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This Article Last Updated: Nov 20th, 2015 - 12:32:08 

Harry Herchel Adler awarded the Harry Gale Nye Award
By Barbara Beigel-Vosbury
Nov 20, 2015, 12:19

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5 November 2015

Harry Herchel Adler was awarded the prestigious Harry Gale Nye Award for his longtime contributions to our beloved Class. President Lars Grael beautifully summed up Adler’s long life in sailing and more importantly his long life in the ISCYRA.

Harry Herchel Adler
Harry reminded us all of the “roots” of our Star Class. Remembering that many of the items we take for granted on boats of all kinds were designed by Star Class members for the Star and then later adapted for other classes. These innovations are part of the reason that our Class is so great. It is also why we need to continue to foster growth and innovation for our Class and for the future.

- Walter von Hutschler and the Flexible Spar

- Duarte Bello developed the circular vang track, adjustable (when sailing) outhaul fitting and the Bello bailer

- Skip Etchells, Buddy Melges and Bill Buchan were front runners in boat design always exploring the edges of the tight measurement tolerances.

- Antonio Gorostegui from Spain won two Worlds in a row having figured out putting the mast further forward downwind and allowing the flow on the mainsail to drive the boat faster.

- Skip Etchells invented the halyard lock to take the pressure off the spar

Harry sailed Stars from 1942 until 2000. During that time he won the South American Championship, the Brazilian Championship, and the District 7 Championship. He also earned one Gold Chevron at the 1956 World Championship held in Naples Italy. He represented Brazil at the 1964 Olympics in Tokyo and won a bronze medal at the Pan American Games in 1963 in his Star. Harry also achieved high rankings in the Soling Class twice finishing second in their South American Championships.

Harry has always been passionate about the Star and the Star Class and for 25 years on the ISAF Council waved the Star banner high. While serving on the Council he also was a member of the Keelboat Committee and the Appeals Committee. Not one to give up being on the water, Harry also served as an International Judge for 20 years.

Harry lives with his beautiful wife Gisele in Rio de Janeiro. Their son Daniel won a Silver Medal in the 1984 Olympics in the Soling (crewing for Torben Grael) and son Alan became a Star World Champion in 1989 (also 3 Olympic Games in the Flying Dutchman Class and won the J24 Worlds).

Thank you Harry for everything you have done for our Class, for sailing in general and for reminding us that we should never forget our "roots"!

Best regards,

Barbara Beigel-Vosbury
Executive Director

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