Regatta Reports
USA National Sailing Hall of Fame Classic Yacht Regatta
Sep 22, 2014, 15:15

Sailors and Race Committee alike were frustrated by the lack of wind yesterday for the National Sailing Hall of Fame Classic Yacht Regatta at Annapolis, Maryland. The nice westerly never made it down the Severn River and the light NE breeze diminished as it went further up the Severn. We were right in the middle of the two breezes. Given the sunny weather we could almost say that the race was held in the tropical convergence zone!

Two Stars competed in the event this year: #178 owned by Tom Gahs of Severna Park, MD and #4125 owned by Keith Donald of Bethlehem, PA.

Watching the boats from the shore was quite a treat. At one time 35 spectators clustered around Triton Light!

The light breeze suited lightweight boats and those that could put up a lot of sail area. Given the tough-to-predict conditions it was hard to get a good start and with one exception boats were either a bit early or a bit late. Vixen nailed the start though, crossing the line less than one second after her start time! Nicely done! For those with heavier boats, take heart, next year will likely be windier! Looking at the results and taking account of the conditions, about two thirds of the fleet finished in a 12-minute window. At the boat speeds seen at the finish, 12 minutes was only about 200 feet! Pretty close!

Below are the results - the basic corrected time finish order. If you finished in the top three in your class we have a nice flag for you at the NSHOF!

Thank you to Paul Miller and all of the volunteers for hosting this event. Next year we will try to get more Stars out on the line! We have a commitment from Tom Price and John Sherwood sailing their newly acquired #4100 which will surely inspire Elliott Oldak #3779 to come back out again.

Corrected Time Finish Positions
Star - Hope
Star - Trout
35' Lawley Cutter -Elf
Alden Malabar Vi - Adventurer
Rozinante - Honalee
Wiley 36 Tankook Whaler - Vixen
Diddikai Ketch 36 - Nightshade
Sandbagger - Bull
Windmill - Woody
Concordia Yawl (mh) - Lacerta
Snipe - French Leave
Sandbagger - Bear
Cutts and Case 47 - Spellbound
Dickerson 41 Cutter - Vignette
Alden 48 - Howard Blackburn
Acorn 10 - Morgaine

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