Photo Credit: FRIED ELLIOTT /

2017 Paw Paw Lake Open

September 9 - 10, 2017




Regatta Contact : Jeff Phillips


• Champagne Sailing – Both skipper and crew sitting on the rail 97% of the time (a few short spurts of hiking, and sitting on the low side).  No rain, no waves splashing.  Low 70's.

• 10 awesome races, with 3 “Crew as Skipper,” 1 “Tour de Lake,” 10 starts, 10 finishes, 30 mark roundings, everyone completed all races.

• Outcome? In the “Crew as Skipper” races, “Women Rule and Men Drool.”  Newcomer 14 year-old Dorothy Adams (Ross’s daughter and Tom Adams granddaughter), with Ross Adams crewing did a clean sweep winning all 3 races.  Up and comer 18 year old Isaiah Meyer with Jeff Phillips was 2nd.

• In the “Overall” which includes all races regardless who helms, Ross Adams and Dorothy Adams again did a clean sweep winning all 10 races, and they almost rounded all marks in first.

• The free housing was stellar, 2 breakfasts, 1 huge on the water lunch, and steaks as big as you’d see in the Flintstones Saturday night, mmmmmmmmmm.  Great party.

• Race Committee absolutely nailed it. Started subsequent races quickly, called for the Crew as Skipper races at the right times, put the Tour de Lake race in with good wind.  Thanks to Blan with Julie Paige on the RC boat, and Dan Tobin with Sherry Meyer on the markset boat.