District 7  Regatta Report

Sat Jan 19th, 2013

Foto: Renata Grael

Foto: Renata Grael

69th Regata Darke de Mattos


Report by Lars Grael:
Thirteen boats and sensational sailing

The oldest continuous Brazilian Star regatta, Darke de Mattos, had its 69th edition on January 19.

13 boats participated, representing the DF (Admar Gonzaga 8391 / winner in 2010, with #8287 "Cule') and some illustrious champions of the past, including: Augusto Barrozo (South American Champion 2000) and Pedro Carvalho da Fonseca Bulhões, former Brazilian Star Champion. With the record for victories (13) in the race, there was John King.

We were treated to a rare southwest wind, which allowed the flotilla to finish the course in about 2 hours.

This was my second win in this race, sailing with Renato Moura on "Come Together / LIGHT". In second place was Daniel Wilcox with Fernando Island crewing on "Maxima Culpa". Completing the podium were Carlinhos Dohnert and Gustavo Kunze with #7777 "Xu".

The special award, "Chulipa Gold", was won by #7200 "Ninotchka" and Ballesté Fernando with Murillo Novaes. At the award ceremony, the traditional fish stew was served in the presence of the Commodore ICRJ and Family Darke de Mattos.

The Star class at Rio de Janeiro rests in February, but begins again in Sao Paulo and Brasilia in March.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 Total
1 Come Together   Lars Grael   Renato Moura   8392   Paranoa   1 1
2 Maxima Culpa   Daniel Wilcox   Fernando Ilha   8048   RdJ   2 2
3 Xu   Carlos DöHnert   Gustavo Kunze   7770   RdJ   3 3
4 Ninotchka   Francisco Bulhoes   Pedro Bulhões   7772   RdJ   4 4
5 Surfin Bird   Admar Gonzaga Neto   Alexandre Freitas   8391   Paranoa   5 5
6 Shao Lin   Sergio Goretkin   Renato Cruz   8039   RdJ   6 6
7 Vilao 2   Adriano Bastos   Karl Bastos   839   RdJ   7 7
8 Julieta   Luiz Beckman   Jorge Machado   8892   RdJ   8 8
9 S/ Nome   Fernando Balleste   Murillo Novaes   7772   RdJ   9 9
10 Nathalia   John King   Daniel Santiago   7590   RdJ   14-OCS 14
10 Vida Bandida   Guilherme Almeida   Thomas Bittar   8210   GuA   14-OCS 14
10 Miisca 2   Alessandro Pascolato   Henry Boening   8390   RdJ   14-OCS 14
10 Sol & Vento   Luiz Andre Reis   Augusto Barroso   8287   Paranoa   14-OCS 14

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