District 2  Regatta Report

Sat Sep 27th, 2014 through Sun Sep 28th, 2014

2014 MRYC Shuster Regatta


The Harold Shuster regatta was brought about by his widowed wife in memory of a genuine organizer. Harold was not the fasted sailor or had the best boat, but he always worked hard to maintain the fleet and motivated folks to come sail a star boat. He organized the fleet, managed the website and always came out to race.

For this Harold, we honor you.

What started out as a go right day, ended very differently as we all found very apparent, the left paid all day. The day started with a northerly 6-8, PRO Marshal Patterson set the weather mark in the mouth of Leads Creek with the start down off the south end of Rio Vista.

With a simple twice around windward/leeward course, the first race was won by Schuyler Benson followed by RJ Cooper and Jim Ryan, working the middle, but finding the left was giving and protected it.

For race two, with a pin favor, ebb current and the favoring left, Jim Ryan took the race with a clean air start, a hard left shift, and no right in the weather leg. With a mark change to the left on the second weather leg, getting caught under the pink castle shore proved death to the back of the pack, allowing Bob Flower to close the gap and hold for a third.

By race three, the wind had backed so far that the weather mark was in line with the R2 for Long Haul Cr. This provided a bit of wave work, as the fleet worked though the Saturday lunch crowd headed into St. Michaels for crabs. RJ Cooper drove left off the pin, through the anchored fleet off Parrot Pt, to come out of the harbor on the better side of the traffic and take the gun.

Since the SIs allowed a drop after 4 races, the RC tried and succeeded in a fourth race before the 3pm deadline. With a steady northerly now building, Aaron Serinis took the left middle and held a tight back and forth with RJ Cooper to edge him out for the win.

Ultimately RJ Cooper and Crew Brian Boyd, won their first Star regatta with a solid 2-[8]-1-2 score, for the 2014 Harold Shuster Memorial Regatta.

Many thanks to the Miles River YC, PRO Marshal Patterson and his RC team, MES and Tim Paris, and the sailors that enjoyed a great day on the water.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 4 Total
1 Gator   RJ Cooper   Brian Boyd   8024   ES   2 [8] 1 2 5
2 Bingo X   Jim Ryan   Wick Dudley   7970   MES   3 1 2 [11/DNS] 6
3 7741   Aaron Serinis   Tom Price   7741   AN   [7] 7 3 1 11
4 Hard Crab   Schuyler Benson   Andrew Parish   8067   ES   1 [9] 4 6 11
5 Lil' Buddy   Bob Flower   Don Elliott   7530   MES   5 3 6 [7] 14
6 Wish   Will Murdoch   Carl Lankhammer   7713   MES   [6] 5 5 4 14
7 Tim's Boat   Tim Godlee   Tim Paris   7585   MES   [9] 6 7 3 16
8 8045   Alan Campbell   Steve Rollo   8045   ES   4 2 [11/DNF] [11/DNS] 17
9 Maddie   Bob Bradford   Corbin Penwell   7072   MES   [8] 4 8 5 17
10 8264   Doug Schofield   Bob Schofield   8264   ES   [11/DNC] [11/DNC] [11/DNC] [11/DNC] 33

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