July 2008

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Warnemunder Woche winners Hagen/Frithjof
International German Champions

Alexander Hagen and Frithjof Kleen (GER)
Photo by Pepe Hartmann
Execuitve Director Barbara Beigel Vosbury has posted an update from the class office.

2008 Qingdao Olympics
Photos of the 16 teams that will be competing at the Qingdao Olympics August 16-21 are on the main page of the Star Class website. An article on the Olympians, including the teams' websites and blogs, provides background on the sailors.

District Championship Results
The District 1 Championship/Ned Hay Regatta, sailed at Rockport, Massachusetts, was won by Chad Proctor and Kip Gardner. The District 12 Championship, sailed on Lake Ontario, Canada was taken by Mark Passmore and Ivan Bunner. The District 14 Championship/Trofeo Sergio Santella winners were Italian Olympians Diego Negri and Luigi Viale, sailing at Marina di Carrara.

National Results
In southern Germany, the Alpen Cup, awarded for the best overall from the Silber Star (Tegernsee), Neuschwansteinpreis (Forggensee), and Zugspitzpreis (Walchensee) regattas, was won by Frank Thurner and Wolfgang Schorre. Winning the Silber Star were Franz Kloiber/Rastinger, taking first place at the Neuschwansteinpreis were Frank Thurner and Kai Nietsche, and the Zugspitzpreis winners were Axel Hampe and Chris Conrads.

In northern Germany, the International German Championship (Warnemunder Week) was won by Alexander Hagen and Frithjof Kleen.

In Italy, the VIII Trofeo Pietro Tobino, sailed at Viareggina, was won by Antonio Tamburini / Colannino. The XXVIII Trofeo Bracciano winners were Ferdinando Colannino and Brizzi Santino.

In Switzerland, the Star Trophy Urnersee-Brunnen winners were Juerg Ryffel and Lukas Wyss while the Rostige Kanne, sailed on the Thunersee, was won by Kurt and Markus Scheidegger.

In Finland, Joni Leeve and Asko Salminen won the GP-4 Helsinki Regatta and in Sweden, Tomas Lyckasen and Henrik Widstrand won the Swe GP III Forsbergs Minne,

In the USA on the east coast, the 74th J. Rulon Miller Series on the Chesapeake Bay was won by John MacCausland and John Avis. In the USA midwest the Championship of Michigan winners were Rolland Vortriede / Kliedohaukas, the Southern Lake Erie Fleet Elimination winners were Phinney / Balmert, and the Lorain Sailing & Yacht Club Regatta was won by Tim and Molly Delaney.

On the USA west coast, Andy Macdonald and Brian Fatih took first place at both the King of Spain and the Santa Barbara 85th Lipton Cup.

In Canada, Brain Cramer and Steve Daws were first at the Rock The Hammer on Lake Ontario.

In Brazil, Flavio Monneret and Ricardo Ermel won the Regata Enrique Palmer and Gastao Brun and Fabio Krackzysk won the Regata Sao Pedro.

Start at Warnemunder Woche
Start at  Warnemunder Woche
Photo by Pepe Hartmann

Jorgen Svendsen and Jens Chr. Jurlander (DEN)
 Jorgen Svendsen and Jens Chr. Jurlander (DEN), Warnemunder Woche
Photo by Pepe Hartmann
District 1 Championship winners
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