District 5  Regatta Report

Sat Dec 13th, 2008 through Sun Dec 14th, 2008

Regatta Base

2008 Kriss Kringle


Report by Rick Peters:

Five hardcore Star teams showed up to compete in the last 5th District event of 2008. Three of the teams were regulars. We also had a couple guest skippers that showed up racing borrowed boats with regulars crewing for them.

Chris Rabb, a multiple class champion and sailing legend from Long Beach showed up with his childhood buddy Steve Brown in #8250, borrowed from Andy Macdonald. Jack Jennings, a newbie from Chicago came out in #8189 borrowed from Bill Fields, Tim Ray crewed for him and also promoted this event in Los Angeles.

With rainy/cold weather forecast for Southern California a few teams decided not to travel south. A couple San Diego guys could not get their boats ready to go, so we ended up with only five boats. SDYC runs a one design weekend once a month, in recent years we tag the Kriss Kringle and other traditional San Diego Bay Star regattas into these because of declining participation. No doubt that we have problems with attendance here in the 5th District.

On the tow out Saturday, George said he felt the conditions would be considered a good day for Star sailing in Kiel! There was quite a bit of chop on top of a sizable ocean swell, add to that the strong outgoing tide we knew it would be a tough day on the water! After a short postponement by the race committee the fleet jumped the gun and 3 boats were called over early, two went back. George and I did not as we were actually headed downwind as the gun went off and thought we had made it back behind the line before sheeting in again.

It was a fun race, although the wind was increasing and it was getting cold out there. #8189 decided to head in after the first downwind leg as they were not feeling well and it was getting pretty hairy! George and I held the lead only to cross the finish line without getting a horn!

In the second race we had a spirited battle with #8176, Erik Lidecis and Stephan Cohan. With the wind blowing 15 knots and some great waves, it was California surfing at it's best! Somehow we managed to finish ahead. I was really hurting at this point and would have been happy to go home. Lee Kellerhouse and Brian Mahony were feeling it too, so they called it a day. Dr Lee has quite a few years on me, kudos to him for coming out to play on a day like this.

During the third race a huge right shift came in halfway up the first leg, the three remaining boats reached into the mark together as the wind increased, George and I got there first but the other boats were right there! In a great display of boat handling Rabb and Brown took off on a planing reach towards the leeward mark, leaving the other two teams in their wake! Gusts were clocked at over 20 knots. With a big lead they worked hard on the next beat but could not hold us off and we managed to pass them.

As we headed for the barn everyone was freezing cold. We were greeted at the dock by Stacy Szabo, who had hot tea and pizza that we all devoured as the boats came out of the water. Later on in the hot tub the guys let George know he has an awesome wife!

Sunday arrived with a dismal forecast, the R/C was not looking forward to another miserable day rolling around on the anchor. But as we arrived at the racing area the sun came out and the wind was blowing 10 knots, the temperature was on the cold side, but it ended up being a nice day for sailing. George and I had to win both races to have a chance at the overall win.

On the first upwind leg Erik hooked into a lefty and was gone, we did not give up though, and on the final run to the finish Erik stayed high. We took the low road, sailing way by the lee, directly at the finish line. We hooked into a good puff that Erik could not get down to, we slipped by for our third bullet. Rabb and Brown headed in early, having quite enough fun for one weekend.

For the last race it was who beat who for the top spot. We did not match race, just a normal start. George and I got it going a bit better and went around the top mark ahead. Jack and Tim headed in early, leaving two teams to battle for the win. #8176 could not catch us, we crossed the line and got the horn. Erik and Stephan were sailing light and still had us on the ropes quite a few times during the weekend. It was great for Stephan to get out and race with a top guy like Erik, he had a blast and surely learned a lot. Chris Rabb also sailed well and had a great time, we hope he comes back soon.

Thanks to everyone for making the effort, especially the R/C. Hopefully we can ramp up the 5th District in 2009 and get more of the Star sailors out on the line and having fun!

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 4 5 Total
1 8273   George Szabo   Rick Peters   8273   SDB   6.0 [OCS] 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0 10
2 Team Corinthian   Erik Lidecis   Stephan Cohan   8176   NH   1.0 2.0 3.0 2.0 2.0 10.0001
3 8250   Chris Rabb   Steve Brown   8250     2.0 3.0 2.0 6.0 [DNF] 6.0 [DNS] 19
4 Honor   Jack Jennings   Tim Ray   8189   LS   4.0 6.0 [DNS] 6.0 [DNS] 3.0 6.0 [DNF] 25
5 8023   Lee Kellerhouse   Brain Mahoney   8023   SDB   3.0 4.0 6.0 [DNF] 6.0 [DNC] 6.0 [DNC] 25.0001

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