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This Article Last Updated: Sep 27th, 2016 - 14:43:14 

2016 North American Championship 9-27-2016
By Sherri Campbell
Jun 9, 2016, 18:14

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 27 September - 2 October 2016 Chicago, IL USA

Entry deadline: 7 September 2016 2400 hours EDT

Entries and discrepancies as of September 27, 2016

Hull Sail Nat'l YachtName SkipperFirst SkipperLast FltS Crew FltC Country Type Paid Status1 Master
8498 8000 USA   Arthur Anosov SL Dave Caesar SL USA Fleet Y OK M
8175 8175 USA 8175 James Babel GL Scott Benson GL USA Fleet Y OK GM
8052 8052 USA Don't Look Back Stephen Braverman BH Kevin Hetherington-Young BH USA Fleet Y OK  
8440 8440 USA 8440 Jim Buckingham NH Craig Moss SDB USA Fleet Y OK M
8157 7824 USA WTT Richard Burgess SL Luke Morton SL USA Fleet Y OK EGM
8324 8324 CAN   Rob Burton EB Tim Ostrander CD USA Fleet Y OK M
8215 8215 USA Sonya John Chiarella Sun Robert Carlson Sun USA Fleet Y OK EGM
8509 8509 USA   Augie Diaz BisB Bruno Prada Gua BRA Fleet Y OK GM
7640 7640 USA DuraFlame Dwight Escalera NB Elizabeth Escalera NB USA Fleet Y OK GM
8253 8396 USA   Lothar Geilen BisB Carlos Miquel BisB USA Fleet Y OK M
8267 8267 USA   Stephen Gunther CarL Charles Koules WH WH Fleet Y OK M
8395 8395 USA Big Jim Michael Hecky CR Guy Thomas Avellon CB USA Fleet Y OK  
8367 8367 USA   Tomas Hornos BH Arnis Baltins AN USA Fleet Y OK  
8077 8464 USA Pied Piper Jack Jennings LS Sergio Lambertenghi NG USA Fleet Y OK  
8410 8410 USA   Luke Lawrence BisB Ian Coleman BisB USA Fleet Y OK  
8505 8505 USA Uragano Thomas Londrigan, Jr LS T.C. Belco GL USA Fleet Y OK  
8317 8317 NOR   Eivind Melleby ISO Joshua Revkin Mid USA ISO Y OK  
8410 8410 USA   Mike Phinney SLE Alex Baker LOC CAN Fleet Y OK GM
8507 8507 USA 8507 James Revkin Mid Alexey Selivanov CD USA Fleet Y OK  
8036 8036 USA Treachery Jack Rickard WH Sam Eadie WH USA Fleet Y OK EGM
7078 7078 USA Stella Maris Richard Rundle ChiH Kyle McVane ChiH USA Fleet Y OK M
7579 7579 USA Ghost Tim Seeling CD Jon Kidder CD USA Fleet Y OK GM
8148 8148 USA   Aaron VanKleeck Smith Asp Cory Ernst DC USA Fleet Y OK  
8504 8504 USA   William G Swigart CLIS Brian Fatih BisB USA Fleet Y OK GM
8320 8320 USA   George M Szabo III SDB Isao Toyama SDB USA Fleet Y OK  
8084 8084 USA   Robert Teitge DR Adam Korejsza DR USA Fleet Y OK EGM
7462 7462 USA 7462 David Watt PS Stuart MacIntosh BisB USA Fleet Y OK M
8272 8272 CAN Northern Star Jerry Wendt WLOC Bryan Milne LOC CAN Fleet Y OK M
8484 8484 USA   Larry Whipple BisB Frithjof Kleen BF GER Fleet Y OK GM

29 entries


Reference for Discrepancy codes: 

2. Your crew's current dues have not been received in the Central Office (CO). All crews must pay associate member dues (US $35), or active member dues (US $90) if they are a boat owner. Your crew can join the class online at www.starclass.org .

2a. Crew is not listed on the entry. Please let the CO know the name of your crew as soon as possible so that we can check for his/her dues payment.

3. Sail number is not listed on the entry. Please let the CO know your sail number.

4. Yacht number is not listed on the entry. Your yacht number is not listed on the entry form. Please let the CO know as soon as possible what yacht number you will be sailing so that we can check for valid certificates on that yacht.

4a. Your yacht does not have a valid measurement certificate on file in the Central Office. Your measurement certificate has been sent to our Chief Measurer Jim Ryan for approval. We will notify you and the organizers as soon as we receive the approval from him.

4c. Your yacht does not have a valid yacht weight certificate [refer to Specifications, 13.3 Weight] on file in the Central Office. Please email or fax a copy of the most current yacht weight certificate for this yacht to the CO as soon as possible.

5. Your entry as a wild card - isolated or undersized fleet member - has not been approved by the Class Management Committee. [Refer to ISCYRA Rule 29.6] Please request a recommendation from your Continental Vice-President so that we can then forward to the Class Management Committee to request permission for you to sail.

6. Your entry is not yet approved as required by a Fleet Officer. Your Fleet officer must send me an email approving your entry.

7. Your entry exceeds the number of yachts allowed from your Fleet or District as outlined in the LOG. [refer to ISCYRA Rule 8.7]

8. Do not forget to pay your entry fee by 7 September, 2016. You can pay online here: https://starclass.net/login/


To insure your eligibility to race, please correct the items marked above immediately by contacting the appropriate official, then make sure that the Central Office is advised by that official and is satisfied that your entry is valid. If you are not able to sail in the 2015 North American Championship, please notify the Central Office immediately.

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