2003 Semana de Buenos Aires
Sat Oct 18th 2003 through Sun Oct 26th 2003
District 18

Host Club


Yacht Club Argentino
Viamonte y Costanera Sur
Darsena Norte, Buenos Aires , 1107

(54-11) 4314-0505

Regatta Chairman



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Comments: The Semana de Buenos Aires awards points for the Official ISAF Ranking for Olympic Classes.

Participating Classes: Optimist Skippers, Optimist Begginers, Cadet, 29er, 470, 420, Laser Standard, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7, Europe, Snipe, Soling, J/24, Star, Lightning, Grumete, Match 30, Mystic 235.

Notice of Race
1. RULES: The Semana de Buenos Aires will be governed by:
1.1. The ISAF Racing Rules of Sailing (RRS) 2001-2004.
1.2. The Prescriptions of the Argentine ISAF National Authority (FAY) will not apply.
1.3. For Argentine crews who’s races are qualifiers and/or Argentine Championships, the regulations for Competition Organisation and Subsidies Designations will apply.
1.4. The rules of the following International Classes: Optimist, Cadet, Laser, Snipe, 470, 420, Europe, 29er, Star, Soling, J/24 and Lightning; and National Classes Grumete, Match 30 and Mystic 200/235.
1.5. The Regatta is designated Category ”A” or "C" according to the rules of each participating Class. According to Appendix 1, rule 20.3. all boats may be required to carry identification numbers and event sponsor’s publicity. Competitors may be required to wear bibs supplied by the Organising Authority.
1.6. Fundamental rule 4 Decision to race will be in effect. (The responsibility for a boat’s decision to participate in a race or to continue racing is hers alone)
1.7. Modification of rule 44.2 (RRS): For Class 29er one 360º turn will be required instead of 720º turns.
1.8. The Sailing Instructions, the amendment notices and this Notice of Race.

2. ORGANIZER: the Yacht Club Argentino

3. VENUE: Yacht Club Argentino, Dársena Norte. All boats shall stay at the venue of the Championship from the first day of scheduled races for the Class, until the end of protest presentation period on the last racing day of the event.

4.1 Off Buenos Aires Harbour, on the following courses:
4.1.1 Optimist Beginners and Cadet, course: French Trapezoid – French Trapezoid, Inner Loop or Windward – Leeward course.
4.1.2 Optimist, course: French Trapezoid - Windward – Leeward. When Optimist Class participants surpass 80 boats, the fleet may be divided in series.)
4.1.3 29er, 470, Snipe, 420, Laser, Europe, Laser Radial, Laser 4.7; Inner–Outer Trapezoid course or Windward – Leeward course.
4.1.3 Soling, Lightning, Star, Match 30, J/24, Mystic 235, Windward – leeward course.
The distribution of Classes and racing areas will be announced in the IR.

5.1 Saturday, 18/10/03
10.30hs. Competitors and trainers meeting
13.00hs. Races
20.00hs. Welcome barbecue for competitors
5.2 Sunday, 19/10/03
13.00hs. Races
5.3 Saturday, 25/10/03
13.00hs Races
5.4. Sunday, 26/10/03
12.00hs. Races
18.00hs Prize giving Party
On Sunday, October 26 no more than two races will be started, and no Warning Signal shall be made after 4 p.m.

The races scheduled are 10, except for the 29er class, where 12 are scheduled. The Race Committee may start up to three races per day. The starting time for each Class will be established in the Sailing Instructions.

7.1 Entry forms together with their corresponding payment will be received in the Yachting Office at the Dársena Norte headquarters of the Yacht Club Argentino until 1700 hs on Sunday 12. After this deadline entry forms will be accepted with a 50% charge, until 10 00 hs on Saturday 18, as established in appendix 7.4 of this notice of race.
7.2. Within the terms and conditions established in 7.1, entry forms can also be completed through our web site or by Fax.
7.3. Pay Terms and Conditions:
7.3 By Credit card via Telephone (payments made from Argentina and abroad)
7.4. Deposit or transfer in Argentina to HSBC account (cuenta corriente) nº 094000274-8. Once this is done the corresponding fax containing the receipt together with the skipper’s details must be sent.
7.5. International Transfer: Wachovia Bank NA International Branch, New York – Swift Code PNBPUS3NNYC- ABA 0509FED 026005092 – ACCOUNT NAME “ BANCO DE GALICIA Y BUENOS AIRES” Swift Code GABAARBA – Account Nº 2000192261221 – IFO (campo 59) Yacht Club Argentino – Account Nº 26873/8/999/5 – (campo 70) Concepto inscripción Semana de BA. – Skipper’s name. All transfers must be in US dollars.
7.6. The receipt of all deposits and bank transfers must be faxed together with the corresponding name of the skipper who makes the payment.
7.7. Fees
- 35 pesos / U$S 13 for Optimist, Laser, Europe.
- 45 pesos / U$S 16 for Snipe, Cadet, 420, 470, 29er.
- 50 pesos / U$S 18 for Soling, Lightning, Star, Grumete.
- 60 pesos / U$S 22 for Match 30, J/24, and Mystic 235
7.8. Team Leaders, Instructors and delegates must register by completing the corresponding form, available on the club’s website, where they must also register their fleet’s supporting crafts. The registration’s deadline is the same as for entry forms presentation and is free of charge.
7.9. After this date, there will be no refunds. Prior to this date having previously deducted a 50% for administrative expenses, and according to the Organisation’s Authority criteria, a refund can be considered.

7.10 A minimum of five boats must be entered in a class to validate the regatta for that class .

7.11. Participants shall comply with the ISAF Eligibility Code, RRS Appendix 2.

7.12 Boats shall hold a valid certificate and be in good standing with their annual class fee.

7.13. For those who haven’t yet carried it out for 2003, a responsibility waiver for anyone under 21 years of age, signed by their parent or tutor and certified by a competent authority must be sent. The corresponding form is published on the club’s website, together with the information about this championship. www.yca.org.ar

8. SAILING INSTRUCTIONS: Will be available upon entry.

9.1 The Low Point System, rule A4, RRS Appendix A, will be used.
9.2 The Championship will be valid with all the races sailed until Sunday 26. There will be one discard if six to eight races are sailed and two discards with nine or more races sailed.
9.3 The Argentine Championships will be valid with five races completed.

10. MINIMUM WIND: No races will be started with winds under 6 knots for centreboards classes, except Lightning.

11. PRIZES: Prize giving will be held at the Dársena Norte headquarters, once the last race of the Championship is over.

12.1 Each class will be assigned a specific area on land for the boats to be kept for the duration of the Championship.
12.2 Match 30, Grumete and Mystic 235 Class boats will have berths in the yacht harbour and they will be allowed to clean their hulls for the following weekend of races. Hull cleaning will be done on the previous Thursday and Friday; turns will be given by drawing lots. Soling, Star, J/24 and Lightning boats will be allowed to haule out after the last race each day.

13. ACCOMODATION: The organisers will provide free accommodation for crews from foreign countries and Argentine provinces. Vacancies are limited and will be booked upon request by competitors. Participants must bring bedclothes or sleeping bags.

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