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Lippincott, 3 generations of sailing

- Author: Rachele Vitello - July 18, 2018

Your first memory of ‘Sailing’?

My first memory of sailing was sailing with my family on a Penguin.


Your sailing highlight?

My sailing highlight is sailing internationally in the 2018 Star Eastern Hemisphere Championship in Trieste, Italy.


What does the Star mean to you?

The star is an exhilarating boat for me. It's a part of my family tradition and I love how technical the boat is.


When did you start sailing the Star?

I started sailing the Star back in 2009, when I was 18 years old thanks to Barbara Vosbury who got me into the star and the class back then!


Do you recall a special moment in the Star? If so, can you tell us about it?

My favorite special moment in the Star so far was when I was racing right along side the President of the Star Class, Hubert Merkelbach at 2018 Bacardi Cup and I saw a big gust come down the course and Hubert and his crew had pitch pulled downwind. I had never seen a rudder and skeg come out of the water before on a star.


Who is your ‘hero’ in the Star class?

My hero in the Star class is my Uncle Jimmy who was a skinny but also talented Star sailor.


Life Style

Housework, cooking, gardening, what do you do at home?

At home I currently love coaching Opti sailing but I also love to do fiberglass repairs in my free time .


What Can we find in your fridge?

Steak, mash potatoes, and green beans


Morning Ritual:

Tune the rig, put the boat in water, then eat a Big Breakfast!


Favorite Meal:

Lobster Dinner


On a Sunday when you’re not working, what do you do?
Usually sailing Stars 


You have to choose three people to have supper with, who are they?
Arthur Anosov, John MacCausland, Roberto Benamati and we would probably talk about Star boat parts.


The other sports you enjoy doing? 

Sailing, Ice Hockey, Lacrosse


The sport you could never have practiced?



Who is your best mate in sailing?

Mike Zuschnitt 


Which sailor would you have liked to sail with and why?

Paul Cayard, Brian Faith, Frithjof Kleen because these guys have so much experience and knowledge about the boat and to just be able to sail with them in one event and to be able to absorb as much info as I could would be really cool. 


Are you always right?

Not always, but I try my best to be accurate.



What were you like as a child?

Independent, competitive, and well behaved! 


The nickname that best suits you?



Your favourite subject at school?



The subject you least liked?



Your ideal redeployment?



Your dream retirement is where?

Nassau, Bahamas 


During which period would you have liked to live?

Current period is pretty awesome so far.


Your main quality?

Out going... I am a people person. 


You never leave without…
electrical tape, ring dings, and pins