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Notice of Annual Meeting

Announcements May 10, 2017

The Annual Meeting of the ISCYRA will take place at 1800 hours on 30 June 2017 in Troense, Denmark.


NOTE: change to #9 of the resolutions - typographical error. Correct Resolution below:

#9-2017         STCR 31.1.3                         Submitted by the Hamburger Fleet


31.1.3 Crew Team Weight. For Gold, Silver, Aand Blue events, Fleet Qualifications, the Olympic Regatta, all respective Olympic Trail Regattas and all International Sailing Federation Grade one Ranking Regattas, the total crew team weight is limited according to the following formula: S=Skipper’s weight, C=Crew’s weight in kilograms: C=([100-S)/1.5)+100.  Weighing before the event is required. Only for Gold events: Weighing during or after the event is optional at the discretion of the organizing authority as posted in the Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions. For all applicable events other than Gold, weighing during or after the event is only allowed pursuant to a properly filed protest.  Crew  Teams found to be in violation of the rule shall be subject to disqualification from any race sailed on the day of the violation.


Housekeeping. Wording. New text does not discriminate the crew. It is the team which is violating the rule. A “one and done” weigh-in procedure will allow teams and organizer to save time and money. The focus is on the racing.