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Star Championships Coming Up

The Florida USA winter season continues with a new event, the Fort Myers regatta, Feb 7-8, followed by the Masters' Regatta Feb. 21-22 and the Bacardi Cup March 6-12.

The 2004 South American Championship is in Rio de Janeiro Feb. 22-25, and the European Championship is March 26-31 in Barcelona, Spain. The Spring Championship of the Western Hemisphere will be Apr. 12-18 in New Orleans, USA.

Of interest: Rohart/Rambeau and Augie Diaz named top sailors of the year in France and the US, and a history of the Star fleet at Maracaibo, Venezuela.

Mark Reynolds and Steve Erickson

Regatta Reports
In Florida, Freddy Loof/Anders Ekstrom won the Biscayne Trophy, and Mark Reynolds/ Steve Erickson took the Star class in the Miami Olympic Classes Regatta (report on the racing by Harry Walker). Frederic Fabre and Vincent Berenguier were 1st at the Blacky Cup in Monaco.

Pierpaolo Christofori received overall honors at the Campionato Invernale Star di S.Marinella Series. Francesco Bruni and Antar Vigna finished first at the Gaeta, Italy Winter Series, sailed at the location of the 2004 Worlds (Apr. 23- May 1).

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District 5 Brown Star
District 20 2004 Levin Memorial 01/10/2004 - 01/11/2004
District 9 47° International Nice Christmas Regatta
12/27/2003 - 12/30/2003

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District 9 XXth Primo Cup 2004 - Trophee Credit Suisse
02/06/2004 - 02/15/2004
District 5 SCYA Midwinter Regatta
02/14/2004 - 02/15/2004
District 9 Challenge Serge Godefroy 02/15/2004

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