April 2003


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President's Message
World's Qualification... Through a long cooperative discussion with ISAF, we have determined the final qualification procedure for the 2003 ISAF World Championship in Cadiz. All entries must be received in the Central Office by 1 June 2003. The entry fee of US$350.00 must accompany the standard Star Class entry form. -more-

In this issue
Swiss Star Grand Prix... The Allianz Suisse Star Grand Prix is a series of seven race in Switzerland where CHF 35,000 is awarded as prize money by new class sponsor Allianz Suisse.

Interview with Ding Schoonmaker...Mark Reynolds interviews a Star Class legend.  Reprinted from US Sailing.

Star Tuning FAQ...Vince Brun answers several frequently asked questions to help you sail faster. 

Submit 2003 Regatta Schedule...So far Districts 1, 2, 4, 9 and 10 have entered their schedules into the Star Class database.  For helpful hints about entering your District schedule, click here.

Entry Deadlines...Entry deadlines are approaching for the following events.
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