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November 26, 2017



The Asteria 4 Cup was held in Club Nautique de Nice, as a training for the Xmas regatta, with a first start at 9am in order to sail with the typical North Thermic wind of Nice. And it was a very lucky day with Champagne sailing conditions 12 knots, decreasing at 8knots for the second and the third race.

We managed to secure the left side with my Mathias and won the first race with a confortable lead in front of Fabrice Dot and his new crew, Ludivine Lammense. On the second and the third race, David Ferey who missed the first start (hopefully for me ) gave no chances to the 6 other star and did a bullet. David is a professionnal sailor involded in the team SFS, and we are quite happy to rely on his attendance for the next Xmas regatta.

We will have a last training regatta on dec 17th, It will be the Junior Cup of Jean-Gabriel Charton.

Many thanks to Philippe Ergand and Seb Fillaut the sponsor of the day who offered nice gifts and a very good dinner.

Registration for the Xmas regatta are open and we have allready 22 boats registered !