Bacardi Cup
March 6 - 11, 2017
Miami, Florida

2017 Eastern Hemisphere Championship
June 1 - 4, 2017
Viareggio, Italy

2017 Western Hemisphere Championship
June 13 - 18, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio USA

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A Sailor's Perspective
Bill Buchan (USA)
Olympic gold Medal
Star Class World Champion

"The Star attracted me as a youngster because of a strong "hero worship" on my part for an older group (but still young) of very talented Star sailors. No other Class came close in this regard. Later, technology advancements in sailing (many of which originated in the Star Class) proved very challenging to me from both a development and adaptation.

In more recent years, the strong friendships I have formed over 40 years keeps me involved with Star Class racing more than any other factor."

Pelle Petterson (SWE)
Olympic Silver and Bronze Medal
Star Class World Champion
America's Cup Helmsman

"After leaving junior sailing I had my first Star in 1953. The Star has always been my first choice in yacht racing. The class has thru the years been the most competitive of all racing classes and has always attracted the worlds most prominent sailors. To be on the same race course as the best has been my challenge."

Enrico Chieffi (ITA)
470 Class World Champion
Star Class World Champion

"My goal in life has been to become a World Champion. Having raced many classes of sailboats throughout the world, I have found the Star Class to be the most challenging, because of the level of competion, its athletes, and its many Champions.

The Star Class is the "Class of the Champions."

Paul Cayard (USA)
Star Class World Champion
America's Cup Helmsman

"For over 70 years the Star Class has represented the pinnacle of one-design racing. This reputation is built by its World Champions; names like Straulino, Knowles, ElvstrÖm, Conner, North, Ficker, Buchan and more recently Brun, Grael, Reynolds and Macdonnald. I consider the intricacies of the rig and tuning it for maximum speed in different conditions to be one of the best educational experiences for any sailor. Many of the lessons learned racing the Star are applicable to other yachts, even America's Cup yachts. One last but very important ingredient; the Star Class has Class! I will always sail Stars."

Kai Redemann, 19 (GER)

"I have sailed for many years in the Europe Class and I needed a step-up to another level. I was attracted to the Star because of its high performance characteristics and the strong competition at all levels: Fleet, District and at top events. The Star Class is well organized and will be my sailing home for the future."

Susie Pegel (USA)
2 Time Star District 4 Champion

"I came to the Star Class from a Laser sailing background. I enjoy the Star because it has many of the same performance characteristics as a Laser and the level of competition is very high. The Star's sophisticated rig has also given me an extra challenge. I would recommend the Star to anyone seeking the ultimate one design racing experience."

Markus Reger, 20 (GER)

"Looking for an Olympic class boat, I decided in favour of the Star boat because technically and tactically it is a very sophisticated boat and very popular around the Chiemsee (Bavana), my home area, and has a very long tradition. With that choice I made a childhood dream come true because I had been fascinated by this elegant sailing boat every since my early waterside days."

Torben Grael (BRA)
Soling World Champion
Star Class World Champion

"The reason I sail a Star Boat is based on some very important facts:

  • good competition on all levels
  • good events spread all over the world
  • very efficient class organization, on a very democratic basis
  • nice balance between tradition and development
  • the pleasure of sailing the very sensible Star
Michael Hestbaek (DEN)
European Champion

"I came from the Laser Class and found the Starboat to be a major challenge because of the potential for so many small adjustments to the rig and trim. You can constatnly reshape your sails and rig trim to match small changes in wind and sea conditions. I have found the Star to be the most developed of the one-design classes."

Dieter Gast, 24 (USA)

"I sailed O.K. Dinghys in Hamburg for 6 years, then I moved to Hong Kong where I raced a Laser for 2 years. I relocated with a new job in Boston, where the best racing is in Starboats. As a young sailor with my first Star, I can unequivically say, racing a Star is the most thrilling sailing challenge you can have."

Ross Macdonald (CAN)
Olympic Bronze Medal
Star Class World Champion

"There is more to the Star than just racing. The life long friendships from all over the world and the Class attracts all levels of sailors. I am amazed that Star sailors remain competitive into their senior years and yet the Class continues to attract the very best in young sailors.


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