District 20  Regatta Report

Mon Mar 2nd, 2015 through Sat Mar 7th, 2015

Photo by Cory Silken.

Photo by Cory Silken.

2015 Bacardi Cup


Final results for six races

Bacardi Week Overview

Day One Highlights by Icarus Sailing Media

Report by Paul Cayard:

Race One: I am back in south Florida for more Star sailing. This time the legendary Bacardi Cup. This year is the 88th running of this event which started in 1927 in Havana.

57 boats are racing from more than 10 countries. The competition will be tough with the Grael brothers tom Brazil, local favorite Augie Diaz, double gold medalist Mark Reynolds, and a host of other great teams that all have a chance to win.

Today's first race finally got underway after two general recalls and the committee resorting to the black flag to keep the anxious competitors behind the line. The wind was 12 knots from the east and very shifty and puffy as it was coming right over Key Biscayne.

Brian and I had a good start but managed to work our way backwards in the fleet to round the first mark about 25th. The leader at that point, had had a horrible start, tacked behind everyone and went hard right. The second place boat at the first mark had gone hard left. Go figure.

It was a day of ups and downs as the wind was very fickle. One moment you thought you were real fast but it was just that you had a puff that others didn't. Same with the shifts.

As the race went on, Larry Whipple and Austin Sperry worked their way from third to first. Brian and I work our way from the 25th to 7th.

Ahead of us were some very good teams. Behind us there were some too. So we were pretty fortunate to get back to 7th.

This is a long regatta, 6 races, and each race is longer than what we have been racing down here this winter. So the tactics can be a bit different. You can really get a lot of separation, (we call it leverage) from the fleet which can pay off if you hit it right.

Tomorrow's forecast is for 15 knots from the east again. 80 degree temperatures are the norm here so don't feel sorry for us if you are somewhere in the upper east coast or midwest.

Race Two: Report by Sailing Scuttlebutt
Brazilians not named Grael lead Bacardi Cup

Icarus Sailing Media Day Two Highlights

Miami, FL (March 3, 2015)- A beautiful tropical day was on tap for the Star sailors competing in the 88th Bacardi Cup, with the 57 teams facing 14 knots out of the ESE on Biscayne Bay. The course for day two was set a bit farther away, 3 miles South of Dinner Key Channel, and the windward leg was stretched to 2.4 miles.

The Race Committee continued needing the black flag in today's race, which led to a successful start with only one boat called over, bow 37, Hubert Merkelbach and Gerrit Bartel (Ueberlingen, GER).

The first boats to make it to the weather mark were Torkel Borgstrom and Juan Pablo Engelhard (ARG), followed by Peter Vessella and Phil Trinter (USA), and Alexander Jorissen and Erik Veldhuizen (NED), respectively. Once the fleet reached the downwind gates it seemed that Vessella/ Trinter had fallen out of the top three, while Jorge Joao Zarif and Bruno Prada (BRA) moved up to third, eventually taking second and ultimately first place, passing Torkel Borgstrom and Juan Pablo Engelhard who led the entire day.

"We lost in the downwind leg," says Borgstrom. "Jorge and Bruno definitely had a better downwind by being more aggressive and sailing "Laser" style. When we found out, it was too late. In any case we rounded all marks in first and we had a great day." Jorge Joao Zarif, now the overall leader with a second yesterday and a first today, commented: "At the first weather mark we were 4th, we then passed 3 boats and we positioned ourselves in a good place for the win and we did it despite a problem we had with a block on the boom. We had a very good strategy today and our choice to go to the left was right on target. We now are first in the cumulative results and we will fight for every position without risking too much.

Brazilians named Grael top day at Bacardi Cup Day Three - March 4
It's hot, hot, hot in Miami for the third day of Star racing in the 88th Bacardi Cup. Great sailing conditions continue with wind out of the SE and blowing about 15 knots. After 2 postponements, caused by the pin boat's anchor dragging and a major wind shift, a general recall, and another postponement, the Stars finally got a start off at 12:46 p.m., with the Black Flag flying.

After a 2.4 mile upwind leg, it is Paul Cayard and Brian Terhaar (USA) in first, Alberto Zanetti and Brian Fatih (ARG) in second, and Torben S. Grael and Guilherme de Almeida (BRA) in third. But at the bottom gate it was Grael/ de Almeida in the lead, with brother Lars Grael and Samuel Gonšlaves (BRA) in second, and Cayard/ Terhaar in third. The only change at the second weather mark is Lars Grael swapping places with Paul Cayard, while Torben S. Grael still leads.

Grael/ de Almeida held onto their lead to finish 1st, followed by brother Grael/ Gonšlaves in 2nd and Augie Diaz and Arnis Baltins (USA) finishing 3rd.

"It's nice to see both brothers on top," admitted Lars Grael. "Torben had a very good race from the beginning excellent first downwind. So he took the lead with a good gap."

Grael/ de Almeida now puts them in 4th overall. "We had a good start and played the middle right; that worked okay," said Torben. "Once around the windward mark, a lot of people jibed, but we went straight and gained a good distance. On the second beat we played the shifts a little bit, it was a little unstable, then it went light at the end of the race, so the last run was a little shaky. I guess we had a little bit of a margin and were able to hold on. It's always difficult and fun to sail here. It's a very good place for sailing, the temperature couldn't be any better in the winter."

Grael/ Gonšlaves are now in 3rd overall. "We were fighting at the top of the fleet since the beginning, rounding the first mark in 4th, finishing downwind in 3rd," said Lars. "Then, we went left believing that it could be better, but it didn't pay that much. However, we were happy to round the mark still in 3rd. The last downwind there was big competition between ourselves, Augie Diaz, Paul Cayard and at the end we caught some good waves to finish second. So it's good for the overall standings. Now the gap is closer between the front boats and it is going to be a very good competition until the end."

Diaz/ Baltins are now in 5th overall. "We had great luck," admitted Augie. "Really on the first weather leg we were pretty fortunate because we didn't have such a great start and then we caught a couple of nice shifts and went left. Despite the fact that we over stood, again on the left side, it was so favored that on the approach we did really well on the Starboard boats. I had to duck a bunch of boats because there was a wall. That was actually a good thing because when those boats rounded the offset they stayed high and we were able to dive down with no one behind us and get left, which was key; We had a great first downwind leg. We had a pretty good second upwind and we were close to the 2nd and 3rd place boats. At one point we got into second, but we lost Lars coming into the finish."

Day Four - March 5
Today was another great day of sailing with a few passing clouds with winds out of the SE around 15 knots. Mark Pincus, Regatta Chairman, described today as "a chamber of commerce day; absolutely beautiful. It was every racing sailor's dream day. The weather was perfect, the wind was great, and the race committees did a great job."

Lars Grael and Samuel Gonšlaves win race 4 in the 56-boat Star fleet, followed in 2nd by Alessandro Pascolato and Henry Boening and in 3rd Jorge Joao Zarifand Bruno Prada. Overall we have Jorge Joao Zarif leading by one point over Lars Grael and by 9 points over Mark Reynolds.

In attempt to hold on to his lead for the next two races, Jorge Joao Zarif plans to "try to stay consistent and start well. I think our speed on the upwind is fine so if we have a good start and then see where the guys we are fighting against are, Lars, Mark, Torben, Augie, and try to stay close to them."

Day 5 March 6
After a general recall, the Stars started under a black flag with two Stars being called over, bow 21, Giovanni Coppo and Giovanni Bradanini (USA), along with bow 12, Terry Line and Larry Scott (CAN). Winning today's race is Arthur Anosov and Andrey Shafranuk (USA), followed by Alessandro Pascolato and Henry Boening (BRA) in 2nd and Douglas Schofield and Robert Schofield (USA) in 3rd.

Even with a tough race finishing 33rd, Jorge Joao Zarif and Bruno Prada (BRA) were able to hold onto their lead by 3 points. In 2nd overall, we have last year's Bacardi Cup winners, Lars Grael and Samuel Gonšlaves (BRA), followed by Mark Reynolds and Magnus Lilhedahl (USA), who are 7 points out of 1st.

Arthur Anosov comments on today's win saying, "We are very happy, this is the first time we have won a race in the Bacardi Cup after 15 years competing. It feels great, especially for my crew, who is sailing Stars for the first time. Today's conditions were light and shifty, and we tried not to tack too much, while sailing from pressure to pressure. Our objective for the event is to finish in the top 5 and to go to the BACARDI bar and celebrate the win."

Day Six March 7
The last day of racing for the 88th Bacardi Cup and the 6th BACARDI Miami Sailing Week Presented by EFG Bank brought us a little change in the weather with overcast skies and scattered showers. The wind also switched directions and was coming out of the NE between 10 and 15 knots.

In the 57-boat Star fleet competing for the prestigious Bacardi Cup, Lars Grael and Samuel Goncalves defended the title won in 2014. "Very good day," said a smiling Lars Grael. "Winning the Bacardi Cup twice in a row is a great achievement that only a few were able to accomplish". The last back-to-back repeat was in fact in 1994/1995 and 1999/2000 by Ross Macdonald. .

"It was tough till the end with four boats in contention," further explains Lars. "We had a good start by going right, rounded 2nd at the first mark, had a good downwind leg and protected position thereafter. We were calculating points all the time!". .

Second place for Jorge Zarif and Bruno Prada from Brazil (20 points, two behind the winners): "I could have won my first International championship, but after leading for four days we had to give up the lead," says Jorge Zarif. "Second is actually a great result if you think that in the top three spots we have 7 Olympic champions."

Third place for Mark Reynolds and Magnus Liljedahl (27 points): "Very happy to be in the top three," says Mark Reynolds. "I don't sail that much and haven't been sailing with Magnus either, but I guess it's like going back on a bicycle. The top two guys were hard to beat and I think they deserved a better result."

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 4 5 6 Total
1 Renata   Lars Grael   Samuel Gonšalves   BRA 8474   Par   4.0 10.0 2.0 1.0 12.0 1.0 18
2 Al Hamed   Jorge Joao Zarif   Bruno Prada   BRA 8391   Cop   2.0 1.0 8.0 3.0 33.0 6.0 20
3 Quantum   Mark Reynolds   Magnus Liljedahl   USA 8320   SDB   5.0 4.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 15.0 27
4 Miisca   Alessandro Pascolato   Henry Boening   BRA 8494   GuB   13.0 15.0 10.0 2.0 2.0 7.0 34
5 8465   Augie Diaz   Arnis Baltins   USA 8465   BisB   8.0 11.0 3.0 7.0 8.0 10.0 36
6 Vida Bandida   Torben S Grael   Guilherme De Almeida   BRA 8210   Gua   6.0 13.0 1.0 10.0 25.0 8.0 38
7 8445   Brian Cramer   Cam Lymburner   CAN 8143   WLOC   11.0 12.0 18.0 4.0 9.0 4.0 40
8 Akimbo   Brian Ledbetter   Josh Revkin   USA 8177   PS   10.0 8.0 13.0 8.0 13.0 2.0 41
9 Pawseidon   Peter Vessella   Phil Trinter   USA 8496   BisB   14.0 3.0 9.0 14.0 31.0 3.0 43
10 8000   Arthur Anosov   Andrey Shafranuk   USA 8000   SL   3.0 14.0 17.0 21.0 1.0 9.0 44
11 Marrackesh   Paul Cayard   Brian Terhaar   USA 8362   WSFB   7.0 23.0 4.0 12.0 23.0 13.0 59
12 8264   Douglas Schofield   Robert Schofield   USA 8264   AN   22.0 16.0 14.0 15.0 3.0 58.0 [DNF] 70
13 Lara   Hubert Merkelbach   Gerrit Bartel   GER 8331   UB   21.0 58.0 [BFD] 12.0 9.0 5.0 24.0 71
14 Arctur   Vasyl Gureyev   Vitalii Kushnir   UKR 8247   Ukr   17.0 6.0 30.0 16.0 29.0 5.0 73
15 Splash Zone   Alexander Jorissen   Erik Veldhuizen   NED 8263   Med   16.0 7.0 37.0 23.0 15.0 28.0 (DNE) 73
16 Stella   John Maccausland   Rick Peters   USA 8490   CR   29.0 17.0 7.0 11.0 24.0 19.0 78
17 8358   Benjamin Sternberg   Stuart MacIntosh   USA 7741   CLIS   9.0 27.0 40.0 20.0 4.0 21.0 81
18 8446   Tom Loefstedt   Jesper Sundman   SWE 8446   RS   32.0 9.0 21.0 5.0 36.0 16.0 83
19 Je suis Charlie   Thomas Londrigan Jr   Edward Morey   USA 8361   LS   20.0 20.0 11.0 28.0 11.0 58.0 [DNF] 90
20 Maricota   Admar Gonzaga   Alexandre De Freitas   BRA 8459   Par   24.0 22.0 22.0 22.0 35.0 11.0 101
21 Pied Piper National Marine   Jack Jennings   Mike Rehe   USA 8464   LS   18.0 19.0 23.0 17.0 58.0 [DNF] 29.0 106
22 8498   Alberto Zanetti   Brian Fatih   ARG 8278   OL   31.0 58.0 [DNF] 15.0 13.0 30.0 18.0 107
23 8466   Stuart Hebb   Mike Wolfs   CAN 8466   BisB   12.0 18.0 24.0 35.0 28.0 58.0 [DNS] 117
24 Barakablue   Larry Whipple   Austin Sperry   USA 8484   BisB   1.0 31.0 5.0 25.0 58.0 [DNS] 58.0 [DNS] 120
25 8246   Daniel Della Torre   Jorge   ARG 8430   OL   47.0 26.0 19.0 33.0 17.0 25.0 120
26 8205   Torkel Borgstrom   Juan Pablo Engelhard   ARG 8211   BA   23.0 2.0 20.0 18.0 42.0 58 (DNE) 121
27 8077   Jesse Fielding   William Gammell   USA 846   NB   15.0 24.0 26.0 29.0 27.0 34.0 121
28 Francesca   Lucio Boggi   Sergio Lambertenghi   ITA 8341   NG   30.0 5.0 32.0 26.0 58.0 [DNF] 30.0 123
29 Sol e Vento   Luiz Andre Reis   Marcelo Ferreira   BRA 8379   Par   26.0 25.0 49.0 27.0 21.0 28.0 127
30 Tesser   Mike Phinney   Mark Strube   USA 8410   SLE   28.0 37.0 16.0 24.0 32.0 31.0 131
31 Pichon Pichoni   Erich Mones   Diego Peisajovich   ARG 8285   BisB   34.0 28.0 31.0 41.0 7.0 44.0 141
32 7887   Christian Nehammer   Tobias Haring   AUT 8423   Att   44.0 41.0 36.0 19.0 34.0 14.0 144
33 Fram   Gautschi Christoph   Koenig Juerg   SUI 8409 M   Bod   38.0 30.0 27.0 39.0 19.0 32.0 146
34 Woloc   Terry Line   Larry Scott   CAN 7601   WLOC   19.0 47.0 33.0 31.0 58.0 [BFD] 17.0 147
35 Leporello   Daniel Wyss   Urs Joss   SUI 8329   ZU   37.0 34.0 39.0 45.0 22.0 22.0 154
36 Asterope   Raffaello Astorri   Alessandro Vongher   ITA 8402   Viar   25.0 29.0 28.0 37.0 40.0 35.0 154
37 8016   Hubert Rauch   Kilian Weise   GER 8416   And   50.0 48.0 29.0 42.0 14.0 26.0 159
38 Squalo Bianco VII   Lorenz Zimmermann   Edoardo Natucci   SUI 8482   LUV   39.0 33.0 25.0 36.0 47.0 27.0 160
39 Southern Star   Jerry Wendt   Isao Toyoma   CAN 8389   WLOC   36.0 21.0 48.0 43.0 39.0 23.0 162
40 Treachery   Jack Rickard   Sam Eadie   USA 8036   WH   27.0 36.0 35.0 40.0 26.0 43.0 164
41 Panzi   Renato Irrera   MANUELE LA PORTA   ITA 8180   Pal   51.0 35.0 34.0 30.0 49.0 33.0 181
42 8084   Robert Teitge   Richard Burgess   USA 8084   DR   46.0 44.0 38.0 47.0 10.0 58.0 [DNF] 185
43 Pursuit   Henning Voigt   Dirk Struve   GER 8130   Aac   45.0 32.0 50.0 34.0 45.0 39.0 195
44 Fast Forward   Luis Mosquera   Roberto Freire   BRA 8251   GuB   41.0 39.0 56.0 46.0 18.0 58.0 [DNF] 200
45 Shambles   Manfred Kanter   Anne Marie Willan   CAN 8094   ISOL   35.0 38.0 47.0 38.0 44.0 46.0 201
46 Vivi   Frederico Viegas   Renato Moura   BRA 8403   Par   58.0 [DNC] 54.0 43.0 52.0 20.0 38.0 207
47 High Octane   Lothar Geilen   Carlos Miquel   GER 8396   BisB   55.0 43.0 51.0 51.0 16.0 47.0 208
48 Chinnok   Frank Thurner   Michael Ziller   GER 8384   ZuW   33.0 50.0 46.0 54.0 43.0 36.0 208
49 YOYO   GUIDO FALCIOLA   Luca Paloschi   ITA 8158   FdAL   48.0 45.0 45.0 32.0 46.0 41.0 209
50 GER 7499   John H Helmsing   Marko A Hasche   GER 7499   HF   54.0 40.0 42.0 49.0 48.0 37.0 216
51 Diecidecimi   Giovanni Coppo   Giovanni Bradanini   ITA 8219   Man   43.0 46.0 41.0 44.0 58.0 [BFD] 42.0 216
52 NN   Klaus Meyer   Joerg Mueller   GER 8179   Brm   42.0 42.0 44.0 48.0 41.0 58.0 [DNF] 217
53 Sonya   John Chiarella   Bill Gottling   USA 8215   Sun   40.0 51.0 54.0 50.0 38.0 40.0 219
54 7306   Lou Roberts   Brian McSweeny   USA 7306   Mid   53.0 52.0 53.0 55.0 37.0 48.0 243
55 SPAX   Spencer McAllister   John Miller   USA 7828   MES   49.0 53.0 52.0 53.0 50.0 45.0 249
56 Brillo   Joe Zambella   Peter Costa   USA 8129   BH   52.0 49.0 55.0 56.0 51.0 58.0 [DNF] 263
57 Claude Bonanni   Claude Bonanni   Manolo Bunge   USA 8279   TaB   58.0 [DNC] 58.0 [DNC] 57.0 57.0 58.0 [DNC] 58.0 [DNC] 288

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