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2019 Star Junior World Championship

February 3 - 6, 2019



Coral Reef Yacht Club    
Miami, Florida, USA USA


Contact : Larry Whipple


Author: Rachele Vitello - February 28, 2019

It’s Miami, it’s Biscayne Bay and it’s the Star Class. A big fleet of Star boats is racing on the blue ocean waters with 10 knots of breeze: it doesn’t get much better than this and it is easy to understand why so many sailors got hooked to Star sailing when events are organized in the South of Florida in winter time.

This is what the International Star Class Legacy Foundation board thought when, about one year ago, started thinking and molding the event they believe will keep one of the oldest sport association shining bright for many years to come, the Under 30 World Championship.


The Legacy Foundation was created in 2016 by a group of Star passionate who were worried about the future of their beloved boat and class. Born in 1911 by a genius American designer, the Star is among the oldest boat still holding very participated regattas, because it is still one of the most versatile, technical and challenging boat ever built. It was represented at 18 Olympic Games for 80 years, it went from the age of real traditional regattas in the Thirties and Forties to the technological era of the fast boats at the London Games in 2012. That was the last time the class was to the Olympics, and then is when the Star Class started noticing a decrease in membership and an increase of age of members.

And if it is without doubts great to see how the Star boat is ‘sailable’ for life, to keep the one century long tradition alive and kicking somebody had to turn hopes into action.


It was then that the International Star Legacy Foundation was born with a triumvirate leading and many fans to follow. Larry Whipple from the USA, Alberto Zanetti from Argentina and Hubert Merkelbach from Germany (then substituted by fellow German Frithjof Kleen when elected Star Class President) represent the founding trio who started recruiting funders among the most loyal Star class members. But it was not just a Fund raising company, the Legacy Foundation aimed, with the help of a solid economic base, to find ways to keep the Class going by encouraging an appealing young sailors to join it even without the five circles final goal.


“The whole idea of the U30 Worlds was born with the Legacy Foundation – says Larry Whipple one of the men behind the wheel of the event, and founder member of the Legacy Foundation – Getting Youth in the class was one of the corner stones of the Legacy and what better way to do it than with an event. I spoke to the Star Sailors League about this about a year ago and together we looked at what others were doing, and the Finn class has a Silver Cup, which is their Junior World Championship, so without copying any of that, we came out with our Under 30 Championship. And we’ve been very lucky to have almost 40 skippers joining and I believe part of this success resides in the fact that the event was held in Miami this time of year, with many boats available, and many owners willing to lend them, because there are numerous events this time of year held here.

We have a lots of other ideas to promote the Class and great commitments by the people, but the funds are not that substantial and that is also why the Star Class U30 World Championship is a shared thing between the foundation and the Class, and with the help of everybody we could manage to not sped a fortune on this and still offer World Championship standards, cause we didn’t want to offer nothing less than this!”


The Legacy work side by side with the Star Class, with the support of the Star Sailors League that, with its live streaming, great media coverage and legends sailing at the SSL Finals each December, brought the limelight back on the Star after it was canceled by the Olympics. The Star Class will communicate its need to the Legacy who will try to fulfill them without going into single sailor financial support, but by trying to help more sailors easily access the class, like it happened at the U30 Worlds in Miami.


“The Legacy foundation had a great vision to organize this event here in Miami in this moment – says Frithjof Kleen, Star World Champion as crew and in the Legacy Foundation board – a great motivation for the juniors because not only is one of the best sailing spot in the worlds, but also it is one of the best cities in the world and offer great logistic. Everybody can just fly here from everywhere. It was a revolutionary event and I am proud I was part of it: the Class with the Legacy offered boats, crews and accommodation to the U30 skippers, some of them like Guido Gallinaro were quite young (18 years old), and it is completely different from what everyone did in the past.

We are very happy and honored to be able to say that after sailing the Star for the first time here in Miami at the U30 Worlds, there are at least five skippers who are looking into getting their own boat and becoming members of the Star Class.”


The Under 30 Worlds was an undeniable success for sailors and spectators, and, as it was in the Founders concept, it will take place every year with the support of the Star Class, the Star Sailors League and the Legacy Foundation with its passionate triumvirate. Almost 40 boats were at the starting line this year with some of the best young talents at the helms and legends of our sport crewing, let’s see if in 2020, for the second edition of the U30 Star Class World Championship the 50 boats record will be broken and who will lift the golden trophy from the 2019 Champion Luke Lawrence (USA).

Author: Rachele Vitello - November 21, 2018

Registration to the first ever Star Junior World Championship is now open on the official Star Class website. The Junior World Championship will be organized by the International Star Class Yacht Racing Association and will take place in Miami, at the Coral Reef Yacht Club, from February 3rd to the 6th 2019. It is open to any skipper who hasn’t reached his or her 31st birthday before the first race of the event. The skipper will be able to find a crew without age limitations, in order to being able to match some less experienced skippers, even coming from a non-Star background, to a more skilled crew capable of introducing the younger sailors to Star racing.

The event will start on February the 3rd with team registration, weigh in, and inspection of boats. Following on Monday, February the 4th, to Wednesday the 5th two races per day are scheduled on Biscayne Bay.

Registration opened on November the 19th and several teams have already entered: the runner ups at the 2018 Eastern Hemisphere Championship in Trieste, Thomas Allart (NED) and Kilian Weise (GER), Danny Cayard (USA) who might sail with his father Paul Cayard as crew just like they did at the Star Worlds in Denmark in 2017, the Argentinian born Thomas Hornos (USA), and local sailor Zachary Hansman (USA).

The Star World Champion, Jorge Zarif, is trying to fit the event in his busy Olympic calendar and so are the Scottish - Italian born - Laser Olympic sailor Lorenzo Brando Chiavarino, and Argentinian Finn sailor Facundo Olezza. 


Eligible boats must enter by completing the on-line application by January 10, 2019,at , after this deadline it will still be possible to enter the first Star Junior World Championship but with a late fee.

Author: Rachele Vitello - January 24, 2019

The entry list of the 2019 Star Junior World Championship is shaping up as we are getting closer to the first warning signal of the week in Miami’s magnificent Biscayne Bay.

More than 30 under30 skippers are signed up and will try to win the first ever Junior trophy of one of the oldest and most prestigious sport association in history, the International Star Class, and with them more than 30 crews, some of whom just as young, some other more experienced but also some real champions.

That is for the Star Sailors League Finals 2017 winner and 2014 Star World Champion, Frithjof Kleen (GER) who will join the event helping young talented Italian Laser Radial World Champion Guido Gallinaro on waters he should know very well after winning in Miami the Bacardi Cup in 2016.

“We are from the same club – declared Frithjof Kleen (a.k.a. Frida) – Fraglia Vela Riva in Riva del Garda, Italy, he’s been training with us at the SSL Training Center since October for the SSL Finals 2018 and I can easily say he’s one Star sailors now. He did very well in Nassau for the Star Sailors League with his crew Kilian Weise, who will also be in Miami for the Juniors with the Dutch skipper he finished third at the Eastern Europeans with (Thomas Allart), and I expect Guido do also perform here and at the European Championship in Riva del Garda in May, which will also be the SSL Breeze Grand Slam SSL 2500.”

Frithjof is also one of the three board members of the Star Class Legacy Foundation that really worked hard to have this first Junior World Championship, with him there are Larry Whipple from USA and Alberto Zanetti from Argentina. “The goal is to have the Junior Worlds every year, alternating Miami in February and Riva del Garda in October – continues Kleen, who now left Berlin for Lake Garda – to keep the class lively with the entrance of new generations. It is a way to show young sailors that instead of getting on other classes they could consider the Star too, with its long tradition and all of the great champions that are still racing in it.”

 “It is great to be able to attend the Under 30 Worlds with Frida – told us Guido Gallinaro – I loved the boat when I first raced in Nassau with that special format and the incredible line-up. After that experience I couldn’t have missed this event. In Nassau I received so much energy and support from all of the champions, I am very happy to go to Miami and after this I will also attend the Europeans in Riva and then I will study full speed for my final high school exams in June.”

Author: Rachele Vitello - February 03, 2019

Everything is ready in Miami, Florida, at Coral Reef Yacht Club for the first ever Star Junior World Championship. About 35 skippers 30 and under will be racing starting tomorrow February 4th through Wednesday the 6th on the blue waters of Biscayne Bay to win the title of Star Junior World Champion. Fifteen Nations are represented in Miami and many newbies will helm one of the oldest and most traditional boats, the Star. Designed in 1911 and still holding very popular regattas around the world in which some of the heroes of our sport race.

At the Junior Worlds in Miami, there will be the youngsters, skippers who have yet to be 31 year old, but they will race with crew with no age restrictions, and quite many of them have history in the class. Like Frithjof Kleen (GER), Star World Champion who attended the London Olympics in 2012 and won the SSL Finals 2017, sailing here with young Italian Laser Radial World Champion Guido Gallinaro (ITA), or Brian Fatih (USA), who finished 7th at the Games in Weymouth and won with Mark Mendelblatt (USA) the SSL Finals twice, crewing in Miami for British Laser sailor Lorenzo Chiavarini (GBR), and again, Star World Champion Samuel Gonçalves (BRA), crewing for Nick Grael (BRA) and Austin Sperry (USA), 11th at Bejing Olympics, at the bow of American Laser sailor Charlie Buckingham.

All of them, and many more, experienced crew will sail with and support the young skippers, but some of the entries are not new to the class at all. Like Daniel Cayard (USA), who was born among Star sailors with both his father, Paul, and his grandfather, Pelle Peterson (SWE), Star World Champions – his grandfather also won the Silver medal in Kiel in 1972 – or Robert O’Leary (IRL), normally crewing for his older brother Peter(twice at the Olympics for Ireland), will helm with Peter crewing, or American Joshua Revkin (USA), who won the Star Worlds in 2017 crewing for Eivind Melleby (NOR), will helm with Arthur Anosov (USA), and again Dutch skipper Thomas Allart (NED) sailing with Kilian Weise (GER) with whom he finished third at the Eastern European Championship in Trieste 2018. There is even an under 30 girl helming at the Junior Worlds, Chloe Holder, from San Francisco, who will take some time of her 420 junior program. Too bad the Star World Champion and SSL Finals 2018 winner, Jorge Zarif (BRA), won’t be able to attend due to his Finn Olympic campaign commitment.

The regatta will officially begin tomorrow with the first warning signal at 12.00 (EST)on Biscayne Bay, two races per day are scheduled each day from Monday to Wednesday with no races starting later than 2.00 pm. The 2019 Junior Star World Championship features a comprehensive media plan that includes social media coverage on Facebook and Instagram. Daily highlight videos and photo albums will be distributed at the end of racing with each day’s press release as well as published on social media.

Author: Rachele Vitello - February 04, 2019

Beautiful sunshine and light breeze welcomed this morning the 36 teamsattending the inaugural Star Junior World Championship at Coral Reef Yacht Club in Miami, USA. The Committee was eager to get on the racecourse as the weather forecast said the breeze would be dropping in the early afternoon. One race was concluded on Biscayne Bay with the wind blowing around 6-8 knots from West at the start at 12,10 pm and then dropping to 4-5 knots towards the end of the race one hour and 15 minutes later.
The fleet began the Junior World Championship with a general recall and a few flags went up on the racecourse for unauthorized pumping over the four leg race. The fleet was distributed evenly over the course, with a little more wind on the right hand side of it, towards Key Biscayne. It was American Star sailor Luke Lawrence, with crew Alexey Selivanov, who took an early lead at the first windward mark and kept gaining on the way down to the gate and through to the finish. Behind them, the Italian Laser Radial Youth World Champion, Guido Gallinaro with German Star World Champion crew Firthjof Kleen fought for second against Irish brothers Robert and Peter O’Leary – in the unusual setting with Robert at the helm.
“It was great out there – said Luke Lawrence – a bit shifty but after a good start on the pin side, clean and easy, the wind went our way and we could put the bow down.There are a lot of fast guys on the racecourse, even among the newcomers. I’ve been sailing in the Star class for five years now, I love it and this 30 and under World Championship is a great idea!”
“It was very shifty on the racecourse – said American Olympic Laser sailor Charlie Buckingham – I am coming from the World Cup Series event that just ended yesterday with the Medal Race and I am quite tired, but I am lucky to sail with Austin Sperry who makes my job much easier and it is a lot of fun to be on the boat with a friend instead of racing alone like in the Laser.”

After racing, the official Opening Ceremony took place in the beautiful garden of Coral Reef Yacht Club before everyone went home to rest for tomorrow. Racing is scheduled to start one hour earlier (at 11am EST) to try to get three races done and get back on track with the program.
Top ten teams in the provisional ranking after one race:
1 –      USA     Luke Lawrence – Alexey Selivanov
2 –      ITA      Guido Gallinaro – Frithjof Kleen
3 –      IRL      Robert O’Leary – Peter O’Leary
4 –      ARG     Facundo Olezza – Frederico Melo
5 –      BRA     Nick Pellicano Grael – Samuel Gonçalves
6 –      MEX    Juan Ignacio Perez – Mark Strube
7 –      USA     Tomas Hornos – Pedro Trouche
8 –      USA     Charlie Buckingham – Austin Sperry
9 –      AUS     Luke Payne – Torvar Minsky
10 –    CAN    Alex Baker – Rick Burgess

Author: Rachele Vitello - February 05, 2019

It was a typical Biscayne Bay kind of day; sunshine and breeze going from 6-7 knots in the morning up to 10-12 in the afternoon. Three races were sailed as scheduled, thanks to a great job by the Race Committee with PRO Carl Schellbach, and the 36 teams, with their ’30 and under’ skippers who really enjoyed the second day of the inaugural Star Junior World Championship hosted by the Coral Reef Yacht Club.
With today’s three races completed the Championship is back on schedule with the provisional leaders, after four races, American Charlie Buckingham – who moved to the Star after finishing fourth in the Laser at the recent World Cup Series event –and Star US Olympian, Austin Sperry. The American team posted a bullet in today’s last race, while the other two race wins went to Star Sailors League Finals 2018 winner Pedro Trouche (BRA) crewing for American Tomas Hornos, sitting in second place overall, and to 2017 Star World Champion crew Joshua Revkin (USA), at the helm, with Arthur Anosov as crew. Third overall are Americans Luke Lawrence with Alexey Selvanov, winners of yesterday’s only race.
“The breeze was better today – said Charlie Buckingham (USA) – our speed was good both up and downwind and we managed to be consistent. I’d love to race the Star more often, I tried to do that when I am not training or racing the Laser, any regatta that I can do, I do it. Now we’re focused on being consistent and fast again tomorrow for the last two races.”
“It’s nice to be the provisional leaders – said Austin Sperry (USA), not here as just a crew but one of the organizers behind the event, being Secretary of the District – but the best is coming back ashore and seeing the Aussie guy Jake Lilley with a big smile saying he’s going to get himself a Star and he’s going to stay here and sail at the Mid-Winters this weekend. To me that’s the win!”
The day kicked off with a clean start at 11:20 with the wind blowing from East at about 7 knots. Hornos and Trouche were leading at the first windward mark through to the finish. A bit trickier was the start of race 3 – the second for today – it took three general recalls before the Race Committee was able to see the fleet advance on the first of four legs. Revkin and Antonov were able to get a good start and control their lead over the Mexican skipper Juan Ignacio Perez and his crew Mark Strube until the end. At the start of race four, the wind had picked up to 12 knots and the seas a bit choppy and American Olympic Laser sailor Charlie Buckingham with experienced crew Austin Sperry were able to be quite fast both upwind and downwind getting the victory over Australian newbie to the Star Jake Lilley and Lewis Brake, fifth overall.
“We caught a shift right after the start – said Tomas Hornos (USA), winner of race 2 – our speed was really good, we just played out in front and we covered the fleet after that making it look easy, but it wasn’t easy. We are really happy, we needed that!”
“It took me a little while to get back into things, but it feels good – said Joshua Revkin (USA), winner of race 3, normally crewing for Eivind Melleby (NOR) – our speed is up to pace, I had a bad start in the second race and it took a lot of effort to get back into it, but the third race we got off the line and cruised to a pretty easy first place. We had a great time, it’s the perfect conditions you can have in Miami and hopefully tomorrow there’s more of the same.”
And the conditions tomorrow look to be the same as today with the first start will be at 10,25am, two races scheduled with no warning sequence starting after 2pm.
The first Star Junior World Champions will be crowned tomorrow after racing with theprize giving ceremony held at the beautiful Coral Reef Yacht Club.
Top ten teams in the provisional ranking after four races:
1 -       USA     Charlie Buckingham – Austin Sperry
2 -       USA     Tomas Hornos – Pedro Trouche
3 -       USA     Luke Lawrence – Alexey Selivanov
4 -       MEX    Juan Ignacio Perez – Mark Strube
5 -       AUS     Jake Lilley – Lewis Brake
6 -       IRL      Robert O’Leary – Peter O’Leary
7 -       BRA     Nick Pellicano Grael – Samuel Gonçalves
8 -       ARG     Facundo Olezza – Frederico Melo
9 -       GBR     Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini – Brian Fatih
10 -     ARG     Leandro Altolaguirre – Lucas Altolaguirre

Author: Rachele Vitello - February 06, 2019

American sailor Luke Lawrence is, with crew Alexey Selivanov, the first Star Junior World Champion Under 30 after a six race regatta in the water of Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida, successfully hosted by the Coral Reef Yacht Club and organized by the International Star Class.
The championship started off well for the team who won the inaugural race of the series on Monday, then handed the lead last night to Charlie Buckingham and Austin Sperry (USA) and even today, on the last downwind they were second to Tomas Hornos (USA) and Pedro Trouche (BRA). But the finish line was upwind and they managed to pass a couple of boats, all they needed to conquer the first ever Star Junior World Championship title.
“We had a great time, we worked very well together and we had much fun – said an enthusiastic Luke Lawrence – We have to thank doctor Jim Revkin without whom this would not have happened if he hadn’t called me five days before the event and told me Alexey was ready to crew for me and gave us the boat  8507 and new sails. He went straight to the point of this event, he helped the new guys enter the class and keep them going. There are a lot of Star sailors who gave their boats and helped this event become possible, we have 36 boats here! I am now planning to stay in the class and race more, maybe attend the SSL Finals and I will train for that!”
Luke Lawrence is 28 years old and has been sailing for most of his life, first the Laser then his real passion the Finn, and in the past few years he fell for the Star attending the main events such as the Worlds and the SSL Finals in 2014. A little break from sailing in the past year or so, before the great comeback winning the first Star Junior World Championship in the familiar waters of Biscayne Bay.
The day started early with a 10:30am warning sequence and a very technical race with about 10 knots from East, some big shifts and a change of leaders. The young Italian Laser Radial Youth World Champion Guido Gallinaro with German Olympian crew Frithjof Kleen won the first race over the 35 teams racing.
Before the start of the last race the top teams were all within a few points and you could feel the tension on the race course that caused a general recall. This was a five leg race with the finish line set upwind, not an irrelevant detail because at the last downwind gate American Tomas Hornos with Brazilian crew and winner of the last SSL Finals Pedro Trouche were leading the overall ranking. Hornos and Trouche finished the race second behind the Irish brothers Robert and Peter O’Leary, but Lawrence and Selivanov managed to overtake enough boats on the last upwind leg to win the event by three points.
“Tricky conditions with a lot of back and forth – said Tomas Hornos with Pedro Trouche – but we are very happy with the results, it’s always good to be on the podium. We will be now busy with the Walker Cup and Midwinters starting tomorrow, it’s a long week for us. We don’t know yet what is coming after this, maybe Europeans/SSL Grand Slam maybe the Worlds in Porto Cervo, surely we’ll continue sailing the Star together.”
“It’s been great racing this week, I was at the helm but my brother still did most of the tactics – said Robert O’Leary – and we are already looking forward to the next event in Riva del Garda next year in October, it shall be good. This was the first Junior World Championship and it’s been so successful with 36 competitive boats, it’s good to see all these young guys in the class.”
For most of the fleet is now time to move to the next event starting tomorrow here at the Coral Reef Yacht Club; the Walker Cup on Thursday and Friday followed by the2019 Midwinters on Saturday and Sunday. While the next Silver Star is set for May 11th to the 19th at the Europeans in Riva del Garda, first time organized together with the Star Sailors League for what it will also be the SSL Breeze Grand Slam. At the end of the month of May the Western Hemisphere in San Diego, California, and in June the Star World Championship 2019 in Porto Cervo, Italy.
The curtains are closing on the inaugural Star Junior World Championship, with huge support by the International Star Class particularly by Executive Director Jon VanderMolen, the Star Legacy Foundation officer Larry Whipple and the Secretary of District 20 Austin Sperry.
This was the first event of a series of great ones to come over the years.

Top ten teams:
1 -       USA     Luke Lawrence – Alexey Selivanov
2 -       USA     Tomas Hornos – Pedro Trouche
3 -       IRL      Robert O’Leary – Peter O’Leary
4 -       USA     Charlie Buckingham – Austin Sperry
5 -       BRA     Nick Pellicano Grael – Samuel Gonçalves
6 -       GBR     Lorenzo Brando Chiavarini – Brian Fatih
7 -       ITA      Guido Gallinaro – Frithjof Kleen
8 -       AUS     Jake Lilley – Lewis Brake
9 -       MEX    Juan Ignacio Perez – Mark Strube
10 -     ARG     Facundo Olezza – Frederico Melo

Full results here.