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9th District & French Championship -Ducs de Nemours

April 29 - May 1, 2017



Avenue des Marquisats
Annecy France, 74000
France ----------


Regatta Chair : Francis Mercier
Accommodations : Emile Mercier

This year the famous regatta of the Ducs de Nemours Trophy was combined with both 9th District Championship and French Championship. This cocktail offered us a great regatta on the beautiful area of the Annecy lake in the French Alps. Thanks to the new rules 29.7 of ISCYRA, ten boats coming from outside the 9th district were welcomed like former Italian World champion Roberto Benamati, Former Vice World champion Uli Seeberger, Swedsih champion Tom Loftsetd and even a starsailor coming from US, Benjamin Sternberg.

Finally 50 boats were ready to fight on the first day, the best score ever recorded for a French championship.

The first day was sunny but with
a very light air of 3-5 knots, who only allows to set up one race. Jean-Pascal Chatagny and Serge Pulfer, managed to feel better than anybody the shifty breeze and won the race in front of Roberto Benamati. After this long race, the comity Président Dominic Giorgi, sent back the 50 starboats to enjoy a nice aperitif with Oysters and French white wine.

On the second day the fleet has to wait a long time before sailing due to capricious breeze who finally arrived at the middle of the afternoon. The first race of the day was the best one with 5 to 10 knots. At the first upwind it was a French squadron leading by the historical leader of the French team, our friend Xavier Rohart followed by Jeff Puisségur and Philippe Pedrono, at the end Xavier won with a comfortable lead, and Jeff Puisségur managed to keep his second place with 50cm ahead Christoph and Tina Gautschi.

The third race of the district was going to be a lottery race du to 180° shift at the last downwind mark, but the best guys managed to read the changes and the race was won by Roberto Benamati and Alberto Ambrosini followed by Jeepee Chatagny and Serge Pulfer. It was almost 7pm when the last magnificent wooden boat #3180 steared by Jean-Pierre Lacombe crossed the line. At the end of this 2 days of regattas and after 3 races, Roberto Benamati was leading ahead Jean-Pascal Chatagny.

On the evening a very good dinner was organized in the Imperial Palace, with jazzy atmosphere, and typical French food dinner enjoyed by more than 100 people.

The last day will bring us the end of the suspense for the victory. This last day and last race was cold and rainy, almost snowy ! 2°C with very light air, It was hard to motivate the star sailors to go ahead, but the race comity after waiting for a long time, managed to set up the last race of the championship. And the winner of this shifty race was Jean-Pascal Chatagny followed by the German duo composed by Stephan Shneider (former 8m JI world champion) and his magic crew, owner of the boat, our friend Uli Seeberger (former Star World vice champion), very consistent during all the regatta.

“Jeepee” Chatagny and Serge Pulfer left Roberto Benamati and crew Alberto 11 places behind, and managed to win his third Blue Star.

This mixed championship was a great success thanks to the huge investment of the Flotte de Savoie, especially Emile Mercier who spent a lot of time and energy to organize a professional event, and also Francis Mercier the fleet captain and his son Tanguy who did a fantastic job, and the last but not least Bertrand Favre the logistic manager of the regatta. Thank you guys for your time and energy and congratulations !

A special thanks to the Star sailors League for providing Live tracker 2D, and especially to Francine Chatagny for taking care about the live tracking !

Replay of the regatta here after

The final podium of this 2017 French Championship was :

1 st SUI 7829 Jean-Pascal
Chatagny and Serge Pulfer

2nd ITA 7488 BEST
WIND - Roberto Benamati and Alberto Ambrosini

3rd Stephan Schneider
and Uli Seeberger

The overall results Behind this duo a German team.

Results of 9th District

Podium =



Jean-Pascal Chatagny


Serge Pulfer



Xavier Rohart


Eric Auprêtre



Christoph Gautschi


Tina Gautschi

Blue Star = JP Chatagny

Green Star = Hervé et Timothée

First woman = Florence Wargnier

First Junior = Mattéo Chaboud

Master = JP Chatagny

Grand Master = Martin Ingold

Exhalted Grand Master =
Jean-Nicolas Bondaletoff

Comitee Président = Dominique Giorgi

président = Patrick Chapelle

More picture here :

Best regards

Jean-François Puissegur


ISCYRA – 9th district assistant secretary

Nice Fleet - Secretary

We can facilitate the organisation of your trip, and the accomodation. Please contact Francis or Emile for any support. We commit to provide a nice organsation, and of course a warm welcome with excellent food and ... great wines