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This Article Last Updated: Oct 14th, 2010 - 15:13:49 

July 2008 Message from Class Office
By Barbara Beigel Vosbury, Executive Director
Jul 17, 2008, 20:50

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Well it surely is summer here in Annapolis! Since the rains stopped the temperature has been hovering around 32 degrees Celsius. It has not been a humid hot but the air conditioner in the office has not been working and that makes for a miserable day. I am lucky that the office is relatively mobile and I can do most of the work from my nice air conditioned, albeit shuttered up, home.

Rene and I have just finished the second Log mailing as well as the second mailing of membership cards. This mailing will be to everyone who joined after April 1, 2008 AND for the District Secretaries and Fleet Secretaries second “marketing” Log. I apologize to those of you who were expecting it to be sent with the first mailing. Chalk another thing up to the learning curve! I encourage everyone to get your dues to the class office early so that we can keep some costs down. Did you know that to send an individual Log to Europe, South America and Australia it costs just over $10 US per Log? I was shocked! Speaking of rising costs, unfortunately the printed Starlights will not be produced this quarter. There was not sufficient demand for a printed version, so the next one you will see will be on your computer screen, E-Starlights monthly, and the next printed version will be our fall glossy magazine.

The Championships, but for the North Americans, are over for 2008. It was a busy first half of the year with 5 of the 6 championships in 6 months! We are working on the scheduling of the 2009 events as I write. This is a much bigger process than most of us realize, especially in Europe with the large ISAF events and the large inter-district events such as the Benetti Trophy. Rest assured your officers are doing their best to accommodate everyone.

The Olympics are almost here! Qingdao is bustling with competitors, coaches and boat prep people. Melinda and I have put together a list (posted on the website) of websites for most of the teams. Hopefully www.starclass.org will be your ‘one stop’ to connect with the competitors.

To all of the competitors who are not in Qingdao, we wish you a great sailing season (or skiing if that is your climate now!).

Barbara Beigel Vosbury
ISCYRA Executive Director

To all of the competitors who are in Qingdao, we wish there were 16 first place medals—you are all champions to us!

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