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Letter from the Commodore

Announcements December 18, 2018

From the Commodore:

Dear Friends,

2018 has been a very exciting and somewhat challenging year for our Class. We welcomed several new officers; a new president, Hubert Merkellbach, Vice President Western Hemisphere, Paul Cayard, Vice President Eastern Hemisphere, Tom Lofstedt, Continental 1st Vice President Diego Negri, Continental 1st Vice President and past Class President, Lars Grael and Continental 2nd Vice President, Christian Nehammer.

 Our districts seem to be very active and we see a number of new class members, including sailors for other classes and most importantly young sailors wanting to compete at a high level of our sport. I encourage all of us to promote and mentor these fine young men and women, not only to be competitive but too enjoy a sport that allows, with few limitations, the opportunity to sail and compete with the very best sailors in the sailing world.

Early in 2019 there is scheduled a Youth World Championship to be held in Miami. You and or your fleet/ club have an opportunity to sponsor an entry into this Class building regatta. There is also an opportunity to loan your boat to a participant and act as their crew.

Having the privilege of being a member of the Star Class for many years, it is rewarding to see us stay a strong and dominant organization.

Honoring the Past and Leading the Future fits our mission perfectly! However there are a few things we could do better:

 1. Have your correct Star and honor award designation on your sails. 2. If you are the winner of an award at any regatta please be present or have a delegate pick up your award.  This is very important to the organizers and sponsors. 3. Please respect the dress code of the regatta and house rules of the Club you are visiting.

The Vintage boat regatta has renewed interest in many old boats that have been sitting in garages and fields. As a result a number of our older members now feel reconnected to the Class. Introducing the loan boat program in the US has proven to be very successful and we now have members securing boats in Europe, South America and Canada. A full description of the program is listed on our Star Class web site. Please consider this alternative to help our Class promotion.

We are looking to the future to sustain the Class with the formation of the Legacy Fund. As this grows it will insure the future success of the Star Class for generations to come.

In closing, I want to thank you for giving me the honor to serve as Commodore. We look forward to a very extensive and exciting regatta season for 2019.


John Chiarella, Commodore International Star Class