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- Author: Rachele Vitello - May 15, 2018

Thomas Allart and Kilian Weise (NED/GER) are a team of young Star Sailors who began training together a couple of years ago and are now collecting their first podiums. It happened for their first Silver event in Trieste for the Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018, where they finished third. Here’s a fun Q&A to them, so that you can all get to know them better wink)

Your first memory of ‘Sailing’?

Thomas: A lot of joy, spending the weekend with the family on the water!

Kilian: nice weekend trip with family and friends at lake Ammersee

Your sailing highlight?

T: Star Eastern Hemisphere 2018, in Trieste (Italy)

K: 3rd Place at Eastern Hemisphere Championship 2018 in Trieste

The worst moment?

T: When I get injured with soccer 15 years ago, I couldn’t sail the Laser for 8 months

K: As a child I was on a friends boat and we capsized in cold water, I had no clue about sailing at this moment so I was a bit shocked

What does the Star mean to you?

T: The Star is a very special boat to me, since I got in touch with the boat I put more effort and time in materials and techniques to get the boat ready for races. Besides this I’m fortunate to sail against the best sailors in the world!

K: The Star is a very technical and exciting boat, it is always fun and challenging to sail on it. Coming together for regattas, meeting friends from around the globe and sailing against the best sailors in the world is something really special!

When did you start sailing the Star?

T: I Started 4 years ago (2014)

K: I started 8 years ago (2010) at the age of 15

Do you recall a special moment in the Star? If so, can you tell us about it?

T: In 2016 my former crew decided to stop sailing, while his business was growing.

Kilian and I stepped into the boat for the Europeans in Warnemunde, we had fun and a good result. After this we teamed up, and made some goals for the coming years. After some trainings and races after 2 years our goals are getting closer!

Who is your ‘hero’ in the Star class?

T: Poeh… there are a lot of superstars, but for me my hero is Lars Grael

K: That’s difficult to say, there are too many legends to name them all in a quick statement



Housework, cooking, gardening, what do you do at home?

T: At home I’m working daily for a chemical company and do some sports after work

K: I am based in Munich and study civil engineering. I like doing any kind of sports in the mountains and on the lake!

What can we find in your fridge?
T: A lot of healthy things, my girlfriend likes this and she is going to the supermarket! wink

K: There is always some chicken and fresh fruits

Your morning ritual?
T: Our office starts at 8 o’clock in the morning. If I can make it I try to do some fitness before…

K: A good day starts for me with some sport and afterwards a nice breakfast

Your favourite meal?
T: Bitterballen, typical dutch fingerfood

K: As a Bavarian I like Schnitzel and these stuff but for me Italian food is the best

On a Sunday when you’re not working, what do you do?

T: In summer sailing races in dutch national classes, in winter time boxing and squash

K: When I am not sailing I have to study and spend some time with good friends

You have to choose three people to have supper with, who are they?

T: Definitely Haico de Boer, Frida and Tutu, at this table you don’t have to talk, only to listen wink !

K: Good call from Thomas, with those guys you can be sure you will have a loud but good time 

The last film or/and book, which had an impact on you?

T: What the health

K: “we consume till death” a german book about the living behavior

What TV programme or TV series would you like to be part of?

T: Everybody loves Raymond

The sport you enjoy doing?
T: Sailing, boxing and squash

K: Sailing , Mountain bike, Kickboxing

The sport you could never have practiced?

T: Horse riding

K: Horse riding

Who is your best mate in sailing?

T: Kilian Weise

K: Thomas Allart, Frithjof ‘Frida' Kleen my hero

Which sailor would you have liked to sail with and why?

T: Robert Scheidt, In my opinion one of the most talented and dedicated sailors of all time.

For me this will be a great opportunity to learn from the best.

K : Robert Scheidt, Paul Cayard, Lars Grael.. These guys have an impressive Sail history and are so talented , learning from these superstars would be amazing

Are you always right?

T: Not always, but I always try to do it right!

K: mistakes happen no doubt, but I always try my best



What were you like as a child?

T: motivated soccer player till the age of 15. The weekends we spend with the family on the water, but the rest of the week I lived for soccer

K: When I was 10 my family moved to a small lake in Bavaria, when I was not in school I was always on the lake doing all kind of water sports

The nickname that best suits you?

T: Dutchie or Tho

Your favorite subject at school?

T: Geographic

K: Mathematics and Sport

The subject you least liked?

T: Biology

K: Music

Your ideal redeployment?

T: Lawyer

Your dream retirement is where?

T: Palma de Mallorca

K: No decided yet but good weather and wind around is always nice 

During which period would you have liked to live?

T: This period is perfect for me!

K: Like it is right now, is perfect for me

Who do you dream of meeting?
T: nobody in particular

K: nobody in particular

Your worst failing?

T: difficult to pick one, would be a too long story;)!

K: not an easy choice, better skip this one 

Your main quality?

T: Enjoying live and be satisfied what you achieve!

K: Setting personal goals and always pushing hard to achieve them

You never leave without…

T: a smile, handshake or kiss

K: Phone, wallet, keys and a always a bright smile