 2018 annual meeting regarding the Vintage Gold Cup.

Classic Vintage Stars racing on Gull Lake