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Henderson Responds to Star Class Forum
By Paul Henderson
Jun 1, 2003, 08:00

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I would like to reply with the following reality to the rather unfortunate Forum now up on the Star Class Website:

Paul Henderson
President ISAF.
@@My Comments. Paul H.@@

Is it time to leave the Olympics?
Here is something to add to the IOC suggestion to drop keelboats from the Olympics.
@@IOC has withdrawn this suggestion.@@

Submissions to the ISAF November Conference 2002:
@@I think he meant 2003.@@

40-02p: That the maximum number of boats per race participating in a world championship which is an Olympic Qualification event shall be as follows:
Keelboats 60, Centreboard Boats 80, Boards 80. There may be split fleets. This will be effective from the 2003 Qualification Regatta.
Link: http://www.sailing.org/meetings/2002november/papers/Sub_040.pdf.
@@Yes that is true. It will be only be in effect for the 2007 Worlds as that will be the major OQ.@@

41-02p: Several Classes are demanding that their class rules govern all aspects and that any change they will withdraw World Championship status, as they believe the class governs.
@@Only complaint now registered is from some members of the Star Class@@

ISAF has a signed contract with every class giving ISAF the right to adapt their rules and regulations to fit the event while endeavouring to come as close as possible to both the
Olympic Format and the Class Rules.
@@Not yet as they only have to sign it if the Class desires to be Olympic.@@

I would like to point out that ISAF does not ask Classes to apply for Olympic status. It is the class which petitions ISAF to be designated as the Olympic equipment and by so doing, under contract, give up some of their autonomy.
Link: http://www.sailing.org/meetings/2002november/papers/Sub_041.pdf.

42-02p: There will be only two Olympic Qualification regattas. One in 2007 and a second before 15th May 2008 each as an ISAF World Championship of the Olympic Classes.
@@This right as there is no reason to impact at all the 2005 and 2006 Class Worlds and the classes can do what they want there. To have a 2004 OQ is unnecessary.@@

The Federation (ISAF) shall select the venues.
@@Not true. ISAF will approve the venue as suggested by the class if no problem. Example: Greeks asked that ISAF have no Worlds in 2004 there. Two classes ignored the request. This is the type of situation where ISAF must intervene.
Star Class is having their 2004 Worlds in Southern Europe in the Spring 2004. Great!!@@

All aspects of the events will require ISAF approval and supervision.
@@Agree. In fact three years ago the USA Star sailors asked ISAF to intervene and solve a problem but we had no way to do so. At least 3 classes asked us in 2002 to intervene and we could not but now ISAF can. Most sailors want good race
management way before they care about Protest Committees or Judges.@@

The events for Olympic Class World Championships will be left up to the classes in the non-Olympic Qualification years as is done now.
Link: http://www.sailing.org/meetings/2002november/papers/Sub_041.pdf.

50-02p:The Olympic Classes Championships be it world, continental or other classifying races should be held under unified criteria of Olympic format with the participation of national teams backed up by their respective National Authority.
@@Agree. Most sailors have a good relationship with their National Authority.@@
Link: http://www.sailing.org/meetings/2002november/papers/Sub_050.pdf.

51-02p:The following recommendations apply to all Olympic Class World and Continental Championships and Grade 1 events:
A working party constituted by the Executive Committee shall consider the following and incorporate into the Olympic Classes contract/ISAF Regulations:
Venues: Classes must submit to the Federation (ISAF) their proposal for venues before final designation is allowed

Race Officers: The Federation (ISAF) reserves the right to appoint an ISAF Race Officer to all events listed to assist the organisers Entries: All entries to be supervised by the Federation (ISAF) according to a predetermined ISAF Regulation.
@@In the last four years many Olympic Classes have asked ISAF ensure that this be done.@@

There is now too much at stake for the various sailors and Member National Authorities(MNAs) to allow the major events not to be directed by the Federation (ISAF). Therefore, the Classes must agree to the above before they are accepted for 2008.
@@ISAF will work with the Classes to ensure that the highest possible Race Management occurs.@@

The contracts for the Olympic Classes must be amended to ensure the classes agree to the above. When an ISAF class applied for and is elected as the equipment to be used in the Games they must realise that they lose a portion of their autonomy.
@@This has been passed now.@@
Link: http://www.sailing.org/meetings/2002november/papers/Sub_051.pdf.

There are many more submissions and much more to read. You will find all supporting papers to the Events Committee meeting at:
@@ISAF will be asked to form a Special Olympic Classes Commission reporting directly to the ISAF Executive on a continuing basis to have a close cooperation and dialogue to ensure we are all working together to optimize everyones involvement.@@

I have always thought that the Olympics is good for the Star Class. I am not sure anymore. If all or some of the submissions above will pass, what is left for the Class-Organization? Is it worth dropping all autonomy for a 16-boats regatta every fourth year? Maybe we should accept the IOC suggestion to drop all keelboat racing from the Olympics?

What do you think?
@@Olympic Class involvement impacts sailors much more than just 16 boats every 4 years. That is a nice spin on the issue and really unrealistic The top sailors make a huge time and financial commitment to achieve Olympic Gold.
The necessary ISAF intrusion only skims the top of the Star Class pyramid. ISAF must ensure the "Fair Play" and integrity at the top level. For the broadbase of sailors who have no Olympic aspirations to want to opt out of the Olympics is, in my opinion, is very selfish. ISAF will endeavour to ensure the top reach their goal while ensuring that the club and district sailors who are also important
continue to enjoy the fraternity on which the Star Class has been built. It is a very fine course that ISAF has to stear but we will try.

Paul Henderson

P.S. It is Saturday afternoon in Toronto and I am sitting here writing an Eulogy for an old friend, Jimmy Stephens, who died this week. He spent 3 summers in the early 50's crewing all over North America with Stan Olgvie in the Star
and he crewed with me in the FD and Etchells. I am sure the Star traditionalists remember Big Jim!@@

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