Nice Star Fleet Honors Their City's Tragedy
By ean-François Puissegur
Jul 18, 2016, 21:47

As you may know the Nice Star fleet had been deeply touched by the terrorist attack in front of the "Baie des Anges". Nobody was killed in the star fleet but we all know somebody who lost a children, a mother, a wife, a friend…

Our city and all the members of the fleet and of the Club Nautique de Nice are devastated.

On Sunday 07/15 we should have sailed the Asteria Cup, but we decided to set up a ceremony in front of the “Promenade des Anglais” where the attack happened, to keep all that 84 people in our prayers and in our heart.

Nice is a land of freedom, a land of hope, a land of peace.
We will keep on living, sailing, We will remain standing!

From Nice with love and Hope,
Jean-François Puissegur
ISCYRA – 9th district assistant secretary

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