District 2  Regatta Report

Sat Aug 12th, 2006 through Sun Aug 13th, 2006

Winners at the 80th Lipton Cup

Winners at the 80th Lipton Cup

80th Lipton Cup


Report by Rick Burgess:

This past week-end I had the pleasure of sailing with John MacCausland in the 75th running of the Lipton Cup sailed out of the Tred Avon Yacht Club, in Oxford, Maryland. The regatta was sailed as part of a multi-class regatta.

On Friday 77 cruising boats started at Annapolis Yacht Club and raced across the Chesapeake Bay to TAYC. The other thing that one cannot overlook is the Log Canoes that are being towed into the club. If you have not had the pleasure of seeing these wonderful sailing machines from the turn of the century than all I can say itís your loss.

On Saturday we launched and sailed out the Tred Avon river (where all of the other classes raced) into the Choptank area of the Chesapeake. The weather was nothing short of spectacular for a fall day in Maryland, oh wait a minute itís August and itís not supposed to be in the high 60s to mid 70s.

The wind was light from the west/northwest around 8 to 12 mph. In these conditions the boats all seem to go about the same speed so playing the shifts is very important. At the end of day one we were able to take advantage of a couple of breaks and won both races, with Bob Oberg in 2nd and Aaron Serinis and Tom Price tied for 3rd.

Rick Burgess and John MacCausland
Saturday night the club put on a very nice dinner and then had a live band for the enjoyment of all the sailors.

Sunday morning came and again a beautiful day, not a cloud in the sky and in the low 70s, and nice north east breeze of 8 to 10. Out we sailed and noticed as the morning wore on the breeze started to fade. The Race Committee was ready and after a short delay started us. John and I caught a couple of breaks and were able to lead at the weather mark but the wind was now all but shut off and to make matters worse the current was running directly downwind. So here we are with the current pushing us directly downwind to leeward mark and the rest of the fleet unable to make any headway. As we found out later some of the boats used their anchors to keep their position. Well the committee saw what was happening and made the very popular decision to call it off.

OK so now you think itís going to be a bunch of sailors still in some form of causal attire waiting to get the awards over with. NO no not at the Oxford Summer Regatta. All the sailors and friends of the regatta were invited to the Harleigh estate of Sally and Chip Akridge.

Where we were treated to a fantastic cocktail and buffet party. Oh, did I mention that all the men, young and old were required, out of respect to our hosts, to wear jacket and tie? Itís nice to see the group of 400+ people all decked out. Of course the ladies took this opportunity to get decked out as well.

John and I were awarded the Lipton Trophy which was given to the club in 1927 by Sir Thomas Lipton.

So there you have it, one of my longest reports, so next year check your calendar, throw your blazer and tie in the car and make this wonderful regatta.

Place Boat Skipper Crew Sail #: Fleet 1 2 Total
1 8195   John Maccausland   Rick Burgess   8195   CR   1.0 1.0 2
2 8131   Bob Oberg   Mark Oberg   8131   AN   4.0 2.0 6
3 7444   Aaron Serinis   John Avis   7444   MES   2.0 5.0 7
4 7313   Tom Price   Bob Greenlee   7313   CB   3.0 4.0 7.0001
5 8063   Bert Collins   Brent Ostbye   8063   AN   6.0 6.0 12
6 7786   Karen Alt   Tim Godlee   7786   MES   11.0 3.0 14
7 7530   Bob Flower   Chris Hardin   7530   MES   5.0 9.0 14.0001
8 7785   Chuck Wiley   Chuck's Friend   7785   MES   8.0 7.0 15
9 7939   Elliott Oldak   Mike Walsh   7939   AN   9.0 10.0 19
10 7460   Steve Kling   Mark Bryfogle   7460   AN   7.0 13.0 20
11 7970   Sam Hopkins   Chris Brown   7970   AN   12.0 8.0 20.0001
12 7568   Donald Elliott   Doug Campbell   7568   MES   10.0 12.0 22
13 7814   Keith Donald   Guy Connelly   7814   AN   13.0 11.0 24
14 6255   Christopher Klabe   Peter Klabe   6255   CR   14.0 14.0 28

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