October 2008

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30+ knots at the Star Etchells Fall Regatta
John MacCausland and Kevin Murphy in Annapolis. Photo by Dan Phelps.
Rear Commodore Harry Walker passed away at the end of October. He was a Star sailor for 71 years and also served the class as International Secretary for 13 years.

An updated list of the 2008 class championships has been posted.

At Essen, Germany, the Allianz ESA Masters was won by Wulf Kahl and Arndt Booms and the Commodore Senator Dr. Luer Preis winners were Alexander Schlonski and Manuel Voight. At Berlin, Lars Kiewning and Neils Hentschel became fleet champions at the Lawuse Preis Berliner Meisterschaft. Following that regatta was the Senatspreis, won by Matthias Miller and Manuel Voigt.

Sailing at Romanshorn, Switzerland, the 2008 International Swiss Champions are Flavio Marazzi and Enrico de Maria. The Thunersee Herbstpreis winners were Andreas Honegger and Adrian Rutsch, and Hans Stockli and Denise Weidmeier won the Zurcher Herbstpreis.

At Paris, France Champions of l'Ile de France are Philippe Courteaud and Antoine Klotz. At Lake Annecy, Philippe Brillaud and Philippe Besson won the Lac d'Argent Regatta and Michael Dreyfus and Gregory Werner took the Coupe du President. At Nice, Graham Bailey and Filippo Orlando won the Upstart Blues Cup.

In The Netherlands, Sjaak Haakman and Robbie Bielas took first place at the Boerenkoolcup.

On Lake Garda in Italy, the 42nd Trofeo Amicizia victors were Luca Modena and Sergio Lambertenghi. At Viareggina, 
Roberto Righi and Davide Bortolotto won both the Trofeo Carlo Gianotti and the Trofeo Sergio Puosi.

On the Chesapeake Bay in the American Mid-Atlantic region, Jud Smith and Brian Fatih won the Star Fall Windup while Bob Flower won the Shuster Regatta. Peter McChesney and Shane Zwingelberg were first at the Star Etchells Fall regatta. On Long Island Sound, Fotis Boliakis and Luis Hornos won the Larchmont Columbus Day Regatta.

In the USA midwest at Springfield, Illinois the Holt Thomas Regatta was won by Jeff Schaeffer. At Grosse Point Park, Michigan, Rolland Vortriede and Neil Cooper were the winners of the 2008 Ice Breaker. On the west coast at San Francisco, Mark Reynolds and Hal Haenel won the 2008 Calvin Paige.

In western Canada, Dennis Burgess finished first at the English Bay October Series at Vancouver.

At Buenos Aires, Argentina, the 2008 Argentine National Championship was won by Alberto Zanetti and Gustavo Warburg. In Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Lars Grael and Marcelo Jordao were first at the Semana Internacional de Vela.

Alberto Zanetti and Gustavo Warburg
Argentine National Champions

 Fabian Mac Gowan and Ariel Simonet
Argentine National Championship
Photos by Matias Capizzano 

Gerardo Della Torre and Willie Latour
Argentine National Championship
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