District 4  Regatta Report

Fri May 29th, 2015 through Sun May 31st, 2015

Photo credit: Element Photography

Photo credit: Element Photography

2015 Michigan State Championships / Bayview One Design


10 teams representing 5 different fleets made the trip to Crescent Sail Yacht Club to fight for the title of Michigan State Champion as part of the 2015 Bayview One Design Regatta. Saturday saw the sailors make their way out to the race course with moderate breeze and temperatures in the low 80's. Only two races were possible before being sent in due to a nasty storm front approaching from the West. Jack Jennings and crew ruled the day with a 1-2 after displaying an upwind gear that couldn't be matched by the others. On the second beat of Race 2, Bob Teitge and Mike Lorenz made huge gains on a tactical decision to sail inshore toward the approaching front and held their lead all the way through the finish. They finished second with a 4-1 followed by Mike Phinney and crew with a 3-3. It was a wild ride returning to harbor as the winds piped up and the clouds released a deluge of rain on the hearty souls. Upon return to the club for Day Two of racing, the teams were met with wind, waves and more rain with the air temperature dropping 30 degrees to a balmy 51F. RC made the call right off the bat to abandon racing as there was nothing in the forecast that indicated the weather would subside. The results from Day One would stand with Jennings and crew being crowned champions. Many thanks to all those who attended. It was a memorable event as it has always been in the past.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 Total
1 Pied Piper/National Marine   Jack Jennings     USA 8464   LS   1.0 2.0 3
2 8084   Robert Teitge     USA 8084   DR   4.0 1.0 5
3 Tesser   Mike Phinney     USA 8217   SLE   3.0 3.0 6
4 Compulsion   Terry Gibney     USA 7894   DR   2.0 5.0 7
5 Bravado   Neal Turluck     USA 466   PPL   6.0 4.0 10
6 Cuba Bat   Gene Mccarthy     USA 7670   PPL   7.0 6.0 13
7 Kidder   Raymond Peters     USA 7851   SLE   5.0 9.0 14
8 6730   George Macon     6730   DR   8.0 7.0 15
9 Splash II   Jeff Phillips     USA 6962   PPL   9.0 8.0 17
10 Stella Maris   Richard Rundle     USA 7078   ChiH   10.0 12.0 [DNC] 22
11 Sam   Victor Sergent     ARG 7296   SLE   12.0 [DNC] 12.0 [DNC] 24

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