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Fleet Tools

Information and forms on this page are to help in the organization and development of fleets.

From the ISCYRA Rules
8. Fleet Responsibilities.
8.1. A new Fleet may be granted a charter upon application to the appropriate Continental First Vice-President by five or more owners or prospective owners of five or more Star boats not within the locality of an organized Fleet.
8.2. Application should be filed by the Continental Vice-President with the cognizant International Vice-President. New charters are conditional until ratified at an annual meeting of the ISCYRA.
8.3. Each fleet shall hold an annual meeting by the end of January.  Each Fleet shall file the date of the fleet meeting with the Central Office by 1 January of that year.
8.4. Results of election of fleet officers shall be filed promptly with the ISCYRA.
8.5. Each fleet shall collect its members’ Association dues. Newly collected dues shall be forwarded each month to the ISCYRA together with the registration form.
8.6. Each fleet shall file an annual report with the ISCYRA during January.
8.7. It is the obligation of each fleet to maintain a minimum quota of three life and/or active members in good standing, and a minimum of three eligible Stars.
8.8. The charter of any fleet shall be suspended on March 1 for failure to have filed an annual report with dues for at least three such members, listing ownership of at least three eligible Stars, or for other adequate cause. Suspended fleets cannot be reinstated until all requirements of the ISCYRA have been fulfilled. Suspended charters are subject to revocation at an annual meeting of the ISCYRA.
8.9. Each fleet shall be responsible:
8.9.1. For making suitable provision covering local races.
8.9.2. For governing the use of sails.
8.9.3. For the measurement of sails, spars, rudders, skegs and positions not included on the Measurement Certificate.