Bacardi Cup
March 6 - 11, 2017
Miami, Florida

2017 Eastern Hemisphere Championship
June 1 - 4, 2017
Viareggio, Italy

2017 Western Hemisphere Championship
June 13 - 18, 2017
Cleveland, Ohio USA

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What is a Star?
It's in a class of its own. For over eighty-five years, the Star has stayed in the forefront of sailing. The first one-design class, the Star has the best in technology and demands the best of racing skill, yet remains one of the most fun boats to sail anywhere. Much of the secret to the Star's success is our philosophy of "Keeping young while growing old".

This means that the competitiveness of existing boats is assured while innovation and progress are encouraged. Thus, the Star Class has pioneered many refinements that are now standard equipment on all racing sailboats.


The Star story began in 1910 with Commodore "Pop" Corry's dream of a bigger, more comfortable and drier "Bug" a 17 foot keel-boat popular at the time.

Francis Sweisguth's design of the Star turned that dream into reality. In May of 1911, the first five Stars races on Long Island Sound, and the Star has been sailing ever since. Sweisguth's hull design was genius. It has withstood the test of time and the application of new technology to remain at the forefront international competition. The Stars numbered 110 and counting in 1922 when dedicated sailors led by George Elder founded the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association (ISCYRA). This organization was the first one-design class organization and has endured as one of the largest, strongest, most respected and dynamic yacht class organizations in the world.

A cornerstone of ISCYRA success is that it has been and will continue to be run by and for the sailors in the organization. Class leadership comes from the ranks of the sailors and virtually all of the major class officers are active racers who continue to compete at the highest levels.

The Star Class works -
for the club racer as well as the international champion. The uniqueness of this Class is its depth and breadth; the Star is reached Worldwide in over 170 fleets by thousands of sailors. The ISCYRA truly is international with class officers at the world, continental, district and fleet levels. An international Governing Committee comprised of sailors from Europe, North and South America and Australia set Class policy which is carried out by an Administrative Committee and the Central Office. STARLIGHTS, a monthly publication and the annual LOG keep members informed about Class developments and activities as well as current thinking on tuning and equipment. Because of its breadth, the Star Class affords its members unparalleled competitive opportunities. Many class members rarely move beyond their local waters, simply because that's their competitive appetite. But for those who want more, the higher competitive challenges await. There are regional regattas that offer stronger competition. Top finishers in Fleet and District championships qualify for Continental (Silver Star) and World Championships - the Gold Star.

The Star World Championship continues to be recognized as one of the most cherished prizes in sailing. On top of that, the Star has been raced in every Olympics but one since 1932. From newest novice to World Champion, the Star Class offers much to enthusiasts. At every step, there are new sights, new experiences and friendships; old ones renewed and new ones made.

Why should I join ISCYRA?

Association membership is required to race your Star in Class events. ISCYRA members receive monthly issues of the STARLIGHTS newsletter and can communicate on-line using the world wide web. This medium allows all members to communicate with the Central Office, distant Star Sailing friends and to remain in contact daily with unfolding events and regattas results. The challenge is on the course, because today you can get the same equipment the champions have "right off the shelf" and the racing is so close. In a major series, one hundred Stars finish just minutes apart.

The recognition is there as well. Today's Star Class Champions are the headlines in "World Class sailing tomorrow."

Publications available through the Central Office.

The Star LOG (annual rule book) and the Starlights (monthly newletter).
you will receive automatically when you join in the Star Class

"A history of the Star Class"
80 years history
Book written by Stan Ogilvy

"Fine tuned for excellence"
New 1996 video that describes the Star Class. Including interviews with some of the top sailors and exciting footage from the 1994 Star World Championship in San Diego, CA, USA and the 1995 Star World Championship in Laredo, Spain. This 17 minute video is perfect for fleet meetings, boat shows and any other gathers to introduce the Star Class to potential members or interested supporters.

"Star Class tuning guide"
Gold and Silver Star winner Vince Brun divulges many tuning techniques and methods and makes them easily understandable to both experienced and beginning sailors in this 46 minute video.


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