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October 2009 

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43rd Trofeo Amicizia
Lucio Boggi & Diego Negri

International German Championship

International German Championship

Championnat d'Ile de France

2009 ISAF World Cup First Place
Xavier Rohart and Pierre Alexis Ponsot (FRA)
Photo by Guillaume Durand
The 2009-2010 Forida / Nassau winter circuit has been scheduled. Take part in this and you can sail in an ISAF World Cup (Rolex OCR), a continental championship, the Bacardi Cup and more. The entry form is posted for the Western Hemispheres at Nassau, Bahamas, April 10-17, 2010.

But if you are heading further south to the 2010 Star World Championship (Jan. 12-23, 2010) and/or the South American Championship (Nov. 24-29, 2009), information on shipping your boat can be found on the 2010 Worlds and 2010 South Americans pages. Entry forms and notices of race are posted on these pages for each event. The current entry list for the South Americans and one for the Worlds to date are available.

Barbara Beigel Vosbury has provided an update from the class office and a reminder about sending in nominations forms for class officers. Rick Burgess, chair of the International Governing Committee, reports that the IGC has changed the date of 2010's annual meeting to take place during the European Championship at Viareggio, Italy in June, which will affect the due date of resolutions and nominations.

September-October Racing Results
ISAF World Cup Overall Standings
The 2009 ISAF World Cup series Star Class winners are Xavier Rohart and Pierre Alexis Ponsot. Finishing second were Emilios Papathanasiou and Pachos Papastefanou, and third was Flavio Marazzi with Enrico de Maria. The 2010 series starts at Sail Melbourne (Australia) in December and continues at the Rolex Miami OCR January 24-30, 2010.

District Championships

The last district championship of the year was sailed by District 9 (France and Switzerland) at Nice. and won by Xavier Rohart for the second year in a row. This year he sailed with Pierre Alexis Ponsot.

Other Racing Results 
In The Netherlands at the Open Dutch Championship, Sander Jorissen and Erik Veldhuizen finished first and then later also won the Boerenkoolcup Cup.

At Rastaholm, Sweden where the SWE GP V HostRasta was sailed, Tom Lofstedt and Martin Ahlsen were the top boat.,
Erik Dahlen and Erik Berlin were the winners at Baggensfjarden in the GP VI Oktoberpokalen .

In Italy,  the Trofeo Carcano was sailed at
Mandello del Lario and won by Cicio Canali and Franz Lattuada . At Viareggio in the Trofeo Sergio Puosi, Giampiero Poggi and Giancarlo Del Col were the winners. Malcesine's Balardi Cup Trofeo Piccolo Hotel was taken by Fredrik Loof and Johann Tillander, and in Brensone Diego Negri and Lucio Boggi won the 43rd Trofeo Amicizia . The winners of the last race of the season at Gargano, the Trofeo dell'Odio, were Roberto Benamati and Gian Battista Gatti.

At Lake Balaton, Hungary, the  Hungarian Championship went to Arpad Litkey and Akos Nagy.

At Zurich, Switzerland, Juerg Ryffel and Lukas Wyss won the Zurcher Herbstpreis.
 Axel Hampe and Chris Conrads  were first  on Lake Thun in their Herbstpreis , and at Beinwil am See Roman Timm and Kaspar Huber won the Sigi Meier Memorial .

At Nice, France, Michael Willis and Patrice Loche won the Homer Odyssey and Vianney Guezenec and Antonio Rubino won Dot's n' Dot's. In Paris, Romain Andrieux and Olivier Guerin were the champions at the Ile de France regatta.

In Munich, Germany, the Kommodore Kronprinz Rupprecht von Bayern Erinnerungspreis winners were Ludger and Daniel Huttermann. Sailing at Utting,  the new International German Champions are Fritz Werner and Uli Seeberger who followed up by also winning the Oktoberfestregatta. In Essen,
Frank Tusch and Sven Winkelmann won the Commodore Dr. Luer-Preis and at Berlin, Alexander Schlonski and Frithjof Kleen won the Lawuse Preis and Johannes Polgar and Markus Koy took the following Senatspreis .

On the USA east coast, Arthur Anosov and Dave Caesar won the Chili Regatta in upstate New York and Dan Ronan and Lee Dayton took the Columbus Day Regatta at Larchmont . John Edenbach and Will Christenson won the Nutmeg Regatta in Connecticut. In Maryland
on the Chesapeake Bay, John MacCausland and Brian Sharp won the Fall Windup at Oxford and Sam Hopkins and Chris Brown won the Shuster Regatta at St. Michaels. Peter McChesney and Shane Zwingelberg took the final race of the season, the Etchells/Star regatta at Annapolis. In Illinois, the 43rd J. Holt Thomas/Green Star Regatta was won by Jeff Schaefer with Pete Bennett winning the District 4 Green Star.

At Vancouver, Canada, the new English Bay Fleet Champions are Steve Fleckenstein and Rob Mulder

In Brazil, Torben Grael returned to Star sailing, winning the Taca Alberto Ravazzano at Rio de Janeiro with Guilherme de Almeida. At Brasilia, Cezar Castro and Afonso Montezzuma won the 16th Regatta JK.
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District 9 Rasta Cup 10/31/2009 -11/01/2009
District 9 Lebkuchen Regattta 11/07/2009 -11/08/2009
District 14 Trofeo Carlo Giannotti 11/08/2009 -11/27/2009
District 20 Schoonmaker Cup 11/14/2009 - 11/15/2009
District 7 Taca Royal Thames 11/20/2009 -11/22/2009
District 17 Cup Opatija 11/20/2009 - 11/22/2009
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