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PICA Meets and Crews Speak
By Lynn Fitzpatrick, World Regattas.com
Jun 8, 2008, 11:35

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(See photo at top of website's main page for participants)

Crews, Skippers and Race Committee arrived early on Saturday for racing at the 2008 Eastern Hemisphere Championship in Split, Croatia. One notable guest was missing – the wind. Crews from around the world made the most of the morning and the shoreside facilities by having the first formal meeting of the Professional International Crew Association (“PICA”). The self appointed President, Bruno Prada (BRA) and his recently nominated worldwide vice president Frithjof Kleen (GER) and vice president of Scandinavia Anders Ekstrom (SWE) posted the meeting’s agenda and entertained additional items that were forwarded from various of the worldwide districts represented at the 2008 Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship. Other members present:

Carl Williams – Vice President of Down Under
Petter Morland Pederson – Co-Vice President of Scandinavia
Luigi Viale – Co-Vice President of Iberia
Bernardo Santos – Co-Vice President of Iberia
Dominik Zycki – Vice President of Eastern Europe
Enrico DeMaria – Vice President of Alpine Countries
Andrew Simpson – Vice President of Island Countries
Marcelo Jordao – Vice President of South America

Members not present but appointed to positions
Austin Sperry – Vice President of North America

Honorable Life Time Members
Magnus Liljedahl
David Giles

Membership General

PICA’s membership includes alpha males of the universe and neighborhood. Membership is by invitation. The initiation process includes a two-year observation and performance process. Full members are members for life, but a PICA panel will from time to time hold emergency meetings to determine if a member is to be banned for violating major crew covenants. All PICA members must weigh more than 100 kilos. The minimum weight limit is strictly enforced. Crews taking the helm and skippering for any regatta will be condemned by PICA.

PICA fosters and advocates the following union rules and negotiates on behalf of membership with skippers to accept the rules or forfeit competing at an elite international level.

PICA Rules

Work Rules
No more boat cleaning
No more weight rule
No dietary limitations
No starts in rainy weather
Crews will not be responsible for logistics
Crews will not be responsible for driving, towing or shipping boats or gear
Transportation to and from regattas is in private planes only

PICA will make an official recommendation to the Star Class and to ISAF that Race Course 6 be used more frequently. Race Course 6 is a straight line course from a starting line set at 65 degrees or less to the wind. Depending on crew financial situations, Course 6 can be adjusted to include more tacks at the top of the leg. The finish is at the top of the first and only leg of Course 6. Crews will be paid in accordance with PICA accounting procedures.

PICA Payment Rates
All payments are denominated in Euro until such time as the US Dollar strengthens and stabilizes
Each yell, scream or voice raising incident by skipper - 100 Euro
Excessive yelling, screaming or voice raising by a skipper will addressed and fined and assessed on a case by case basis
One gybe – 100 Euro
One tack – 100 Euro
One 360-degree turn – 500 Euro (equivalent to one tack, one gybe and an allowance for yelling, screaming and voice raising)
One 720-degree turn – 1,000 Euro (equivalent to two tacks, two gybes and an allowance for yelling, screaming and voice raising)
Adjusting shrouds – 100 Euro

Crew Payment
Crew payments are to be made on a monthly basis. Skippers will be invoiced at the end of the month and are to make checks payable to PICA. PICA wants everyone to understand that payments are made to PICA institutional fund. Funds are later distributed among members depending on need.

Distribution of Funds
PICA funds will be used to provide the following:
Wind, water and weather forecasts
Bar and night club list at every venue
Posting bail for PICA members
Extended worldwide health insurance for PICA members
PICA union legal advisor

Individual Contributions by Skippers
Each skipper will be responsible for providing the following to a PICA member
Unlimited credit card usage
Open bar tab
Private Spa usage, including, but not limited to massages, steams, saunas, chiropractic and medical assistance
Only Rolex and Omega watches, or a reasonable substitute, will be accepted as payment. Casios are not acceptable.

Crews’ names must appear before those of the skippers in reporting of all regatta results.

Other Matters under Consideration
Coaches - At this point, PICA has no stand on coaches
Selection of the Star as Olympic Equipment for 2012 Games and future Olympic Games – The IOC should consider itself fortunate if PICA decides that it would like to remain involved with the Olympic movement.

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