Technical Articles
Review of Electronic Equipment
By Brian Cramer, TAB Chairman
Sep 27, 2016, 20:04

The TAB has been asked to review different types of electronic equipment being considered for use in Star Class racing and their compliance with the new rule 31.2.6. Part of this review is to incorporate the physical capabilities of the electronic equipment with the intent of the rule.

The TAB wishes to remind all members of the Warning to boatbuilders, sailmakers and owners which is incorporated into the Star Class Rules and Specifications. "When considering anything in connection with the boat or its sails or equipment which is not within established practice in the International Star Class or is not clearly covered by plans or specifications, you must assume that it is illegal, and must obtain a ruling from the Technical Advisory Board before attempting it."

Once the TAB has completed its review, the findings will be published.

Thank you for your patience,
Brian Cramer TAB Chairman

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