Photo Credit: FRIED ELLIOTT /

2019 Red Star Cup

February 17, 2019



The Red Star Cup was held in Nice with 8 boats on the starting line and the attendance of opur Estonian friend Alar Volmer. The conditions were tricky with a light and shifty wind from south. Only 5 knots for 2 races run. In the first race Philippe Ergand and Sébastien Fillaut managed to secure the left side thanks to a very good start and kept the lead from the start until the end of the race. In the second race It was the same for David Ferey and his crew Camille. At the end the more regular was Jean-Nicolas Bondaletoff and Xavier Rémy with a 2nd and a third they won the regatta ahead David Ferey and Camille Amano. Jeff Puisségur and Jean-Gabriel Charton closed the podium. The sponsor of the regatta michael Willis offered a chips and beer party in the terrace of the Club where everybody enjoy a marvelous sunset.