District 2  Regatta Report

Sat Aug 13th, 2016 through Sun Aug 14th, 2016

Future Star sailors!

Future Star sailors!

2016 TAYC Lipton Cup


What an atypical Summer Chesapeake Bay weekend! We had perfect SW’erly 12-15kt conditions Saturday for the sailing of the 82nd Oxford Regatta at Tred Avon Yacht Club. While the heat index was well over 110 degrees, we had 13 stars show up and sail with the other 725 sailors at Oxford Regatta. Covering up and lots of water was the survival mode of the day. Drink lots of water. This year, the Oxford Regatta and the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup trophy were sailed in conjunction with the 2016 District 2 Blue Star. There was one boat from out of District sailing with us, but they were not counted for the Blue Star award. This is against class rules, but in light of lower entry numbers for the regattas, many districts are electing to do this to boost attendance. As a Blue Event, everyone weighed in and Format C was followed. Richard Lippincott and crew got in 3 good races on Saturday, but the great weather was short lived. Arthur Anosov showed the D2 sailors how its done, with a 1,1,2 Saturday. Of the D2 sailors fighting for the Blue Star, Mike Hecky and Arnis Baltins lead after Saturday with Kevin McNeil/Will van-Cleef and Tim Paris/Jim Ryan tied for Second and Schuyler Benson/Andrew Parish leaving the course Saturday one point back in fourth. Sunday’s sunrise brought a fading backing Westerly. Richard and crew got off a start, but after deeming it no good for a District race due the first leg time expiration, let it go for a Lipton Cup Trophy series score. In the end, the Sunday’s race didn’t change the outcome for either scoring series. Congratulations to Mike Hecky and Arnis Baltins for winning the Blue Star Championship and Arthur Anosov and Dave Caesar for winning the 95th edition of the Sir Thomas Lipton Cup.

Sunday’s awards ceremonies at Chip and Sally Akridge’s Harliegh property are second to none on the East Coast! Coat/ties and dress required, 40’ table of trophies dating back to the 1920’s and 30’s, sailors as young as Opti Green fleet to senior Penguin sailors, ladies and hats, and an open bar. 12 fleets raced over the two day Oxford Regatta, over 750 sailors, 7 race circles, and all from a club of 400 members. Many thanks to Tred Avon Yacht Club and Eastern Shore Star fleet for hosting a great regatta and it is an event to add to your bucket list. See you next year!

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 3 4 Total
1 8000   Anosov   Caesar   8000   SL   1 1 2 1 5
2 Big Jim   Hecky   Baltis   8395   CR   4 2 1 10 17
3 CareBear   Mcneil   Van-Cleef   8408   AN   2 5 7 4 18
4 Hard Crab   Benson   Parish   8067   ES   3 4 8 3 18
5 Tim's Boat   Paris   Ryan   7585   MES   5 6 3 9 23
6 Lucky   Campbell   Foster   8045   ES   7 3 9 6 25
7 Serenity   Oldak   Noel   8143   AN   8 7 6 5 26
8 Bop   Price   Price   7313   CB   9 13 4 8 34
9 RePear!   Lippincott   Zuschnitt   8059   ES   13 12 10 2 37
10 8246   Zwingelberg     8246   AN   12 9 5 11 37
11 Neva Jo   Leigh   Joyce   7996   CB   11 8 12 7 38
12 Grinch   Collins     8063   AN   6 10 11 16/DNC 53
13 Nice Blue   Beigel   Beigel   7425   AN   10 11 16/DNF 16/DNC 53
14 Gator   Cooper     8024   ES   16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 64
14 Turn It Up   Kling     8131   AN   16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 16/DNC 64

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