2005 World Championship - final
Sat Feb 12th 2005 through Fri Feb 18th 2005

Host Club


Club Nautico Olivos
Juan Bautista Alberdi y Rio de la Plata
Olivos Buenos Aires, 1636

(5411) 4799-8788

Regatta Chairman

Eduardo Homps



Carolina Freitag carolina@starclass.com.ar

Helpful Links

Regatta website http://www.starworld2005.com/
Regatta inquiries - Memo Calegari mailto:guillermo.calegari@starclass.com.ar
Invitation to Race http://starcham.nextmp.net/classic/artman/publish/article_137.shtml

Comments: The Notice of Race and Entry Form are available.

For the 2005 Worlds in Buenos Aires, we are trying to find out how many boats are coming by container ship. This will allow us to help with getting boats through customs. Would participants please email me or Carolina to tell us how and when your boats are coming?

This information would help us greatly with the logistics.

Thank you
Fernanda Sesto StarClass Argentina

fernanda@starclass.com.ar?subject=Boat coming by container
(5411) 4794-7799

Entry deadline: 13 January 2005

Measurement: February 9,10 and 11
Races:Feb 12 - 1st; Feb 13 - 2nd; Feb 14 - 3rd; Feb 15 - 4th; Feb 16 - Lay Day; Feb 17 - 5th; Feb 18 - 6th; Feb 19 and 20 - Reserve days.


Peter Erzberger would like to share container space Hamburg-Buenos Aires-Hamburg. Please get in contact with SUI 7717 at peterzberger@bluewin.ch

ISCYRA Central Office
2812 Canon Street
San Diego, California 92106 USA
Phone: +1 619 222 0252
Fax: +1 619 222 0528
SKYPE: star.class.office

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