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Star Class News: Technical

Reply to Scuttlebutt on Demise of Fleet Racing

Technical | - Author: Larry Whipple - October 07, 2016
I am responding to the article regarding the demise of fleet racing (#4682).To start, I am a star boat sailor of 51 years. The class was started in 1911 and organized in 1922. I have sailed 24 world championships in the class...

Review of Electronic Equipment

Technical | - Author: Brian Cramer, TAB Chairman - September 27, 2016
The TAB has been asked to review different types of electronic equipment being considered for use in Star Class racing and their compliance with the new rule 31.2.6. Part of this review is to incorporate the physical capabilities ...

Technical Advisory Board Decision on Velocitek SHIFT

Technical | - Author: Brian Cramer, Chair TAB - December 24, 2014
The Technical Committee has been asked by members to review a new product by Velocitek called the SHIFT and make a decision on its compliance with Star Class rule 31.2.6. This new Velocitek device is not a GPS and does indica...

Clarification on Starclass World Championship rules, STCR 29

Technical | - Author: Judiciary Board - February 24, 2014
The IGC is considering the qualifications for a World Championship to be Log Plus 2. The example is a fleet that has only 5 Active Paid boats. Under the STCR 29.1 this fleet would have no qualifiers to the World Championship....

Minimum Jib Sailcloth Weight

Technical | - Author: Brian Cramer, Chair Technical Advisory Board - February 14, 2014
All Star Class members have the yearly opportunity to present new rules, explain their importance and vote them into our rulebook. The year 2013 was special as a number of initiatives came from the Long Range Planning Committ...

New America’s Cup Imperils Sailors Pursuing Speed

Technical | - Author: Aaron Kuriloff, Bloomberg Businessweek - September 12, 2013
On the morning of May 9, Andrew Simpson reported to work at a former seaplane base in Alameda, California, for his job trying to win the America’s Cup. The 36-year-old professional sailor arrived around 7:30 to join tea...

Seahorse Magazine: Article on Stars with Bill Buchan

Technical | - Author: Bill Buchan - September 21, 2009

Image of the Star Class

Technical | - Author: John Chiarella, International Secretary - June 29, 2009
The Star Class has been and is the leader in one design and competitive sailing. Most of all of us know the many sailors personally or by name that have risen to the very top of the sport of sailing. With this history come the res...

Seahorse Magazine article: “Upping the Stakes”

Technical | - Author: Lynn Fitzpatrick for Seahorse Magazine - June 11, 2009
Iain Percy's Mader-built Juan K design wasn't the only new and exotic Star boat in Qingdao last year... there was also, of course, the shadowy and then still slightly mythical P Star from Marc Pickel's German programme...

TAB Decision on Velocitek Device

Technical | - Author: John Koopman - February 27, 2009
The TAB has determined that the Velocitek navigation device does not fit the definition of a 'Timer and Compass' as defined in the Class rules (31.2.6). The device is a GPS which provides the direction of travel rathe...

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