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JavaScore Screen Shots
Start Program

JAV_Start.gif (4726 bytes)
(click any image)

As with any other software, JavaScore is started from Windows by selecting Start / Programs / JavaScore


Open / Create Regatta

JAV_open.jpg (34171 bytes)

The first step to using JavaScore is to create a regatta by selecting File / Create Regatta from the opening screen.


Enter Regatta Parameters

JAV_Regatta_Parameters.gif (9385 bytes)

Once a regatta has been created, the first screen prompts you for regatta parameters such as the name of the event, and the classes that will participate.  This screen also allows you to select several scoring systems, and allows you to define penalties.


Enter / Edit Entries

Jav_Entries.jpg (43475 bytes)

The next step is to enter the information about the competitors who will sail the event.  You will be prompted for information such as sail number, bow number and the name of the crew.  If it is a handicap class, you will also be prompted for the boat's rating.


Start a Race

JAV_Start_Race.gif (13416 bytes)

Selecting Enter / Edit Finishes prompts you to start a new race.  This screen prompts you for the classes participating, their respective starting times, and the distance of the race.


Finish a Race

JAV_Finish_Race.gif (15550 bytes)

To enter finishing order, select Enter/Edit Finishes from the main screen, then select edit finishes.  Double clicking on an entry from the "Not Yet Finished" window moves it to the "Finished" window.  If it is a handicap event, you are prompted for the time the boat finished.


View / Print Reports

JAV_Report.gif (19856 bytes)

Once all the boats have finished, selecting Reports / View Reports from the main screen generates a summary page for of each race of the regatta, as well as the cumulative scores for the event.  Penalties have been applied, ties have been broken, and discards if any have been factored in.  This page is printable for posting and distribution at the regatta.



JAV_Help.gif (21206 bytes)

While JavaScore is a very intuitive program to use, help is available from a comprehensive Help file that is available from the main screen.



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