District 2  Regatta Report

Sat May 8th, 2010 through Sun May 9th, 2010

Miles River Participants

Miles River Participants

MRYC Spring Regatta


2010 David Oursler Star Spring Regatta

A hardy group of three visiting teams and four local teams braved the elements to participate in this year’s Miles River Spring Star Regatta. The forecast for the weekend was 20-30 knots with gusts around 40. In anticipation of the building wind, the race committee promptly set us out and we completed two races with plenty of excitement but without mishap. The first race was a three lap windward-leeward course. The first two laps saw Ben Fransen and Keith Donald in the lead rounding every mark practically overlapped. Ben held the lead for the final lap although the rest of the fleet closed the gap. During the final downwind leg, Carroll McCallum came blasting in on an incredible non-stop plane. For a while it looked like she would take it all. The finish was surprisingly close after three laps in shifty winds with strong puffs.

With no delay, the second race was started, this time two laps instead of three. With stronger gusts, the downwind legs separated the fleet. During the first downwind leg, Ben managed to jibe at the right moment and held his lead position. Andrew Parish was in close pursuit. Carroll did a safety jibe and screamed back into position. Keith was carried off course, unable to jibe due to the unrelenting wind. Most boats had their moments of excitement.

All through Saturday evening the Northwest wind continued to howl. By morning, most of the water had been blown out of the Bay and the air was considerable cooler. Having survived the previous day and with little evidence that the wind was abating, the general consensus was to stay ashore so that we could sail another day. That gave Ben Fransen with crew Ian Coleman the top honors and Keith Donald with crew Jim Pickering and Carroll McCallum with crew Jock Kohlhas tied for second.

The visiting teams were warmly welcomed with housing accommodations provided for all. The Miles River Yacht Club provided continental breakfast both Saturday and Sunday morning and Hors d’oeuvres after the racing Saturday. Sam Hopkins graciously invited all over for cocktails and dinner both Friday and Saturday evening. The Race Committee did an outstanding job of getting two races off in challenging conditions. The hospitality of MRYC is greatly appreciated. This event is a must for all Star sailors and we look forward to returning.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 Total
1 7713   Ben Fransen   Ian Coleman   7713   AN   1 1 2
2 Hope   Keith Donald   Jim Pickering   4125   AN   2 4 6
3 Ciao Bella   Carroll McCallum   Jock Kohlhas   7715   CLIS   3 3 6
4 Black Seal   Andrew Parish   Rich Hoff   8131   MES   6 2 8
5 Locus   Jim Ryan   Tim Paris   7585   MES   4 5 9
6 Mary Jane   Sam Hopkins   Adam Dolezal   7970   MES   5 6 11
7 Cover Girl   Karen Alt   Matt Joyce   7786   MES   DNF DNF 16

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