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Eastern Hemisphere Championship Reports: 1992, 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1998, 1999,, 2000

1992 Eastern Hemisphere Championship  (results)
Cadiz, Spain
Report by Uwe von Bulow

   The Consorcio Mundo Vela ’92 had invited all Olympic classes to hold an international championship in Cadis, Spain, during 1992 to celebrate the fact that Christopher Columbus left Cadiz exactly 500 years before to sail to India, however discovered America by error. The Star Class lent to the celebration in May by holding the European Spring Championship in Cadiz at the new Puerto Shery, a superior marina with a yacht club, hotels and a recently resorted, old village. The area, with over 3000 years of historic significance, has a fantastic climate and a proud and friendly people. In addition to sailing, the area offers excellent fishing, horseback riding, tennis, golf and sherry. Yes, it is a very fine place for relaxation.

    Although relaxation was easily possible, it was not the reason that over sixty Star sailors had brought their boats to Cadiz. On May 10 in westerly winds with 3 Beaufort conditions, thirty-three Stars started the 1992 European Spring’s in moderate chop ad minimal shifts with the first race going to Mark Neeleman and Jos Schrier, with Ross Macdonald and Eric Jespersen in second, and Jose Doreste and Jose Castells in third place.

    On May 11 second race started in very light air, with many shifts. Light air specialists Patrick Haegeli and Adde Yannick won handily, and Italian veterans Albino Fravezzi and Dino Bonetti placed second, with Dorste and Castells taking a second series third place. In fourth were Hans Vogt and Joerg Fricke. To very heavy 8 Beaufort conditions, with equally heavy seas, there were no races on May 12 and 13.

    A conditions break on May 14, yet will 5 Beaufort winds and seas, allowed the race committee to schedule two races. Both of these races were won by Fernando Rita and Jaime Piris in excellent fashion, with Jose Doreste and Jose Castells placing second in the third race, followed by Hans Vogt and Joerg Fricke; and with Ross Macdonald and Eris Jesperson taking second in the fourth race, followed by Hubert Raudaschl and Xavier Gruber. Through four races the series lead was held by Jose Doreste and Jose Castells by 1.6 points over Ross Macdonald and Eric Jespersen, who lead Fernando Rita and Jamie Piris by 6.3 overall points.

    To worsening weather conditions with winds and seas to 9 Beaufort, it was impossible to continue the series after two days of waiting to resume the Championship. It was determined that the series would be concluded at just four races, with standings to have Jose Doreste and Jose Castells of Spain winners of the 1992 Silver Star at Cadiz. The sixty-six Star sailors and many others who enjoyed the series left Cadiz with many fine memories.


1993 Eastern Hemisphere Championship (results)
Anzio, Italy, by Werner Fritz

   The 1993 European Spring Championship was hosted by Anzio, Italy, a location with a long association with naval history. Emperor Nero settled in Anzio and built the first port for the Navy of Rome. In recent times Anzio was almost completely destroyed n the bombardment and invasion of its port during World War II, and even today evidence of this difficult and sad time can be found. Today, fully recovered, Anzio is known for good sailing and racing conditions.

    This year forty-nine Stars from ten nations accepted the invitation of Circolo Vela di Roma to participate in this Championship. The field represented a wonderful entry list for the beginning of the Star sailing season in Europe, especially for a non-Olympic year.

    The start of the first race could not have been better. All boats passed the starting line almost at the same time. At 15-20 knots of wind with choppy seas, Jose Doreste led the field. A wind shift of ten degrees to the right gave us the chance to catch him, but following a close tacking dual to the finish line took the first place for Jose. Res Bienz of Switzerland placed third.

    The second race began as soon as the first race concluded. At the second upwind beat the wind shifted forty degrees to the left and the Race Committee changed the course immediately, nevertheless the fleet became very mixed up. The lucky winner out of the pack was Hans Vogt from Munich, followed by Pietro D’Ali and Enrico Chieffi, both from Italy.

    The next day race three was held in 25 knots of wind and high waves from the south, sunshine and higher temperatures provided a wonderful day of great racing. Alexander Hagen, won, followed by Vogt and Doreste. On the following day, race four, the wind lost its power to allow finishing only just within the time limit. Pietro D’Ali finished just seconds in front of us, with Hagen taking third.

    The next day was a copy of the fourth racing day, with little wind. Eventually 6 to 8 konts filled-in from the west-northwest, with flat water, and Italians Semeraro, Chieffi and Passoni elected to sail the left side of the course to finish the fifth race with large leads. After five races Pietro D’Ali was leading by four points over us and Vogt.

    The final and decisive race was a thrilling one. No wind! After an on-water delay of an hour, the last race was started in very light air and no seas. Until the very end the outcome was open. D’Ali and Peraboni won by just seconds to be the 1992 European Spring Champions, followed by Fritz and Aurachor. It was an interesting regatta and I am sure that all of the participants have excellent memories of Anzio, and all look forward to returning.

1994 Eastern Hemisphere Championship (results)
By Peter Mockl

    It was a great honor for the Deutscher Touring Yacht Club to host the 1994 Spring Silver Star regatta. With exceptions of Lakes Garda, Aalaton and Geneva, it was the first time that such a prestigious event was held on a small lake since it was held on Lake Attersee, Austria, in 1969.

    A full year of planning and efforts by the Fleet and the Yacht Club was devoted to the event. With the assists by the principal sponsors, Porsche and North Sails of Germany, as well as the many smaller sponsors, the complete expenses of the regatta were covered. The considered outstanding efforts by all Fleet and Club members greatly contributed to the event’s success.

    Boat measurements progressed smoothly and the 1994 European Spring’s was officially opened on Sunday with speeches, music and an excellent buffet.

    The first racing day allowed two races with Hans Vogt, Jr. and Joerg Fricke taking the first race, and Hans-Otto Engel and Andreas Engel taking the second race…

    Calm conditions prevented further races and allowed competitors to take a day off to relax and to recover from the first racing day. A day basking in the sunshine certainly allowed many to be in particularly good form for the Fleet’s party held that evening. As was the function during the recent World Championship in Kiel, beer from Bayern and grilled sausages were thoroughly enjoyed.

    On Wednesday the weather changed once again. Conditions were much cooler and as a result, windier. A second pair of races were completed, with Sergey Khoretsky and Vladimir Zuev taking the third race of the series, and Peter Bromby with Lee White winning the fourth race.

    Similar weather and even a little more wind again allowed two races and the conclusion of the Championship the next day. First places were secured by Christian Rasmussen and Kasper Harsberg, and by Vince Brun and Albert Schweizer. The Championship went to Hans Vogt, Jr. and Joerg Fricke, their first Silver Star, at 19 overall points with a last race DNS throw-out.

    Second place went to Bermudians Peter Bromby and Lee White, third place went to Russians Sergey Khoretsky and Vladimir Zuev, and fourth place went to Danes Michael Hestbaek and Martin Hejlsberg, all sailors who had never been to Starnbergersee ad who usually sail on open waters. Clearly top crews will most always be close to the lead, even on a lake. The best crew of the Zugspitzflotte, Michael Nissen and Gerrit Bartel, placed fifth.

    The many prizes were awarded during the ceremonial banquet on Thursday night, as enjoyed by all of the sailors. The 1994 Spring Silver Star was conducted in record time and will be recalled fondly by the sailors who sailed in it.

1996 Eastern Hemisphere Championship (results)
By Silvio Santoni

    Fifty boats from 19 nations gathered in Torbole, Lake Garda, for the 1996 European Spring Championship of the Star Class. The regatta, sailed April 12-20, the last big regatta before the Olympics, was held two days after the Olympic Qualification series held in Malcesine, on the same lake.

    The weather was excellent throughout the regatta with warm temperatures and no clouds. Winds were moderate about 12-18 knots which assured good competition and fair sailing. Six races were sailed, five on the ISCYRA “0” course and one on course “3”. Organization was perfect throughout the week although the practice race could not be sailed due to strong winds.

    All the sailors enjoyed the social events. Thursday night’s event was on a cruise ship taking the star friends to crouise around the lake showing them the other towns by night, Riva del Garda, Limone and Malcesine with its famous castle dominating the lake.

    Michael Hestbaek and Martin Heljsberg from Denmark won the regatta taking home their second Silber Star finishing in front of Christian Rasmussen and Kasper Harsberg, also from Denmark, in nice and fair competition for the position as the Danish representative at the Olympics.

    Third was Hans Wallen with Bobby Lohse from Sweden, winners of race 3. Showing their usual and excellent sailing skills Hubert Raudaschl and Andreas Hanakamp placed fourth. Hubert used all his know how and experience of thirty years of sailing on Lake Garda.

    Jose Luis Doreste and Javier Hermida from Spain finished fifth with the same points as Hubert Raudaschl and Andreas Hanakamp and Torben Grael and Marcelo Ferreira from Brazil who finished in sixth position. Silvio Santoni and Sergio Lambertenghi, winners of race two, finished seventh overall.

    Mats Johansson and Mattias Frode form Sweden secured their eighth place overall by winning a wonderful early morning race the last day, closing ten points in front of Vincent Hoesch and Florian Fendt, Germany. In tenth place were Glyn Charles and Geroge Skuodas from England.

    At the prize giving Omega watches were awarded to the top three crews. Omega was sponsoring the event and helped the Club with the tough organization.

    Hubert Raudaschl was also awarded a prize for his upcoming participation in the Olympics, the record 10th time!


1997 Eastern Hemisphere Championship (results
Reported by C. Rolandi and D. Thomsen

    The European Springs was sailed from March 30 to April 5 in the waters off Palma de Mallorca, a favorite place because of the extreme warm temperatures in air and water. Thirty-three Stars representing 27 fleets and 7 nations took part in this championship. For the Star Class it was the first big event after the loss of Olympic status.

    The Real Club Nautico gave us great hospitality. The Opening Ceremony, held at the wonderful Belver Castle which dominates the Palma Bay, saw the attendance of International Vice President Uwe von Below. In his welcome to competitors and participants, Uwe was mindful of the Olympic choice made n Brighton by the ISAF, reminding all that keel boat fleet racing represents 30% of the number of boats participating in one-design racing and probably 50% of people active in the sport of sailing. At the Sydney Olympics the keel boat will represent only 10% of the participating classes.

    The sailing was nice. Every day there was sunshine and the winds, which built at noon, varied between 10 and 15 knots, except the 5th day. The race committee set up proper courses and reacted at every wind shift. In the 5th race, half way through the race, the wind started to drop with extreme wind shifts. Starting the last downwind leg in 2-4 knots, the first boats suddenly sailed upwind. At this point the race committee chairman had the possibility to abandon the race under IYRR 5.4, but elected to continue. After three hours of drifting finally downwind to the finish, suddenly fresh wind came and drifted the fleet together. At the finish some boats could not be identified properly. Seven requests for redress were launched. Several proposals were discussed but finally the jury gave every boat a YMP; average results based on the results of other races (see results list). Some were happy, some not and some got furious about the situation.

    All six races saw a German crew in first position at the finish. Vincent Hoesch and Florian “Babybar” Fendt won the series with two firsts and a clear lead. Second was Marc Aurel Pickel and his new crew Carsten Witt with two firsts with the same points as third place finishers Jurg Ryffel and Cyrile Fullemann.

    Finally, in comment, if participants did not calculate the use of the reserve day into their traveling schedule, it is unfair to the organizers and makes unnecessary pressure on them. Nevertheless all enjoyed sailing in Palma.


1998 Eastern Hemisphere Championship, Monaco  (results
By Michel Willis

    Eighty-two entries, with sailors from 14 nations, had not been seen in a Star Class Regatta since Cannes-France 1991 Worlds.

    Principality of Monaco appeal, Star Class sailors’ vitality and Olympic status made an extremely successful cocktail for 1998
European Spring. Hosted by Yacht Club de Monaco during the Easter period, the conditions as from the first day, were tough and heavy. The first twos day’s races were cancelled, due to extreme weather conditions, winds of 6-7 Beaufort with seas a good 3 meters swell from the southwest.

    Monday, the pressure was on Principal Race Officer, excellent Charles Cook and the Monte Carlo committee, but weather conditions were still unfavorable.

    Principality of Monaco’s reputation for light winds was being let down. Luckily the hospitality at Yacht Club de Monaco and the welcome from the port side restaurant, Stars and Bars, helped the crew members’ morals.

    Tuesday races must go on, conditions eased a little, after many wind changes and reset courses, two races run with many DNF boats, some spectacular surfing and keels in the air No major incidents for the well organized security back up, thanks to the many Yacht Club de Monaco experienced volunteers too.

    Many repairs and replaced masts took place on the quai landings. Two more hears run the next day, competition was keep, many recalls and two race starts under the black flag rule. More DNF, crews in the water and a definite domination by the Italians, Santoni and Lambertenghi, with 3 wins.

    Sailing conditions remaining physical, and the competitors really enjoying the sport.

    With so many boats on the water, a real shouting bustle at leg end marks. Races also won by the heavy German team, Pickel and Witt and another Italian group, President Simoneschi and Marenco.

    Another enjoyable evening spent with the girls of “Les Folies Rurres,” dining with French wine at the Lowes Center at Monte Carlo.

    In all, five races completed, not in easy conditions. Many thanks to the Committee Organizers and the Yacht Club de Monaco for hosting a very memorable, quality event.

    The Prince Albert of Monaco, President of the Club, congratulated the Champions during the official Prize Giving ceremony in sunny conditions on the deck side terrace at the Club.

    A word of thanks to competition sponsors Credit Suisse and Haribo.  Wonderful sailing!

1999 Eastern Hemisphere Championship (results
By Gunther Lux

    On Sunday, May 30th, 1999, the Opening of the European Spring Championship of the Star Class was celebrated. After the competitors, Race Committee and International Jury marched in, the national flags were hoisted and the Eauropean Hymm was played.

    Riccardo Simoneschi, International President of the ISCYRA (International Star Class Yacht Racing Association) donated a steel maquette of a star hull to Kurt L. Mueller, President of the UYCAs, as thanks and recognition for holding this sporting event. The Governor of Upper Austria, Dr. Josef Puehringer, then officially opened the European Spring Championship 1999. All competitors and VIPs were invited to a big buffet by the UYCAs.

    On Monday, the first racing day, the start was at 13.53. At 2 beaufort wind from the south, the first boats at the weather mark were the Croatians Lovrovic/ Lovrovic in front of the Germans Merkelbach/Vitzthum and the Italians Benamati? Maffezzoli. On the downwind, the fleet came together again.   

    At the second rounding of the weather mark the Austrians Gfreiner/ Fussi were in fron of the Germans Fritz/Seeberger and the Swiss crew Ryffel/ Fullemann. After the half downwind, the south wind decreased and the race was abandoned.  In the evening everybody was invited to “Axel Wiesinger” for free drinks and grilled sausages.

    The next day a morning breeze form the south was expected and the start planned for 06.00 a.m. The second racing day of the Spring European Championship was, unfortunately, again a quiet and reflective one. All competitors were ready for an early start at 06.00 a.m. but had to patiently wait for a wind breeze. At 02.15 p.m., a light north-easterly came up and they were called to sail out. Unfortunately it didn’t last long and the boats were tugged back to the club. Nobody would have thought there would be another call later that evening. The new start to the first race was at 05.55 p.m. under a steady nor-easter. Tragically, after 2 ½ hours sailing, the wind did not persist on the last leg, and even switched directions. Some boats were very close to the finish. The race committee decided the race to be “irregular” and abandoned it. Even Riccardo Simoneschi, World President of the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association, who wanted fair racing conditions posted “It was the right decision to abandon this irregular race!” In the afternoon some competitors chose to take a relaxing snooze next to the beautiful cars of the sponsor AUDI. They were tired after having had to rise so early in the morning.

    In the evening there was a “GAETA Party”. The next European Spring Championship with be held in Gaeta/Italy so 15 people from Gaeta (with the mayor of the city came to show how nice it will be next year. They brought many specialities to eat and drink with them. It was a magnificent evening under a pretty sky, with many Stars both on earth and above.

    On Wednesday light wind from the north-east came up at lunch time. The race officers sent the 61 boats on a 10.3 sm long ISCYRA course 3, having started at 01.55 p.m.. The first team crossed the finish after a sailing time of 1 hour and 52 minutes. The Spaniard, Jose van der Plooeg, and his German crew, Florian Fendt, secured first place in front of the Croats, Martin Lovrovic Jr. and Martin Lovrovic Sr. The best Austrians were Dietmar Gfreiner and Martin Fussi in third place. As the wind was finally steady a second race followed immediately.

    For the second race, an ISCYRA course 0; of 10.8 sm was set, with wind of 2 beaufort. The lead changed several times between the Danis Theis Palm/ Casper Harsberg and the Germans Hans-Otto Engel/ Andreas Th. Engel. Finally the Danish won and Engel finished only third, as the Italians Silvio Santoni and Giuseppe Devoti managed to slip through into second place.

    In the evening the official midweek party was given, requiring formal attire. Different kinds of beef were served as a part of a wonderful dinner. After having a super meal, prizes were given to the first three winning teams in each race. After two races Theis Palm/ Casper Harsgberg were leading by 1 point in front of Dietmar Gfreiner/ Martin Fussi.

    Sailors had a hard time on Thursday, and the race officers too! The first start was at 10.00 a.m., with wind from the south. The race was abandoned after 1 hour of sailing time.  The second start was at noon with wind from the north-west. That race abandoned at the weather mark. After a well deserved lunch break, the long-awaited “Rosenwind” came, and the third race was started at 1-2 beaufort. The safe winner this day, with a good lead, were Wolfgangsee-helmsman Gerald Feichtinger with Attersee-vrew Herwig Haunshcmid. The other ranks had to be fought for: at the finish, the Croats Martin Lovrovic Jr. and Martin Lovrovic Sr. placed second narrowly before the Italians Silvio Santoni and Giuseppe Devoti. The preliminary results after three races were: Benamati/Maffezoli in first with a 5th, 4th and 9th, leading by 2 points. In second was the Austrian team of Gfreiner/Fussi.

    In the evening Heinz Mitterhauser and North Sails hosted a party with many different kinds of chicken served. (About 25 different kinds of chicken and some other “flying animals”)

    The weather situation was desperate Friday morning with rain and little to no wind. When It did stop raining wind from the south came up along the lake. The wind was of 4 beaufort, the strongest on the north edge of the Attersee. The much needed 4th race of the series was started there at 11.49 a.m. After 2 hours of racing, the Italians Roberto Benamati/ Luca Maffezzoli crossed the finish of the day’s first course. Shifting wind direction delayed the start of the next race, but then the wind stabilized to a southerly as before. The next start was at 03.11 p.m. As the main field approached the weather mark, the wind shifted to the south-west. Consequently, the race officers had to change the course. Then the wind shifted even stronger to the west and the course had to be changed again to offer fair racing conditions. Hubert Raudaschl/ Jorg Werner, who were leading until the last leg, finished fourth.

    Roberto Benamati/ Luca Maffezzoli won again this day. Second place went to Silvio Santoni/ Giuseppe Devoti, third to Jose Maria van der Ploeg/ Florian Fendt. On Friday June 4th there was the traditional Upper Austrian buffet with much beef, pork and other meats and vegetables typical for the surrounding area of Attersee and Austria.

    The 6tha nd last race of the series was ailed on Saturday with “Rosenwind” of 1 to 4 beaufort. Right at the start decisive placements of influenced the likely final result. The Spanish boat had a collision with the US tam and had to take a penalty; the chance for the title was gone. The leading Italians Benamati/ Maffezzoli did not have the best start and even had to turn a 720 degree penalty at the first downwind leg due to pumping. Thus Santoni/Devoti became the candidates for the series winner—but only by winning the race.

    They reached “only” 3rd place. So the new European champions became Robert Benamati and Luca Maffezzoli. Congratulations!  The prize giving ceremony was held after some protests at about 3 p.m. with “the Rosenwind” with 3 bft and very sunny. I hope all sailors enjoyed the hospitality and the sailing at Attersee as well as our nice mountains and good food. I am sure to see some of them again at Attersee or somewhere else by sailing “our STAR.”

2000 Eastern Hemisphere Championship  (results
April 7-15, Gaeta, Italy
By Anna Letizia Costanzi

Gaeta, Italy was the site for the Audi European Spring Championship 2000, and the Stars began arriving the week of April 2 to practice in the Bay of Gaeta. The Opening Ceremony was held across the street from the Base Nautica Flavio Gioia, berthing site for the Stars. A lovely Regatta Village was assembled in this main square with hospitality tents and an outdoor stage where the Mayor of Gaeta, Mr. Silvio D’Amante welcomed the race participants to this beautiful city. Riccardo Simoneschi, International President of the ISCYRA thanked the regatta organizers in Italian and English. His gracious remarks were followed by welcoming comments form the representatives of the three sponsoring clubs, Dr. Giacomo Bonelli from the Club Nautico Gaeta; Mrs. Vincenzo Adessi from the Circolo Nautico Caposele in nearby Formia; and Mrs. Luca Simeone from the Base Nautica Flavio Gioia.

    The first race was scheduled fro Sunday, April 9 at 1200 and the view from the waterfront as 55 Stars made their way out to the starting line was spectacular. The wind was steadily from the East at 15 Knots and the German team of Mark Pickel and his crew, Thomas Auracher, was victorious. The Spanish team of Jose Maria VanderPloeg and his crew, Rafeael Trujillo in second place and the Italian team of Pietro D’Ali and Ferdinando Colannino in third.

    The second race of this series got underway at 1230 with a 15 knot wind from the northeast and slanting rain. While the spectator boats bounced around on choppy seas, the Stars tood off happily on the first upwind leg. The Australian team of Colin Beashel and David Giles were the winners of this rain-soaked race followed by Roberto Benamati and crew, Luca Maffezzoli in second and Pietro D’Ali and Ferdinando Colannino in third.

    The prize-giving on Monday, April 11 was held indoors at the Club Nautico Gaeta due to the rain. Following this prize-giving, a video was shown of the day’s races. Race organizer Luca Simeone, received a well-deserved round of applause as his Star was shown rounding the leeward mark! The remainder of this evening was devoted to a presentation of the recently released book by Stefano Vegliani, La Sfida Infinita, which is a history of the Italian challenge for the America’s Cup. The presentation room was packed as racers, guests, and citizens of Gaeta listened to Tactitian, Torben Grael and Mainsail Trimmer, Pietro D’Ali talked about their experiences with the Prada challenge in New Zealand aboard Luna Rossa. They were gracious and eloquent despite a day of heavy competition on the Star race course.

    Race three began under similar weather conditions: winds of 20 knots from the Southeast and rain. The race go underway at 1304. The starting line was remarkably calm with everyone well behind the line at the final gun. Victors in this third race were, once again, Colin Beashel and David Giles with Jose Maria VanderPloeg and Rafela Trujillo in second and Mark Pickel and Thomas Auracher in third position. Following the races each day, Audi set up a wonderful buffet for race participants and guests with ample and delicious food and drink. After the chilly conditions on days two and three, this buffet was eagerly anticipated.

    The rain abated, the skies cleared and a lovely 20-25 knot wind from the West gace Race 4 a nice start. Spectator boats were busy charging up and down the race course trying to keep up with the Stars. Final results form Race 4 found the German team of Alexander Hagen and crew Carsten Witt in first place followed by Torben Grael and Marcelo Ferreira from Brazil in second and Marc Pickel and Thomas Auracher in third.

    The Gala Dinner of the Regatta was held after Race 4 on Wednesday, April 12 at a beautiful seaside resort just outside the main town of Gaeta. The Sponsor, Med-Fish, together with the staff or Aeneas Landing, produced an exceptional buffet of local delicacies and the evening was memorable. Fortunately the weather had cleared enough to hold the event outdoors and race participants and guests were able to stroll around the spectacular grounds of this resort. A video of the day’s racing was shown and watched with much comment and enthusiasm. There followed a few hours of music suitable for dancing.

    Race 5 was blessed with another sunny start and winds form the Southwest at 10-12 knots. The Race Committee’s comment on the weather for this day was “sereno!” There was close racing over the course as the German and Italian teams were trying to establish the qualifying team from each country for the Olympic Games in Sydney later this year. The final results for Race 5 found Pietro D’Ali and Gerdinando Colannino in first place, Marco Testa and Livio Giacummo from the neighboring town of Formia in second place, and the Croatian team of Marin Jr. and Marin Sr. Lovrovic in third position. Final standings after 5 races placed D’Ali and Pickel in a 12 point tie for first place, Beashel in third place and the Spaniard VanderPloeg and Trujillo in fourth place. As both D;Ali and Pickel had one first place finish, two third place finishes and one fifth place finish after the throw-out race, the International Jury was compelled to invoke I.S.A.F. Rule A 2.3 to break the tie.

    Race 6 was scheduled for Friday, April 14 and the Stars sailed out to the start line only to be confounded by light and shifting winds. There was in fact, no start and the race was postponed to the Reserve Day, Sunday, April 15. Scheduled for 0900, the winds again faile to build until 1030 when the Race Committee lowered the postponement flag and indicated a start. The rae got underway mid-morning with winds of 2-4 knots from the West and the first upwind leg was sailed. It was clear the time limit would expire before the rae could finish given the diminishing winds, so the Race Committee abandoned the rae and the Stars were towed back to the Base Nautica Flavio Gioia. There ensued a wonderful mix of celebration and organized chaos as boats were hauled out by the capable and professional staff at the Base Nautica. Shortly, all boats were safely in their trailers, crews showered and changed for final Prize-Giving at the end of the docks. Audi’s daily buffet was once again greatly appreciated and races and guest mingled happily before the ceremonies began. The Race Sponsors and Organizers were thanked most effusively by Mr. Simoneschi, Mr. D’Amante, and President of the International Jury, Mr. Carlo Rolandi. For the town of Gaeta, this was an important and exciting event and the races were effervescent in their positive comments about all aspects of the Championship. We were pleased to host the Championship and proud of all the effort and planning that so successfully culminated in a thrilling and challenging week of Star Racing.

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