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Remembering Franz Wehofsich

Announcements Human Interest - Author: Uwe von Below - August 05, 2018

We have raced together for 17 years and have competed in 14 World Championships and many more local, Kieler Woche, District Champion and European Championship regattas. He crewed fore me and drove the boat the long ways to the regattas in South Europe.

He was a character. Whenever he showed up at the dock, tall and strong with a smile on his face, he often asked what’s up and everybody looked at him with interest.

Franzl had a special knowhow for technical matters and a talent to find and repair any mistakes. At home no craftsman was needed, in the company he was the joker. Whenever there was something wrong, Franzl was called. When starting to race and he walked down the dock to our boat, he always met some other sailor, even the strongest competitor, whom he helped to repair something and I had to wait.

On board we were a good team. He kept the equipment in order, he always did everything to win a race. When a competitor came close without right of way, he could become very loud. I felt always safe on board with the feeling, that when I go overboard, he will safe me with one hand.

Franzl was friendly and helpful to everybody. He spent a calm atmosphere and shouting was not his credo. He stood for fairness. I will always honour his memory.

                                                                                                 Uwe von Below