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Announcement from the TAB - Interpretations to Specifications

Technical - Author: Hannes Gubler, Chairman, Technical Advisory Board - May 02, 2005

The Technical Advisory Board has decided on the following interpretations to the following Specifications:

1. Materials for the Backstays, Spec. 11.2:
Many sailors use new materials like "Dyleema" for the upper and the lower backstays. Since the backstays are considered as "running rigging" and Spec. 11.2 states that the running rigging may be of "any material" the TAB confirms that the material for the backstays (uppers and lowers) is optional.

2. Coating of the Jibstay, Spec. 11.1:
Some sailors use coated wires or tubes around the jibstay to protect the sails. The TAB consideres that means to protect the sails for a longer life are in the interest of the Class. It is however obvious that - on the other hand - an aerodynamic advantage resulting thereof can in no way be accepted.The TAB has therefore decided the following limitation with a clarifying addition to Specification 11.1:
The Jibstay may have a firmly fitted tube or coating totaling a maximum of 7,2 mm in diameter.

3. Position of the Cockpit, Spec. 6.1:
In connection with the approval of new Starboat designs it had been discovered that the position of the cockpit is not clearly defined and only described as laying between the Hull Stations 5 and 8. Considering the official Drawing Nr. 2 and the existing tolerances concerning the Deck the TAB has limited the position of the cockpit opening with a clarifying addition to Specification 6.1 as follows:
The forward end of the cockpit opening is limited with 3685 maximum forward of Point "T" and the aft end with 1605 minimum forward of Point "T".

For the Technical Advisory Board
Hannes Gubler, Chairman
April 16th, 2005
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