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1922 International Championship - Regatta Report

1922 International Championship - Central Long Island Sound 

(from the 1923 Log)

The first Annual National Championship Series of the Star Class was held on Long Island Sound, September 18th, 19th and 20th, 1922. Six of the then existing nine Fleets of the Star Class Yacht Racing Association participated, thereby bringing together for the first time in the history of yacht racing, yachts of the same design from the Atlantic, Pacific and the Great Lakes.

California was the first to arrive, having come via the Panama Canal on the steamer Santa Ana, a trip requiring almost a month. The party consisted of Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Weston and Mr. and Mrs. Owen Churchill.

The Lake Erie yacht arrived on the 13th via motor truck on which its sportsmanlike crew, J. P. and F. W. Schweitzer, traveled with their yacht, eating and sleeping on the truck. During the unbroken trip the four occupants of the truck relieved each other at the wheel, driving day and night. Their wives joined them later, making the trip by train.

Late on the night of the 14th the little power yacht Rita anchored off the Port Washington Yacht Club, having towed the Narragansett Bay challenger down the coast and outside of Judith. In a heavy sea the Brownie parted her tow-line and by a miracle was picked up in the dead of night. During this rescue a plank in the Brownie's bottom was sprung and only by continual pumping was she kept afloat during the balance of the night and until she could be hauled out and repaired, just in time for the race.

The Tara, from Madison, Conn., arrived under tow on Sunday morning and the South Wind, from South Norwalk, Conn., in the afternoon of the same day under sail and with what assistance she could obtain from a long tow bound westward along the Sound. With her arrival the field was complete.

Sunday was spent in getting acquainted and touring the course. A luncheon and meeting was held at the Port Washington Yacht Club for the racing crews and the Regatta Committee members of the three Clubs co-operating in holding the Series.

Monday, September the 18th, Bayside Yacht Club Day, broke cold and clear with a strong east wind that had been blowing throughout the night.

The weather was unseasonable, and at noon when the challenging yachts left Manhasset Bay under tow of the tenders assigned to them, the crews were bundled in as many sweaters as they could find, for you could see your breath. The Committee boat waiting off the starting point Execution Light, was rolling in a heavy sea which remained despite the fact that the wind had abated from the gale force of the early morning to a good stiff blow.

Taurus, the defender, towed out behind the Committee boat from Little Neck Bay.

A couple of the yachts that were reefed shook out at the line.

The course selected consisted of a beat dead to windward and return, 10 ¾ nautical miles. The start was a poor one, all starting on the starboard tack but widely separated, South Wind leading with Fejo, Three Star, Taurus, Brownie and Tara following in that order.

Fejo and Tara stood over under the north shore while the other four soon went about and stood over under the Long Island shore to the south. Of this second group Taurus soon pulled into the lead and was never headed thereafter. Brownie, rigged with a boom two feet shorter than standard and a sail to fit, gradually fell off and was soon left far astern by all.

The mark, Matinicock buoy, was rounded in the following order, Taurus, South Wind, Fejo, Tara, Three Star and Brownie, all well separated and about two to three minutes apart.

The run home was directly before the wind with jibs boomed out, some carrying mainsails on one side and some on the other. Although the distance separating the yachts was reduced on this run, as is usually the case on a run of this nature the only change in place that occurred was that of Three Star. The California boat started to move on this run and in no time overhauled and passed Tara, she then gained on Fejo and within fifty feet of the finish faked a luff and then suddenly bore off under Fejo’s lee and crossed the line in third place by a margin of a few feet. 


                                    Finish               Elapsed Time
No.       Name                H. M. S.            H. M. S.            Points
1          Taurus             
4-12-11             2-27-11             6
40         South Wind      
4-13-52             2-28-52             5
108       Three Star        
4-15-43             2-30-43             4
77         Fejo                 
4-15-48             2-30-48             3
Tara                  4-17-22             2-32-22             2
87         Brownie            
4-23-52             2-38-52             1

Start                 Wind                 Course No. 3                 Distance
1 :45 P.M.         East                 Windward and return      10 ¾ N.M.

The yachtsmen were entertained in the evening, by the Bayside Yacht Club, with a dinner, vaudeville show and dance, that lasted into the wee hours of the morning. 

Tuesday, the 19th, Port Washington Yacht Club Day, was almost a duplicate of Monday in weather conditions except that the wind hauled a little to the south'ard and the sea fell off. The course selected was a triangular one of 10 ½ miles, the first leg being a beat and the second and third being a broad reach. The start was close and soon after it the South Wind worked into the lead and was increasing it steadily until within about half a mile of the first mark she parted her stem plate and was forced to withdraw, this being the only unfortunate occurrence of the series.

Taurus again rounded the first mark well in the lead, with Brownie second, Brownie now using the standard boom and sail, then in order Fejo Three Star and Tara. They finished in this position.


                                    Finish               Elapsed Time
No.       Name                H. M. S.            H. M. S.            Points
1          Taurus              3-39-00            
2-09-00             6
87         Brownie             3-44-38            
2-14-38             5
77         Fejo                  3-46-05            
2-16-05             4
108       Three Star         3-47-31            
2-17-31             3
Tara                  3-51-04             2-21-04             2
40         South Wind       Disabled                                    0

Start                 Wind                 Course No. 2                 Distance
1:30 P M.          South-East        Triangular                      10 ½ N. M.

During the evening the Port Washington Yacht Club gave a stag smoker for the racing crews that will live in the memory of many for a long time to come.


Wednesday, September 20th Manhasset Bay Yacht Club Day, gave the visitors their first taste of real Long Island Sound Racing weather. It was warmer and at the starting hour there was no wind at all. The committee postponed the start until a gentle southwester sprang up and then sent them over the same course as the preceding day. This gave the yachts a reach on the first two legs and a beat home. The start became a question of staying on the right side of the line with little wind to help against a strong ebb tide, causing several to avail themselves of the right to paddle until the preparatory signal. Brownie was unlucky at the start and was recalled, losing about three minutes, but she soon caught up with the rest of the fleet, Taurus being in the lead but this time only by feet. Excepting Taurus the others changed places often and afforded the crowds on the fleet of motor yachts following the race many chances to cheer their favorites, only to see them lose the position just gained. This lasted for some time, all rounding the first mark in a bunch. After drifting for awhile Taurus, South Wind, Fejo and finally Three Star caught a little breeze and pulled away, leaving Brownie and Tara hopelessly astern. In this order they rounded the second mark and stood under the north shore on their long beat home with a slightly increasing wind. 

Taurus could not be beaten if she finished, so interest centered on California and Lake Erie, who were tied in points for second place. From a bad fourth Three Star gradually worked up and crossed Fejo's bow and then within sight of the finish line crossed South Wind’s bow and finished second and second in the series. Taurus had won three successive victories and the first National Championship series with a perfect score.

It is interesting to note that the Long Island defender was the first Star ever built, No. 1. 


                                    Finish               Elapsed Time
No.       Name                H. M. S.            H. M. S.            Points
1          Taurus             
5-16-16             3-01-16             6
108       Three Star        
5-18-27             3-03-27             5
40         South Wind      
5-21-10             3-06-10             4
77         Fejo                 
5-22-50             3-07-50             3
87         Brownie            
5-30-36             3-15-36             2
Tara                  5-32-37             3-17-37             1

Start                 Wind                 Course No. 2                 Distance
2:15 P M.          South-west        Triangular                      10 ½ N. M.

A farewell dinner and dance was given by the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club in the evening, but it broke up early as everyone was tired.

The prizes were presented and the racing crews said good-bye with promises to be back in 1923 with better and faster boats that would take the National Championship Trophy away from Long Island Sound.


                                                                                    1st Day
                                                Skipper                         2nd Day
            Yacht                            Yacht Club                    3rd Day              Total
No.       Fleet                             Crew                             Pts.  Fin.           Points   Finished           

1          TAURUS                       W.L. INSLEE                 6      1st
            Western Long                Bayside Y.C.                 6      1st                          18         Winner
            Island Sound                 Hanry Reeve                  6      1st

108       THREE STAR                B.P. WESTON              4      3rd
California                       California Y.C.               3      4th                          12         2nd
                                                Owen Churchill              5      2nd

77         FEJO                            J.P. SCHWEITZER        3      4th
Lake Erie                      Cleveland Y.C.               4      3rd             10         3rd
                                                F.W. Schweitzer            3      4th

40         SOUTH WIND                W.J. McHUGH               5      2nd
            Central Long                 
South Norwalk Y.C.        0      Disabled    9          4th
             Island Sound                 R. Comstack, Jr.            4      3rd

87         BROWNIE                     G.H. ARMITAGE            1      6th

            Narragansett Bay           Washington Park Y.C.    5      2nd             8          5th
                                                W.H. Gidley                  2      5th

65         TARA                            B.N. HEMINGWAY        2      5th
            Eastern Long                 Black Point Y.C.            2      5th             5          6th

             Island Sound                 W. Staughton                1      6th

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