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Star Class News

January 2006 News

Changes to the Specifications of the Starboat Hull

Technical - Author: Hannes Gubler - January 09, 2006
Following the passed Resolution #16-2005 the wording of the Specification concerning the Sheer in the official Drawing Nr.1 - LINES AND LIMITATIONS is amended as follows:

November 2005 News

Thoughts on Boat Renovation

Technical - Author: Bill Buchan - November 25, 2005
This guide to buying an older Star and making it competitive is a result of a project which I took on in 2004. With the recent increase in interest in renovating older Stars I thought the various considerations involved in finding...

May 2005 News

Announcement from the TAB - Interpretations to Specifications

Technical - Author: Hannes Gubler, Chairman, Technical Advisory Board - May 02, 2005
The Technical Advisory Board has decided on the following interpretations to the following Specifications:

December 2004 News

Star Class Weight Chart

Technical - Author: Bill Allen, ISCYRA President - December 21, 2004
Effective January 1, 2005  IN KILOGRAMS - OFFICIAL MEASURE - Rule 31  Official Formula is: Crew Weight = (100 - Skippers Weight) / 1.5) + 100  Conversion Formula is: Crew Weight = ((220 - Skippers Weight) / 1.5 ) + ...

September 2004 News

New Measurers for the Star Class

Technical - Author: Technical Advisory Board - September 27, 2004
On the 6th and 7th of August 2004, we organized a seminar for measurers at the boatyard of Leonhard Mader at Waging in Southern Germany.

February 2004 News

Lifting Rudders Outlawed

Technical - Author: Hannes Gubler, Chairman, Technical Advisory Board - February 10, 2004
On 5 December 2003, the Class Management Committee and the International Governing Committee discussed the legality of the lifting rudders on some of the recently built Star Boats. The Technical Advisory Board members stated that ...

July 2003 News

History of Mader Star Boats

Technical - Author: John MacCausland - July 28, 2003
The history of Mader Star Boats began when the Tempest was dropped from the Olympic program and the Star Boat was added in the fall of 1976. Leonhard Mader, Sr. with the help of Eckart Wagner contacted Bill Buchan. At that time Bu...

April 2003 News

Crew and Helm Communications Upwind

Technical - Author: Mark Reynolds - April 29, 2003
I was asked the other day how much verbal help the crew can give the skipper in the Star upwind. The mix between boat speed and tactical help can vary depending on conditions, crew experience and just personal preference. A crew v...

Update on the Star Class from Seahorse Magazine

Technical - Author: Steve Mitchell, 2002 Star World Champion - April 22, 2003
The Star, as one of the oldest one-design classes and as one that thrives and prospers under its Olympic status, has always been at the forefront of new ideas. The class rules have evolved over the years to embrace GRP technology,...

Powering Up

Technical - Author: Mark Reynolds - April 16, 2003
Based on the positive response on the article on depowering, this month I was asked to discuss powering up. Questions like "How do you keep that crew over the side as long as possible in lighter conditions?" and " When it's&nb...

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