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This Article Last Updated: Feb 24th, 2014 - 21:41:08 

Clarification on Starclass World Championship rules, STCR 29
By Judiciary Board
Feb 24, 2014, 21:37

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Members of the Judiciary Board (JB):
Marko A. Hasche, Chairman, (2016), m.a.hasche@web.de
Joe Bainton (2014), jjbainton@gmail.com
Jay Tyson(2017),Jay.Tyson@yahoo.com
Federico Calegari (2018), fedecalegari@gmail.com
Frederico Viegas(2019), fhviegas@terra.com.br

Request by:
Rick Burgess - International Governing Committee (IGC) Barbara Beigel-Vosbury - Regatta Manager

Request date:
Jan. 20th 2014

Clarification on Starclass World Championship rules, STCR 29.

The IGC is considering the qualifications for a World Championship to be Log Plus 2.
The example is a fleet that has only 5 Active Paid boats. Under the STCR 29.1 this fleet would have no qualifiers to the World Championship. Also a District Championship that has less than 11 competitors would have no qualifiers under STCR 29.2.
The question is: Does Log Plus 2 give the fleet or District 0 or 2 entries?

JB decision:
STCR 29 contains extensive regulation on the entries for world championships. A fleet or district may only send a boat to a world championship, if it consists of at least 6 or 15 boats respectively, STCR 29.1 and 29.2.
How isolated members and members from undersized fleets and districts can qualify for world championships is stated in STCR 29.6 and 29.9: Each continental Vice-President may recommend his members who are isolated or belong to an undersized fleet as an entry to the World Championship with the approval of the CMC provided that the member is not of a nation with already two regular qualifications; the regulations for undersized districts are similar. There is no rule that allows additional entries for fleets or districts.
Therefore, under STCR both the fleet and the district in the presented case have no entry. Should the notices of race (NOR) of a regatta state that qualification is “LOG plus 2”, the JB’s understanding would be that the addition of two only applies to a fleet and its regular
qualifications pursuant to 29.1. All other methods of qualification under the STCR - including qualification via the district - depend on the personal participation of the skipper in regattas and the respective results or are regarding wild cards etc. (see STCR 29.6 to 29.9). Logically, a stipulation “LOG plus 2” can only apply to those rules that tie in with a group.

Therefore, the JB’s understanding of a stipulation “LOG plus 2” would be that any regular fleet may send two more boats than under STCR 29.1. All other methods of qualification shall apply unchanged.

Decision date: Jan. 28th 2014

End of decision

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