District 20  Regatta Report

Sat Feb 11th, 2006 through Sun Feb 12th, 2006

First day leaders John Dane and Austin Sperry, photo by Dan Nerney. Rolex MOCR

First day leaders John Dane and Austin Sperry, photo by Dan Nerney. Rolex MOCR

Zag Masters Regatta


Regatta photos by Jan Walker at RegattaActiveImages.com.

Report by Harry Walker
The Zag, as it has been called for a couple of years honoring the memory of Miami Star sailor Frank Zagarino, was sailed out of the Coral Reef Yacht Club on the 11th and 12th of February. Forty-three boats registered and sailed with a great contingent from outside of the United States, thereby adding a true international flavor to what had started as a 7 boat regatta 22 years ago when first dreamed up and proposed by Frank Zagarino. This year not 7 boats but 7 nations were represented headed by last year’s Masters Champion Thomas Miller with Marc Pickel up front from Germany. Tomasz Holc of Poland made his first appearance in this regatta and was crewed by fellow countryman and Olympic medalist Dominik Kusznierewicz.

Interestingly there were a number of family units. Fathers and sons included the Danes, Londrigans, Sperrys, Adams, and Richardsons.

The format was to be two races on Saturday and one Sunday. Reliable Rich Raymond, PRO, and the excellent Coral Reef Race committee got us out to the racing area on time in about 5-6 miles of breeze and then had to postpone while the breeze went to the south before settling in.

After 2 tries at starts that had to be postponed in the last seconds due to wind shifts, Rich finally got us off under a black flag. The majority of the fleet went off on port with only a few hanging it out to the right. As the fleet got to the first mark it turned out that neither side had a big advantage. Walker, coming in on port, got hung up at the windward mark and was passed by a flock as he did his 360 shortly thereafter.

On the downwind leg in a slowly building breeze another boat was observed doing turns for an infraction but otherwise the fleet was widely spaced and the right side seemed faster.

The final upwind leg was taken by Canada's Brian Cramer with IGC Chairman Rick Burgess crewing. Magnus Liljedahl, Olympic Gold Medal Crew, sailing with Karl Anderson, skippered the second finisher. Must just be talent. John Dane III / John Dane, a super fast family, were third.

The breeze had come up to 12-14 by the start of the second race. Tomasz Holc of Poland lost a jib halyard and that put an end to his day. PRO Raymond got this race off under the ZED flag, something that seems to be gaining in popularity in Miami. It was faster than race one and very close on the first lap.

Again there did not seem to be a favored side on this course 4 and boat speed, particularly downwind with the waves that had built up, was the name of the game. John Dane took first with the Hicks brothers from England second. Brian Cramer was third and last years American Yachtsman of the Year Augie Diaz with Olympic hopeful Mark Strube up front came fourth.

At the dinner which was hosted by Coral Reef YC the most amazed team were Walker with perennial champion Mark Reynolds crewing who found themselves in 6th overall. It was a great dinner with Chris Rogers winning the ice-cream eating championship. After supper LouAnn Zagarino did a replay of the great color slide show that was presented at Frank’s memorial service depicting his life.

Sunday morning a strong front moved through at 4 AM and the winds had increased to 25 – 28 mph and the temperature had dropped about 35 degrees to a very chilly 43. We all sat around eating breakfast, drinking coffee, and wondering if Rich would send us out. After an hours shore postponement the PRO cancelled for the day to the cheers of the assembled sailors. Rigs were taken down by those going to Fort Meyers for the Royal Palm Regatta and all else tidied up. Trophies were presented in the lobby of the Yacht Club. The Masters’ winner was John Dane III with his son John crewing. Runner-up went to Cramer and Burgess and third place to Magnus and Karl Anderson. The Grand Masters Championship was won by 85 year old Harry Walker and Mark Reynolds, with the runners up being Brooks and Austin Sperry. John Vanderhoff and Angelo Buscemi took third place. Exalted Grand Master winner was veteran Tony Herman with Scott Monroe, with Jack Button/Bear Hovey from Milford Fleet taking 2nd. Dr. Emil Karlovsky and Chris Rogers were 3rd (Emil is 90), although maybe he should be in his own category. Londrigans won the Family trophy. Again we were sorry not to get in the third race but all applauded and thanked the Race Committee and the Club for another great Masters. Old Zag would have loved it!

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 Total
1 M   John Dane III   John Dane   8230   MoB   3.0 1.0 4
2 M   Brian Cramer   Rick Burgess   8143   LOC   1.0 3.0 4.0001
3 M   Magnus Liljedahl   Karl Anderson   8177   BisB   2.0 6.0 8
4 M   Steven Kelly   William Holowesko   8236   N   7.0 5.0 12
5 M   Augie Diaz   Phil Trinter   8045   BisB   11.0 4.0 15
6 EGM   Harry Walker   Mark Reynolds   8000   BisB   9.0 12.0 21
7 M   Michael Hicks   Patrick Hicks   7601     23.0 2.0 25
8 GM   Brooks Sperry   Austin Sperry   8065   WSFB   8.0 19.0 27
9 M   Larry Whipple   Mark Strube   8235   PS   14.0 14.0 28
10 GM   John Vanderhoff   Angelo Buscemi   8038   NCB   19.0 11.0 30
11 M   Tom Nabney   Bill Culberson   8128     4.0 27.0 31
12 GM   Bill Mauk   Brad Nichol   8156     22.0 9.0 31.0001
13 M   Paul Erickson   Ingo Borkowski   823   WSFB   15.0 16.0 31.0002
14 M   Greg Smith   TC Belco   8012   GL   6.0 26.0 32
15 M   Stefan Lehnert   Peter Menning   7450   Brm   18.0 15.0 33
16 EGM   Tony Hermann   Scott Monroe   17995     17.0 17.0 34
17 M   Doug Smith   Mike Moore   8072   SBC   5.0 30.0 35
18 GM   John Sherwood   Bert Collins   8063   AN   13.0 22.0 35.0001
19 M   Thomas Miller   Marc Pickel   8213     29.0 7.0 36
20 GM   Karl Von Schwarz   Bob Scholfield   7934   AN   16.0 25.0 41
21 GM   Tom Londrigan   Joe Londrigan   8077   LS   21.0 20.0 41.0001
22 EGM   Jack Button   Bear Hovey   7763   Mid   24.0 18.0 42
23 GM   Steve Haarstick   Todd Schumacher   7369   Sen   31.0 13.0 44
24 M   Nelson Stephenson   Brian Wood   8218   CLIS   20.0 24.0 44.0001
25 M   Jock Kohlhas   Mark Dolan   8043   BisB   35.0 10.0 45
26 GM   Tom Adams   Ross Adams   7515   WH   12.0 37.0 [ZFP] 49
27 M   Roger Sharp   Brian Sharp   8153     44.0 [BFD] 8.0 52
28 M   Matt Patterson   Arthur Anosov   8024     10.0 44.0 [OCS] 54
29 M   Ralf Schade   Klaus Meyer   7863   Brm   33.0 21.0 54.0001
30 GM   John Chiarella   Bob Carlson   8083   Sun   25.0 34.0 59
31 GM   De Lavillehuchet   Brian Fatih   8068   Mid   37.0 23.0 60
32 EGM   Emil Karlovsky   Chris Rogers   7554   Mid   30.0 35.0 65
33 M   Bob Westcott   Larry Scott   7988   SL   34.0 31.0 65.0001
34 M   Jay Tyson   Ian Clough   7521     39.5 [Tie, MAN, 39.5] 29.0 68.5
35 GM   Davis Buckley   Aaron Serinis   7567   An   32.0 37.0 69
36 M   Tomasz Holc   Dominik Kusznierewicz   8170   Isol   26.0 44.0 [DNF] 70
37 M   Jose Oti   Henry May   7636     27.0 44.0 [DNF] 71
38 EGM   John Richardson   Jay Richardson   7202   MES   39.5 [Tie, MAN, 39.5] 32.0 71.5
39 M   Jim Babel   Bill Hawk   8175   GL   28.0 44.0 [OCS] 72
40 GM   William Joyce   Matt Freeman   7802   WLM   36.0 36.0 72.0001
41 M   Scott Pirie   Rick Rundle   7078     42.0 33.0 75
42 GM   John Foster   John Hamber   8069   Isol   41.0 38.0 79
43 GM   Charles Kohlerman III     7964   NCB   40.0 39.0 79.0001

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